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Jermaine O’Neal’s buzzer-beater goaltend costs Suns a game

Chuck - Red's Army April 10, 2013 Around the NBA, Jermaine O'Neal 4 Comments

The Rockets beat the Suns 101-98 last night on a James Harden three-pointer at the buzzer.

The shot was bouncing off the rim when Suns center Jermaine O’Neal slid his hand through the cylinder and knocked it away.

Not the smartest play in the world, but at least JO was working hard under the boards.

(h/t DavidJohnson0909 and  Deadspin)

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  • http://twitter.com/JdotD James D ♣

    Moron, if he cant touch it on when it’s on the rim the offensive player can’t too so isn’t going to tip it. As soon as that ball hit the rim and bounced away from the net (WHILST THE BUZZER WAS GOING OFF!) it was dead

  • Sean

    anybody else glad he isn’t our problem anymore

  • mixmaster

    anyone have a mirror link?

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    He looked like he was in good shape last night, and they went to him often on the low block. But when I saw his own teammate (Scola)knock him down, I expected to hear bones shatter.