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Video bomb: Lee, Green and Bradley have fun with KG

Gotta love the video bomb (except when it involves the Heat).

Question – what is KG saying?

“Y-G” … does that mean young guys, young guns or young gangstas?


“Wise g’s” … which would be a reference to wise guys.

I (the poster boy for the white, suburban soccer dad’s club) think it’s “Y-G” and John (the urban, hip-hop, keyboard gangsta) believes it’s “wise g’s.”

Enlighten us.

PS – John’s world might end if  he’s wrong.

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  • Step

    I think it’s for “young guys” I slightly remember him referencing them in a interview after practice.

  • tboy

    Y-g’s stands for young goons

  • Guest

    Video isnt working for me…just stays trying to load after the Ad plays.

  • eddysamson

    I can see why you guys are debating it haha…I think its Y-Gs I mean it does sound like ‘wise’ but you dont really hear the ‘SE’ or ‘IZE’ sound at the end

    • eddysamson

      also AB was funny, he seemed a little bashful like he felt bad video bombing a legend like KG…he was like HEY! *hides away*

  • Gil305

    Young Guns

  • Mannie

    YG stands for young gangsta. KG is an OG or old gangsta.
    At least here in the south that’s what it means.

    • LA Flake

      didn’t see your post and said pretty much the same thing.

  • LA Flake

    YG vs OG
    Young Gangstas vs Original Gangstas

  • Bleedgreen!

    Defiantly says Y-G,s