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Rondo heard about his torn ACL from a radio report

Rajon Rondo spoke about his ACL injury with ESPN’s Hannah Storm.

After getting an MRI, Rondo said he first heard about the torn ACL from a radio reporter:

On the way back, I heard on the radio that Rondo might have a torn ACL. I was like… We just got the results, there’s no way possible.

I knew the reporter and was like, “How does he know this thing?” I just left the hospital, just got the results.

Confirmation came a short time later when Rondo returned to the Garden. The report couldn’t have been from WEEI because, except for the game broadcasts, they ignore all Celtics news.

As for a possible  return date:

“When I got out of surgery, for three to four weeks nobody said anything about when I’ll be back, or when I’ll be able to play. They just wanted me to take it one week at a time and just see how I progress from there,” he told Storm. “Everybody’s body is different. Everybody plays the game differently. An injury like this varies.”

Is there anything that scares Rondo about coming back from the torn ACL?

“Doing it again,” he said. “But other than that, no.”

Here’s hoping Rondo comes back with a lot more confidence than Derrick Rose. He has yet to play after tearing up his knee last April.

The full entire will on air on ESPN2 at 9 p.m.  on April 18.

For those curious, Rondo still leads the league in triple-doubles (5) despite playing just 38 games. He’ll also finish the season as the league leader in assists (11.1).  A player needs a minimum 70 games or 400 assists to qualify. Rondo has 420 assists.

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  • Iridaceae

    Keep calm and Rajon.

  • Bleedgreen!

    Hope he can have the same explosiveness and speed and quickness that he did before. Rubio and shump seem like the same player they were before do I have confidence but he is missing 1 of te best years of his life statistically. And he is missing the beginning of his prime. He will also need 20 or so games to be right because that’s what Rubio abc shump needed

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    What type of knee injury did John Wall come back from? Cuz he looks very athletic, Iman Shumpert too.

    • Mannie

      Wall didn’t have a major injury. Idk what though. But shumpert had torn acl around time rose had his I think.