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Your Morning Dump… Where New York is already worried about Melo flipping out

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Both big men have moved on from the incident, but that doesn’t mean it will be all handshakes and hugs between Garnett and Anthony in the playoffs.

In fact, you can bet that KG will do his best to get under Anthony’s skin during the Knicks-Celtics series. That’s what he does. And it’s up to Anthony not to react, which may prove difficult.

As James White told ESPNNewYork’s Jared Zwerling, “Melo takes it personal against the Celtics.”

The Carmelo-KG incident is just one example of Carmelo losing his cool this year. He’s been whistled for 14 techs this season.

So it’s fair to ask: Do you think Carmelo’s composure will be an issue in the postseason?

To be clear: If Anthony gets whistled for a technical here and there, it won’t be the end of the world (unless it has a direct bearing on the final score).

But if Anthony’s gets ejected, that’s another story. New York needs Anthony on the floor and effective to have a chance to advance in the playoffs.

Something else to note: Carmelo will have to be mindful of his total technical foul count in the playoffs. If a player gets seven technicals in the playoffs, he is suspended for one game.

That would be disastrous for the Knicks.

ESPN New York: Can Melo keep his cool? 

The series is a week away and already the New York media is raising the question about Carmelo Anthony’s mental state.  Not only is Melo prone to some hot-headedness, he’s also going to be fueled by being swept out of the playoffs by the Celtics a couple of years ago.

“That’s in the back of our minds,” Anthony said. “We want to beat Boston. I mean, let’s be quite frank.”

A little extra motivation is almost always viewed as a good thing, but there are a few players for whom it might be a detriment.  Carmelo Anthony is one of them.

The playoffs are a different animal than the regular season.  The playoffs bring the fear of basketball death into the equation.  There’s no impending doom facing you in the regular season, especially when you’re comfortably in the playoffs.   All you do is go play, and when you can do that, you’ll generally be fine.

But when individuals take match ups personally, they run the risk of going at it alone too much and jacking up a few too many shots rather than make the right plays.

Carmelo Anthony might very well win the scoring title, which is something he definitely wants.  He’s going to go into the game facing the evil “playoff” Garnett, who has a proven ability to agitate Melo.  He’s also in his third year as “the man” with the Knicks and he’s 1-8 in the playoffs.

For some guys, that kind of pressure will focus them on playing great basketball.  Some others will turn that pressure into a personal vendetta that is ultimately counter productive.  Carmelo Anthony is a fantastic offensive basketball player, and he knows it.  When the shit hits the fan… and in the playoffs, it’s always about a half-inch away, what’s Melo going to do?  Do you trust him to do the right thing out there, or do you think he’ll lose his head and try to do it all himself?

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  • zippittyay

    Carmelo is nothing but a volume bricker with a poor defensive game.

  • No pressure, Melo. The Knicks are just a 2 seed coming off a 13 win in 14 game stretch. The lowly Celtics are old and injured. There’s no way NY can lose.

    • Roy Boy

      Chuck, you’re a moderator on here? Either you’re being sarcastic or your account was hacked. In case u haven’t noticed the Knicks are the oldest team in NBA history and injured too. There is a possibility that the Knicks can lose.

      • Chuck was being sarcastic….but, that doesn`t take away from the fact that every word he wrote happens to be true.

        • Mikel Ely

          Red’s Love Child u need to stop talking. Seriously. I get that you’re pessimistic, but most times u sound crazy. I don’t know if ur some demented man or woman just sitting at your PC or phone awaiting to write crazy things. Just pour cold water on your head.

          • I`m just keepin` it real…calling it as I see it.

            Rondo & Sullinger are out…KG & PP are old and can only play a limited number of effective minutes.

            Unless NY suddenly gets hit with a rash of injuries {beyond A`mare}…this series won`t be a “fair” fight.

          • Mikel Ely

            You’re not keeping anything real. You’re a pessimist that rants negatively about everything Celtics. You’re an odd Celtics fan if u consider yourself one. And obviously the C’s are underdogs, but u talk about rash of injuries to the Knicks are the only way the Celts have a chance. You talk as if the Knicks are that fierce. The Knicks are good, but not great.Of course the C’s winning the series will be challenging especially without Rondo, Sully or Barbosa. But I’m not like u I won’t say that won’t have a chance. But this is the Knicks you’re talking about not the Heat, Spurs or OKC.

            If the Celtics do lose the series how fast will u jump off the bandwagon?

          • KGino

            Love Child once told me they wouldn’t even make the playoffs this year.. and that was before all the injuries.. guy is a complete JOKE!

          • Hate to break the news, but Barbosa is no longer a Celtic.

            Will I jump off the bandwagon if the Celtics LOSE??? You`ll need to interpret THIS one!

            I`ll agree that the Knicks are not great…but “greatness” is not required to eliminate the 2013 Celtics.

          • Graham Brunell

            That’s not the point. We could have an All-Star team and you would always point out the negatives. I agree that it’s absurd to say this series consists of two even teams, but we’re far from the regular seventh seed. Cheer up.

          • Long-time no see Graham!

          • Far from the regular 7th seed???

            The Celtics are a .500 team. They`re in the playoffs only because they play in the pathetic EC, where even the 37-43 Bucks get in!

          • tvor03

            Red’s Love Child is the worst kind of fan. One that always says the worst is gonna happen, so that if it doesn’t, they can act all happy and surprised, and if it does, they can puff out their chest and act superior as if they know more than everyone else.

            It’s a childish and shallow way to act.

          • Stevens

            Agree tvor03. Don’t uderstand Red’s “shtick” or logic behind his words? Of course the C’s will be considered underdogs they’re a 7th seed. So it’s common logic to expect the Knicks to win. And yes missing Rondo, Sully and Babrosa makes things for the C’s more challenging, but this is the Knicks we’re talking about. Like Ely said, they’re not the Heat, Spurs or OKC.

            The Celtics this season have been up, down and inconsistent at times, but I won’t write them off depsite me have some concerns.

          • Inconsistent I think we’ve been very consistent.
            Since the season started Bostons L-2, W-2, L-1, W-3, L-1, W-1, L-2 W-2, L-1, W-1, L-1, W-2, L-3, W-1, L-1 W-1, L-4, W-6, L-6, W-1, L-1, W-1, L-2, W-1, L-1, W-5, L-2, W-2, L-5, W-2, L-2, W-1, L-1,W-1, L-1 W-1,
            Looks like a pattern to me.

          • tvor03

            consistently mediocre this season. if it weren’t for the injuries, perhaps it would have been different. but that’s the way sports go. Now we go down fighting!

          • LA Flake

            Could RLC just be bitter because Red never acknowledged him/her as his own?

          • Eddie Allen Powe

            RedsLoveChild and LA Flake are the 2 worst readers on this blog. Red hates on Pierce and KG for being old and Flake likes to play the blame-game and single out Rondo or now Bass. You guys are un-Celtic like, I wouldn’t want to go to war with yall, because down in the trenches yall would panic, retreat, and betray your squad.

            Show some pride and loyalty

          • KGino

            It’s funny, earlier this year I made a point to embarrass Red’s Love Child so badly in the comments that he would lose ANY AND ALL credibility amongst regular readers/commenters of this site (because I couldn’t STAND him claiming to be a Celtics fan with some of the crap spewing from his keyboard)….

            Now I just sit back and laugh as you guys handle it for me. Lol.. <3

          • Quinn

            Never listen to anyone named RedsLoveChild, because he or she may have issues. Seriously. I try not to get into back-n-forth with bloggers like that, because they’re not rational thinkers. Red reminds of Randy Quaid’s character in Major League 2.

          • Here`s what is truly revealing amongst the unpaid Celtic “cheerleaders” on this site :

            When I post my various comments—the Celts are a .500 team, the upcoming Knick series won`t be a “fair” fight due to injuries—NOBODY disputes any of them.

            Instead, just vague, unintelligent, dimwitted, pissed off comments attacking my “loyalty”. That tells me all I need to know…deep down you know I`m right, you just don`t want to say it.

          • KGino

            Look who’s talking… All I’ve ever done is attack you with facts and when I do, it is usually YOU who replies vaguely with irrelevant points.

            We are not “mindless cheerleaders”.. we are what you call fans. You are on here basically saying the Celtics have no shot 1st round.. we are on here telling you you’re wrong. The fact that you’re a “fan” and you can’t perceive the Celts beating the KNICKS in a playoff series is beyond us all.. which is why we don’t even do you the dignity of arguing with well thought out facts.

            But since you asked for some.. the Celtics have stumbled into the post season for the last 4 years as a .500 team (whether over the course of a season, or the last 54 games of the year). Each time, they have made it farther than most PROFESSIONAL ANALYSTS thought they would (maybe with the exception of 2011). Whoever said this is not a typical 7th seed team is right.. because regardless of our regular season record, we are a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ANIMAL in the playoffs (ask ANY TEAM IN THE EAST, we are STRONG for a 7th seed and no one wants anything to do with us first round). Experienced fans know that the game slows down in the playoffs, and suddenly you must rely on your defense much more than your offense. Well, the knicks are 18th in the league in total defense, and primarily a 3 point shooting team. Celtics are 6th in the league in total defense, and one of the best at defending the 3.

            You know the saying RLC… live and die by the 3. It’s very possible the knicks are hot and can barrage us with enough jumpers to win 4 games.. but it’s also very possible that the Celtics D stifles them enough to scrape by to the next round.

            Time will tell.. but to say it won’t be a “fair fight” is pretty much saying it’s not even going to be close. You’re an idiot, and not a fan of the celtics, if you don’t at least believe it will be close!!

          • I`m plenty loyal…but, a mindless “cheerleader” I`m not.

            I can deal with them losing…as long as they`re building something and are headed in the right direction.

            When the current squad gets younger & bigger, then they`ll be headed in the right direction. Not when they fill the 2013 roster up with All-stars…from the 2003 season.

  • can’t wait for this series!

  • Roy Boy

    Classic example of a head case. If the NY media has to question Melo’s mental state, then what does that say about him as a person and competitor. He’s that scared of the Celtics that he has to remind his teammates and media how much he envy’s them. Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls was spot on about saying u can get in Melo’s head. KG clearly has the blueprint. Melo is weak mentally and physically. Ever watch him play against physical teams he cries and complains too often. The Celtics will need to get physical with NYK, because they don’t like being pushed around.

  • Mikel Ely

    Reading these quotes are an example of why Carmelo will always be seen as a great scorer and not a great player.

  • JR99

    You know the refs are gonna steal one, one way or the other. So a sweep’s unlikely. Figure this series will probably go to 5 or 6. Celtics in 6 is most likely, but if we get fair officiating, it’s still possible to sweep NY. Disagree? Congratulations. We’ll find out very soon.