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Recap: Could’ve been a lot worse

Laugh at me all you want, but I think tonight could’ve been much worse. Headed into this game, without KG & Pierce, Celtics fans thought that things might get really ugly. Well, despite a Heat 2nd Q for the ages, the C’s actually gave Miami a run for their money tonight. However. the Heat win 109-101. Boston came out swinging early, and behind a hot start from Jeff Green and Jordan Crawford, the Celtics went into the 2nd quarter up 27-17. No one but Lebron could score early for Miami, and the C’s were in control. Well, it was fun while it lasted, as Miami torched Boston for a 41 point 2nd quarter and shot a blazing 16 of 19 from the field, including 5 of 6 from downtown. Celtics kept it respectable tonight though. I give a ton of credit to most of the guys who put on the green. Despite the usual struggles defending the paint, Boston played with heart and energy for the most part when it would’ve been much easier to mail this one in. Let’s cross our fingers that Jeff Green is ok though. He landed on his left arm/elbow in the 4th Q and did not return. Doc said postgame that he did not think it was serious. C’s now head to Orlando, where they face the Magic tomorrow night. Tip-off is at 7:30pm EST.

The Green:

  • Jordan Crawford was the spark this team needed tonight. Despite his usual miscues, Crawford helped the C’s get 15 fastbreak points and had 20 pts, 4 rebs, 2 steals & 2 asts.
  • Jeff Green was the guy we expected him to be with KG & Truth out. Jeff put in 25 points & grabbed 8 boards in 36 mins. Now if he could just find a way to score when Paul & Kevin are on the floor..
  • B.Bass continues to quietly be the one constant. Brandon was a super-efficient 6 of 9 from the floor and 5 of 5 from the line for 17 pts and grabbed 9 rebounds.

The Gross:

  •  The Jet had 4 turnovers and 6 points in 27 minutes

The Greenlights:

Jeff abuses Tirdman
Green makes Heat defense look silly

The Grid: (quick stats)

  • Celtics were a perfect 13 of 13 from the free-throw line
  • 41 points by Heat in 2nd Q were most by any Boston opponent this season
  • Points in the paint: BOS 54 MIA 44
  • Celtics were awful from downtown, going 6 of 23


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  • Bleedgreen!

    Made a little run at the end but when courtny missed thst last 3 and cole hit a 3 it buried us. Also at the end of the 3rd Lewis got insanely hot. What was it like 5 made shots in a row . 4 of them 3s

  • zippittyay

    I wanted to puke when LeBron drove to the basket while fending off Lee with his off arm and missed and then cried like the little bitch he is until the ref granted him a foul 3 seconds after the play was over.

  • Is it too early to cut Jason Terry?

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    I’ve been thinking this since December. JET sucks! I live in Dallas and I wish he never tainted my Celtics.. 4 guys didn’t pull their weight early on: Green Bass Lee and Terry. Green came into his own, Lee and Bass have been decent, but Terry sucks. He’s the biggest disappointment of all the new additions.

  • eddysamson

    Man I made a comment like 2 hours ago that is still “awaiting moderation” and the only thing close to a curse word in it was HE LL is there anyway you guys can fix that word filter? Its a bit excessive for a place I’ve seen use worse words in the articles themselves.

  • 1. Jason Terry ONCE again continues to show us why he almost can’t play in the postseason. His offense has been lackluster almost all season, and comes no where close to making up for his defense. This is now the second straight game he’s been lit up by a nearly 40 year old shooting guard. I’m beginning to think the rotation really does need to be as follows in the postseason:
    Bradley,Lee, Crawford
    Pierce, Green, Bass
    Garnett, Randolph, maybe Wilcox here and there

    There’s truthfully no other reason for other guys to play. Williams is okay, but not there yet. Terry is just awful. I’m sorry. Even if he hits a shot here and there, it won’t overcome how much he hurts this team in other ways.

    2. I’m really beginning to think about what the point is in trying to stay out of the 8th seed (though it looks like it’s inevitable that they will). It’s hard to explain, but even though Miami is better than any other team in the east, sometimes I almost feel as comfortable with the Celtics playing them as I do with the Celtics playing any other top 4 seed. The reason I say this is that:
    A.) The Celtics bigger achilles heal has always been rebounding, and the Heat are the only NBA team worse in rebounding than the Celtics.
    B.) The Heat proved again tonight (even without Pierce and Garnett) that they have no rim protection. They rely on James or Wade coming in and making miraculous blocks from the weak side. We saw tonight that the Jeff Green game earlier last month wasn’t a fluke, he can literally get to the rim at WILL against this team and finish over people even easier than he can with most teams.

    There’s a reason why games between these two teams have always been close despite the massive amounts of talent the Heat have on their roster. The Celtics biggest problems are problems that the Heat struggle with as well. For these reasons, I don’t see the point in waiting to play the Heat. If it truly is Championship or bust like we say it is, then I really see it as better to play them sooner. They will not lose to anyone else. But, with the heart the Celtics have, for the reasons I just listed, and with a fresher, rested, adrenaline-boosted playoff series on the line, I think the Celtics have the best chance of anyone.

    • Mike C

      Amen, to both points! Terry offers absolutely no value to this team right now. We gave him a shot this season, but it just didn’t pan out. Time to trade.
      I could not agree more about playing the Heat in the first round. Been pushing this idea myself for awhile now. Our absolute best chance to pull an upset is going to be the first round when our guys are somewhat healthy(ish) and rested. We have about a 2% chance of beating Miami in the ECF. We just dont have the gas tank for it. Sorry guy’s, just speaking the truth.

  • Also, shame the Spurs waited so long to waive Stephen Jackson! Always helps the team he plays on. Very surprising.

  • Corbs

    Almost put my foot through the Tv when lebron complained that jeff green traveled. Please God, dont let them repeat.

  • When we signed Terry this offseason, I was pumped. Now, hes just awful. He can’t hit even wide open shots. Theres literally not even a place in the rotation for him anymore. If the Celtics are smart, they’ll waive or trade him during the off season.

  • Nathan

    I don’t care when it is I just hope we get a chance to play Miami in the playoffs

  • KGino

    It’s really too bad we don’t have Rondo and Sully, cuz with how Jeff Green is playing against the heat, I think we could have taken them out no matter what round it was.

    Also, a shame to see Kobe go down. Kobe down, Rondo down, D rose down, Granger down, would love to see Gay Bosh go down to make things a little fairer.

  • Bleedgreen!

    Mane a trade involving jet fab and maybe either jcraw or Williams and get tayshaun prince. Salaries match up idk if the griz will do it though.