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Your Morning Dump…where the Celtics could provide a welcome distraction

We are about 48 hours past one of the worst events to happen in our lifetime in the city of Boston. There are still many in shock from what happened, whether it is the disbelief that we were caught so off-guard, or unfortunately having a loved one who was involved in the attacks. The entire state feels as if it has a blanket of disbelief and sorrow hanging over its head.

Rightfully, sports have taken a backseat the last two days. Nobody in their right mind woke up Tuesday morning to check the Red Sox box score, nor did they complain or question the refund policy on the Celtics cancelled game as one would normally expect. Everyone accepted the fact that sports were secondary right now. But with the NBA Playoffs rapidly approaching, the Boston Celtics could provide the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts a welcome distraction from the horrors that have occurred in the last week.

In 2001, much of the country rallied behind the New England Patriots and their Super Bowl run. How symbolic it was for a team of Patriots to win the most cherished title in America after the attacks of 9/11. The Super Bowl made us all temporarily forget what had happened just a few short months prior. While the country may not rally behind the Celtics, it  would unquestionably offer the city of Boston an opportunity to rally together and show their resilience.

An empty TD Garden, even a half full TD Garden for Game 1 against the Knicks and the attackers did their job, they made us scared to go about our normal daily lives and forced us to change our lives in fear of what they may do. A sold out TD-Garden that is rocking like 2008, and that would be a magical story that no author would ever be able to pen. The Celtics may very well feed off this, we know they play with their heart on their sleeve come playoff time, but this time its different.

During their elimination game last year, when everyone knew the season was over, the fans not only stayed until the final buzzer, but the chant of “Lets Go Celtics filled the arena for over five minutes, growing louder and louder. The fans stood behind their team even when all hope was lost. Don’t think this went unnoticed or has been forgotten amongst the veterans of this roster. Now it is their time to stand behind their city when all hope has been lost. It is their turn to provide a distraction from the disappointment and despair. That is what made the city of Boston the best sports town in America for a period of time, when their team was down the fans were always there to pick it back up, there was always hope. Now its a rare and unique chance for the teams to give back to their loyal fans. And that is where the rebuilding of Boston will begin.


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  • JJy

    I love the last paragraph; even though we know what happened to Boston is bigger than sports, the players and fans must be aware of what a powerful force sports teams can be for a region. Especially a town like Boston.

    I’ll be going to Game 3 (nosebleed seats… hah) and I fully trust the personnel and police to keep us safe. I’m not going to change what I planned to be an amazing and fun and crazy evening just because someone is trying to scare us, change us, and make us question ourselves. As BOSTON Celtics fans we have the opportunity to show whoever attacked us that this city is not afraid and that we’re more united than ever. If I know Boston, I think most people here feel the same way as I do.

  • Fourth paragraph : “An empty TD Garden, even a half full TD Garden for Game 1 against the Knicks…”

    How sure are you that the 7th seeded Celtics will be hosting the 2nd seeded Knicks in Game 1?

    • LA Flake

      Come on, man. You know what he’s talking about. Let it go.

    • home game 1 sorry

      • The Celtics sell out every home game…as does CHI, MIA, LA, DAL, OKC, GS, SA. The playoffs will be no exception.

        As for the “rocking” part…the scoreboard will determine that.


          • Speaking for myself…I have never seen a fan score a basket, grab a rebound, or block a shot in an NBA game.

            If the “scoreboard” shows NY is leading 71-48, with 7:21 remaining in the 3rd quarter of Game 3…I can assure you TD Garden will not be rockin`.

          • KGino

            Love Child has apparently never been to a C’s playoffs game…

            And I can assure you Celtics will not be down 23 at home in the 3rd quarter.

          • Agreed completely KGino dudes completely missed the point and is grasping at straws just for the sake of arguing. Dont even give the clown the time of day

          • TD Garden is always deafeningly loud, prior to the opening tap, of every Celtic game…even against Washington on a January night. It will be loud prior to Game 3 vs. NY.

            That`s fine….but, 48 minutes later, all that screaming will have zero affect on the outcome of the game.

          • Bleedgreen.

            John. Can you ban people fromcomnenting in the last few posts from redslovechild has been simply to get a rise out of us. It’s so annoying

          • ShawnCVD

            This is 100% wrong. Rowdy fans can and does affect a given player’s performance. I’ll stop there, 100% wrong.

          • Fine.

            Just put on your “Will Ferrell Spartan Cheerleader” outfit, start screaming….then watch the world`s greatest athletes {LeBron, Durant, Anthony, Harden, Wade, etc.} unravel and meltdown at TD Garden, as the undermanned and aging Celtics cruise to victory!!!

          • ShawnCVD

            Thanks so much for proving my point. Read below everyone. 8 hours earlier I wrote this “[RLC] bags on fellow fans for choosing to cheer for a team.”

            Bleedgreen has a point about RLC being annoying. We can add predictable as well.

  • ShawnCVD

    RLC has zero credibility. He bags on fellow fans for choosing to cheer for a team. He makes obvious statements “like if the C’s lose then fans will be demonstrably disappointed”. Yeah, No sh!t.

    I’m surprised the guy follows the team as closely as he does. He’s said he cares about championships and the future of the team . Then we’ll see you at the next parade.

    If you cannot find worthwhile stories with this team worth following your not a fan. That’s how I see it. The way RLC behaves he comes across very selfish of the Celtics and cares exclusively about their results. Not enjoying what could be PP and/or KG’s swan song. Not witnessing Greens ascension/ recovery from surgery. Not appreciating AB’s defensive wizardry. Not debating who should get minutes in the post season. Not contributing positively to a story about how Boston could use a little positivism right now.

    There’s dozens more reasons to be a fan and get some enjoyment out of investing in a team.

    Nope. RLC wants to crap on us and the Celtics. RLC is most happy promoting himself at the expense of others. And RLC wants attention. And like a child RLC doesn’t understand why he has no respect and credibility here.

    • KGino

      +100000. He can’t see the silver lining in anything and when u do argue with him with facts he cowers behind bringing up new and irrelevant points.

      I call him a disgrace of a fan because I think he really is one… Just the most pessimistic one ever. It’s sad to watch someone follow a team with 0% hope from the onset, like we’re the friggin bobcats or something. WE’RE THE BOSTON CELTICS, take some PRIDE in your team and your teams city!!