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Recap: Deron Williams abuses Celtics as Nets roll

That sucked. I expected the Celtics to put forth a strong effort tonight against Brooklyn – one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. With Paul Pierce, KG and the new starting line-up, the Celtics were supposed get their house in order for the playoffs.

Not so much.

Deron Williams shredded the Celtics for 29 points, 9-18 FG, and 12 assists in the 101-93 win.  He abused Avery Bradley (5 fouls in 12 minutes), Terrence Williams, Jordan Crawford and Jason Terry.

The game turned midway through the 2nd quarter when Brooklyn closed the half on an 18-6 run. They flat out couldn’t miss. Whenever the Celtics whittled the lead down to 9 or 7 points, Williams would make shots.

The Green:

Paul Pierce had 23 points on 7-11 FG. If not for his 13 point 3rd quarter, the Nets would have won this game by 25.

The Gross:

Jeff Green (11 points on 4-17 shooting) was invisible.

Jason Terry (1-7 FG) stinks.

The Celtics perimeter defense was horrible. Brooklyn shot 8-19 from 3. Joe Johnson and CJ Watson combined for 7-9 3 FG.


Brook Lopez is served a hearty dish of Bass

The Grid:

  • The Nets shot 12-18 in the 2nd quarter
  • The Celtics did not attempt a free throw in the first half
  • Reggie Evans had 1 point, 14 rebounds

Box score

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  • Bleedgreen!

    Damn I really expected us to pull that one out. Dwills agd isojoe just couldn’t miss. Even when we played good defense they would still make the shot. Green played joe as good as anyone and the refs screwed us over with bradley

  • forever_green

    Ugly & man…just when I thought Jet couldn’t play worse, I’m a little worried.

  • About as bad as the celtics can play while not shooting an awful percentage. I thought that the celtics were going to the hoop initially but the refs were unwilling to blow the whistle, and the celtics backed down.

    One thing I find interesting is this Kg/ Jeff green thing. I initially thought it was that green was scared of KG and that was why he seems so timid when KG plays. However, it seems to be more than just that. I think the game slows down when KG plays, and so green gets less aggressive. Now, this isn’t one of those “they might be better without KG” things like it is with rondo (look at their record without KG–not good). However, I think it’s up to Doc to find a way for green to stay aggressive and show him where to pick his spots when the game slows down. I’m glad green took 17 shots tonight though, regardless of whether or not he missed. But I still think his finishing and where/when he chooses to attack is much less consistent when KG is on the floor.

    • And also, as said above (and I’ve said this many times this year), terry sucks. I’m sorry. He’s not good enough offensively this year to overcome how badly he hurts them defensively. He had a couple of plays like rondo does sometimes with a nice block or steal that makes the average spectator think he’s playing good D. However, in reality, guys blow by him every play if their his size, and post him if they’re bigger. This is the 2nd time this season the nets have run their offense through the 40 year old Jerry Stackhouse for stretches while Terry is guarding him. Stackhouse got them a couple buckets himself, and made a few plays for other guys during a 10-0 Brooklyn run. Watch the film if you didn’t see it.

      Finally, Randolph has to play more. I don’t care if he’s goofy or whatever doc thinks that has him not playing enough minutes when it counts, but EVERY time that dude is on the court, something good happens. When you’re one of the worst rebounding teams in NBA history, you can use a guy practically averaging a rebound a minute.

    • Bleedgreen!

      He needs to do over people when he drives instated of trying to double clutch and go under. He needs to dunk on poleople

  • First game you watched this year my man?

  • Brick James

    Can you guys please post this? Where has everyone gone that was asking if this team is better without Rondo? Just sayin’.