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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics hope 7 is their lucky number

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Business was thus completed. The Celtics secured the seventh seed, avoiding the No. 8 spot and the unwanted draw of the top-seeded Miami Heat in the first round.

The Celtics will likely open the playoffs next weekend in New York against the Knicks.

“We have the next six or seven days. We can probably start preparing (tomorrow),” said Pierce. “Not to look past Indiana, but we can start preparing a little bit for New York.”

Rivers will also continue to rest his players. Terry is also a good bet to miss a second straight game on Tuesday in the Garden against the Pacers. Pierce and Garnett may sit out another game.

“It’s a fine line between rest and health,” said Pierce. “We’re as healthy as we can be at this point. Knowing we have the seventh seed, we’ll take it day by day.”

Garnett wanted to make one thing clear. Rest should not be confused with absence.

“Rest is always good,” he said. “There’s never anything wrong with rest, especially when you need it. It’s not that we’re not preparing with the team. We’re not playing. But we know what’s ahead of us and what the issues are. Doc always reminds us to take each game one at a time. He had talked about the schedule a long time ago with Paul and I. Rest is important. It doesn’t mean we’re not getting a rhythm just because we’re not playing in some of these games.”

That rhythm was certainly apparent last night.

Boston HeraldCelts help themselves to 7th seed in playoffs

After playing Miami fairly well but ultimately losing on Friday night, the Celtics went into Orlando and destroyed the Magic, fully cementing their place as the 7th seed in the east.  Orlando did little to debunk Jason Terry’s suggestion that the Magic are a terrible team.  Terry did not play, but Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce did and both looked good and moved well.  Doc’s resting plan seems to have paid off heading into the playoffs.

Would the Celtics prefer to be a higher seed?  Would they prefer to have home court advantage at least in the first round?  Yes and yes.  But all season long, as up and down as the season has been, Doc has always said he prefers health over any of that.  Well his prescription has worked as the C’s are in relatively good health heading into what is likely going to be another battle on Broadway with the New York Knicks.  Although Jeff Green turned the state of Florida into his personal dunking playground this weekend, he did collect a few minor injuries to the left elbow, hip and some whacks to the face.  Green said he’s fine, although don’t be surprised if he gets some time off as well.

Doc said that KG and Pierce will likely play one of the final two games.  Since Tuesday night is the home season finale and is fan appreciation night, my guess is that they will all play in that game and a skeleton crew will travel to Toronto for the season finale against the Raptors.  Along with Green, Brandon Bass has been playing very well lately and the C’s will collectively need to bring it against a Knicks team that is riding high.  There is no doubt that this will be one of the better first round matchups and should get prime time billing.  Just what the Celtics would love – to knock out the Knicks on center stage.

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  • forever_green

    I can’t wait for the look of disappointment on the Knicks players & their fans. Go C’s.

    • eddysamson

      I want to upvote this so much but I was so pumped to watch the C’s beat them with my Knicks fan friends the last 2 games only to end up getting stomped =/ I know we’re gunna make it an interesting series and anything could happen, though.

  • Bleedgreen.

    Man these playoffs are gonna suck. Kobe out rondo out rose out granger out amare out possibly chandler out kg and Paul not 100%. And there’s Miami with no injuries at all. This playoff will yield one of 2 things. Either teams will come to fight and have multiple 7 gamers, or Miami will steamroll all if then

  • was the best Celtic to wear #7??

    • Definitely not `Quis, JO, or Mikki Moore! Best so far was probably Tiny Archibald.

      Jared Sullinger will wind up “retiring” #7 forever.

    • Bleedgreen.

      In current menory sully . Pretty much because the only other I remember is JO

    • I always think of Dee Brown

  • Geff

    My only concern is the defensive drop off this season. The defensive drop-off has been huge especially with the bench unit. Outside of Garnett, Pierce, Bradley and Lee, who else can defend on this team? I think Doc and his coaching staff will have strategize going into the post-season. Possibly have the bench unit play zone at times. And will guys like Wilcox, Green, Williams, Crawford, Shalv, Terry, White be ready for the big stage? Let’s hope so.

    • Vince Lencioni

      Defense and the fact that Bradley sometimes just disappears. Bradley is the key to the Celtics going anywhere in these playoffs, assuming that Pierce and Garnett are indeed healthy.