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LeBron James as humble as ever

LeBron James tweeted the photo (via his Instagram account) with the following caption:

Somebody call 911. The weight room just got murdered! Lol. Off day training. #strivingforgreatness #focused

The Heat cannot win another title. They just can’t.

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  • dk

    god i hate that man–whys he wearing those pants for??

    • zippittyay

      Where I come from, that’s called Long Underwear.

  • KGino

    let’s keep the shirtless Lebron posts to a minimum, Chuck. Appreciate it.

    • Nate

      exactly, why even acknowledge it?

      (Hypocritical post ftw lol)

    • LA Flake

      yup yup. chuck’s gone off the rail with this one. i prefer chuck’s vast photo library of cheap-looking bleach blondes with fake boobs.

      ps. hey lebron, you ain’t no greg oden, thats for sure!

  • Laura Orsak

    Ugh. LeDouche

  • Just foul him hard. He can’t handle it.

  • Bleedgreen!

    Lol look at his hairline in that pic. No headband to cover it in that

    • forever_green

      His hairline is doing the crab dribble away from his face.

  • disqus_Q9rNqwtu0S

    So GAY!