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ESPN to the Celtics: “You can’t win!”

No surprises here. Heck, I’m not even sure the Celtics can beat New York.

The Knicks in 5 is a straight slap in the face. Kinda like your woman saying you have no shot of winning the biggest fight of your life.

I’m so ready for this series.

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  • SJL

    Knicks in 5 is the smart bet. As John Hollinger has said many times in the past, playoff games between teams that are not closely matched are overwhelmingly most likely to end in 5 games.

    The Knicks and Celtics are not closely matched, unless you want to chuck an entire season worth of evidence out the window and go strictly on the faith that the Celtics will “flip the switch.”

    • KGino

      Entire seasons worth of evidence have been chucked successfully before… Hoping it happens again. Regular season is made for running and gunning (something this team is not good at). Playoff season is made for defending and grinding (2 things the celts are very good at).

      • LA Flake

        Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

        Though I agree with everything here, I am worried about one thing: Doc Rivers. He’s had to deal with a lot this year but he’s also been pretty horrible with his over-reliance on guys like Jordan Crawford and Brandon Bass in all the wrong situations. And Doc has a tendency to react to what his opponent is doing instead of forcing the hand of his opposing coach. Our best lineup against the Knicks, I feel, is AB-CL-PP-JG-KG. I think TWill should get some minutes to guard that chucker, what’s his name, Smith, in the series. And under no circumstance should we EVER EVER see Terry guarding him. EVER! I’ll start a FIRE DOC chant in my house if I see Terry guarding Smith.

        • Haha I doubt doc is that stupid (to put terry on him). Terry can’t guard anyone, let alone the leagues best 6th man.

    • Are you forgetting what has happened the past 2 seasons?

      That’s the whole point of why we are even discussing this series and why the series is actually played. In case you forgot, the celtics were the lower seed both of the past 2 seasons.

    • If the Celtics lose in 6…I`ll be enormously “proud” of them, and the effort they made under the circumstances.

      NY is not a title contending team. However, their best players are all between 27-30 years old. Boston`s best players are basically either 35-37 years old, or recovering from surgery.

      • Quinn

        Don’t usually agree with u RED, but u do make some vaild points. Asking an aging KG and PP to carry this team beyond the first or second round would be too much. Missing Rondo is huge too. Whether the Celtics lose or win I wouldn’t be surprised especially under the current circumstances with injuries and etc. You are right about the Knicks they’re not a contender it’s just that every other team in the east is bad or depleted.

  • Rhyso

    Knicks in 5 is completely outrageous, guess people are just always going to doubt the Pierce and KG era no matter how many times they are proven wrong. I’ll make it more simple, who do you take on your team into this years playoffs? Melo, Chandler, Smith and 3 point Shooters, or Pierce, KG, Green and Defense?

  • Roy Carey

    Should anyone be surprised I mean really. How many times we’ve seen this picture before. ESPN have been doubting the Celtics since 2008. But I’m sure the reason these so-called experts picked the Knicks is mostly because of Rondo’s season ending injury. I will say this Celtics have to understand this is a different team. They’re not the same defensive team as the past 5 seasons. No Ray Allen along with the injuries to Rondo, Sully and Barbosa. Let’s be real Rondo makes this team go. Rondo at times will coast during the regular season, but come playoff time he flips the switch. Add to the inconsistency of the C’s throughout the season. The C’s haven’t exactly given confidence to fans and media.

    I do think the C’s can win it’s not like the NYK are the Heat, Spurs, OKC or Nuggets. The Knicks are a team that lives and die by jumpers. It will be up to the C’s make sure the Knicks die by jumpers. My main concern are guys like Green, Terry, Lee, Bradley, Crawford, Shalv, Williams and Wilcox will they be able to contribute? That should concern C’s fans more than b.s. premature picks.

    If the C’s win, then that’s great. If the C’s lose, then who cares.

    • Tim Legler had us winning in 2008 Just letting you know

      • Roy Carey

        He seems to be the only one ESPN that makes sense at times.

  • Roy Carey

    Conventional wisdom would say the Knicks should win the series. Why would anyone picks a lower seed over a higher seed, right? Especially when the lower seed is missing their best player and one of the top PG in today’s game. But this is the Knicks not the Heat or even the Bulls. The Knicks have flaws like most teams that can be exploited. It’s up to the C’s defensive to exploit the Knicks.

  • Quinn

    Only one team can decide a series not so-called experts. They’re spectators and are paid to make premature predictions.

  • zippittyay

    I say we challenge the Lakers to 2nd round, 7 game exhibition match for old times sake.

    • LA Flake

      Not without Kobe. I don’t want any excuses from the Flakers after we whup their ass.

  • i like this, i always love to be the underdog

  • forever_green

    I’m a little surprised, especially with recent history of seeding not mattering. ESPN doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Disappointed in Legler, tisk tisk.
    Go C’s.

    Enjoyed comments on this post.

  • I am so ready for this series to begin. Let’s just remember what KG said in 2008: “Anything is possible!”

  • Bruce Bowen has Celtics in 6. So there’s that.

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