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Worst Executive in history of the NBA headed to Hall of Fame

The man who single-handedly crippled the Celtics franchise and crawled out of town like a weasel is headed to the Basketball Hall of Fame:

Rick Pitino, who will coach Louisville in the NCAA championship game Monday night, is among seven people elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Joining Pitino in the class of 2013, announced Monday, are former NBA stars Bernard King and Gary Payton, former UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian, North Carolina women’s coach Sylvia Hatchell, former University of Houston coach Guy Lewis, former University of Virginia star Dawn Staley.

The inductions will take place in Springfield, Mass. in September.

Inductees announced previously were Edwin E.B. Henderson, a direct elect by the Early African Pioneer Committee, longtime Indiana Pacers guard Roger Brown, Oscar Schmidt of Brazil, the leading scorer in Olympic history, Richie Guerin, a star for the New York Knicks in the 1950s, and Russ Granik, the longtime assistant commissioner of the NBA.

Loved you at Providence. Enjoyed your teams at Kentucky. But I just can’t let go of the debacle in Boston.

It pisses me off that there’s one collective Hall of Fame for basketball. Legends like Russ, Bird and Jordan shouldn’t be lumped in with NCAA guys. The NFL doesn’t operate this way.

Russ Granik? What a farce. An assistant commissioner has no place in the Hall of Fame.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    I detest that greasy bastard “little Ricky” and hope he gets destroyed tonite. Failure is a choice. This is the guy that turned the C’s into the laughingstock of the NBA, kicked Red, and traded Chauncey Billups……..ML Carr thinks this guy sucked as a GM.

    Congrats to the Glove, and the family of Guy Lewis, well deserved!

    • LA Flake

      didnt he also push larry out of town?

      • frickenWaaaltah

        no, that was basically the owner Gaston jr, and it was all over way before Rick got anywhere near the C’s.

      • dk

        Larry left because they blatently ignored everything he said and the last straw was when they signed Dominique Wilkins as the “prize free agent” who left the following year for Greece. I think they were one of the only teams to actually make the playoffs w/ a losing record.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      ML Carr just wants to distract people from how bad he was, because he was so much worse. Rick had plenty of bad moves…like what was he thinking with drafting Jerome Moiso??? But he and his people also made enough good moves to gradually put a decently competitive team together. It was often ugly basketball…~84 point wins with lots of isos and 3’s, but it was competitive.

      ML took a loaded franchise and whittled it down to a 15 win team with a depleted roster. Rick took that depleted roster and gradually built a team that went to the conference finals in its 5th season.

      A bunch of teams traded Chauncey because he just wasn’t that good for like his first what, 6 years? It probably helped him grow up and get serious about the NBA.

      Rick’s worst/most overpaid FA? Travis Knight. But he and/or Wallace managed to ship him back to the Lakers for Tony Battie, a guy who the Lakers considered to be “El Busto” but he turned out to be a huge upgrade for the C’s and a major part of the team that almost got to the finals.

      Heck, if you hate Antoine, remember, it was ML that drafted him. He was on the C’s for a year before Rick got hired. And while he was one of many GMs that did it, ML did pass on Kobe Bryant. So objectively, ML passed on a way bigger fish than any that Rick hand a chance to grab and missed. Nine GMs passed on Pierce. ML would have been the tenth.

      Other than the Vin Baker epic disaster, Chris Wallace was middle of the road at making deals, and he did find a lot of nice rotation players in summer leagues and such that other teams had missed. That Vin Baker deal happened because he was under pressure to find and make a home run deal so the Gastons didn’t have to sell the team, and yeah he blew it, but it has worked out ok in the long run for Celtics fans, eh?

      • “ML Carr took a loaded franchise and whittled it down to a 15 win team?” The Celtics were 35-47 before ML took over. 33-49 in his first season. Management realized the roster was full of mediocre players and the team was going nowhere. Blowing it up was the right thing to do. Hence, the 15-67 record in 96-97.

  • I do believe the honor goes to Isiah Thomas and I hate Ricky P.

    • Mencius

      Elgin Baylor was certainly no slouch as failed GMs go. The Clippers were forever miserable under him, although just how much was him, and how much was Sterling could be debated. The Celtics had a very long period of mediocrity or sub-mediocrity that included Gavitt and ML Carr as well, but yeah, Ricky was a disaster with the Cs; particularly egregious was his treatment of Red, as I recall.

      • Elgin Baylor strong call you may be right 22 years of suckyness

        • LA Flake

          baylor, pitino, isiah thomas…there should be a hall of damn shame for them three.

  • I agree, the NBA should have their own hall.

  • Granted, Pitino is nothing but a disgusting and self-serving POS.

    However, the Celtics were a complete disaster prior to his arrival. They were 15-67 the year before he took over. Let`s not pretend he came to Boston in 1997, and dismantled a powerhouse.

  • Antmat0385

    See you in hell Pitino!!!

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Objectively speaking, Chuck is blatantly wrong.

    Rick left town and…his team went to the conference finals.

    Rick was long gone when Chris Wallace, rather than tweaking that team to give it another chance, blew it up in an insane trade for Vin Baker, knowing full well that Baker was struggling with alcoholism and his game was rapidly declining.

    Essentially, Wallace bet everything on Baker turning it around and becoming his old self, and it was a really really stupid bet, and it crippled the team for years, and Rick had nothing to do with it.

    • That team was fool’s gold. That run was a fluke. Antoine Walker was not in sharp decline.

      Yes. Wallace made some awful moves.

  • Ian

    So with this mindset you think that John Wooden, Dean Smith, Coach K, Calhoun, Boeheim shouldn’t make the basketball hall of fame? I would argue that winning a championship in college basketball takes much more coaching talent than in the pros. If you think Eric Spoelstra is even in the same breath as any of those names above, you are out of your mind.