Jarrett Jack’s full court heave misses by… 30 feet | Red's Army - The Voice of Boston Celtics Fans
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Jarrett Jack’s full court heave misses by… 30 feet

Jack would have come closer had he kicked the ball.

This “shot” got me thinking about this old ad…

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  • KGino

    Hahaha my friend used to play AAU with Jarrett Jack and he was dominant… Makes you realize how good even the role NBA players are

    • LA Flake

      Yeah, I went to high school with a 7 footer who was a freak of an athlete and dominated EVERYBODY in basketball but never got drafted and made it to the NBA. He couldn’t even make a name for himself in college.

    • Graham Brunell

      Jack used to play at Worcester Academy and was insane.

  • Chulinho

    The sad thing is that a 56 year old Larry could probably shoot better than Jason Terry right now.

    • eddysamson

      Yeah I’d rather have Ray Allen….I’d rather have 2012 playoffs brick shooting shin splints having Ray Allen than JET =/ and I was a huge JET fan before he came here. And yes this is me slapping myself for saying I’d rather have JET last summer when I found it out.

      • Chulinho

        It’s okay, man. I believe many C’s fans, including myself, felt the same way after Ray signed with Miami. The only way Terry’s going to get redemption is if he plays like a madman in the playoffs.