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Recap: Celtics cruise past Wiz in return of Garnett

The story leading up to the game was the return of Kevin Garnett, but the story of the game was the play of Brandon Bass.  Bass had one of his best games of the season tonight against Washington with 20 points and 6 rebounds. The Celtics cruised past the hapless Wizards who were lead by John Wall’s 16 points 10 assists. The Celtics lead by 4 at the half before taking control of this one in the third outscoring the Wiz 31-19 in the quarter. Garnett looked up and down in his return, an airball and a few bad shots were signs of rust but he did finish the night 6 of 9 shooting for 12 points and 6 boards. The Celtics get the 107-96 win and all but lock up a first round matchup against the Knicks.

The Green:

Brandon Bass– You all know how I feel about Bass, so to give him props here says just how good he played tonight. Right place at the right time all night, I’ll give him his due when he’s earned it. Good rebounding, good shooting and good defense…all around good night for Brandon Bass.

Shav– 7 rebounds  8 points in 15 minutes,  its becoming routine for him to have a stat line like this. Fans love this guy right now. Who does this say more about, Randolph that he is working this hard and is surprising so many people; or Celtics fans that we are so excited to finally have someone who can average more than 5 rebounds a night?

The Gross:

Jeff Green–  Awful night for Green. Once again now that Garnett and Pierce are back he is going to revert back to the passive and tentative 8 points  2 rebounds Jeff Green rather than the aggressive one we’d been seeing and gaining hope for. 4 fouls  8 points 3 rebounds  thanks for showing up….

Terrance Williams–  So much for that whole backup point guard thing ay?  1 minute,  zeros across the board

The Greenlights:

Paul Pierce Wins Red Auerbach Award 2013

Courtney Lee, Jeff Green, and Avery Bradley video-bomb KG

The Grid:

Celtics had 50 points in the paint tonight albeit against a fairly weak interior defense

Celtics allowed 23 points off turnovers tonight


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  • Big game from Wilcox I wish he could do that more often. Would be such a boost.

  • Here’s the concern from tonight’s game, though it was a “nice” win. Green was tentative again. It’s amazing, you can literally almost tell when he is going to play well now just by watching him off of the ball at the beginning of the game. For one thing, he literally just moves more to get open when he plays well. He’s not just standing around in the corner. Secondly, he runs the break much harder. 3rd, this is going to sound cliche, but it’s almost as though he only looks in front of him as though he is getting to the rim no matter what. Tonight, I saw less of that. There were a couple of plays where he showed it and turned on the jets and got to the rim, but for the most part, he was back to being kind of passive. It really worries me that it might have something to do with Garnett returning, and I hope he can get over that going into the playoffs. They need his offense just as much as they need it from KG.

    • kobe

      I will tell you why, KG is really intimidating he’s not a fake tough guy but a loud trash talker. Just look at Carmelo Anthony, when the incident happened between them Carmelo snapped but realized he can’t handle KG, remember the All star practice Melo was scking to KG when he was being interviewed. Another one is Jordan Crawford, he shoots the ball carelessly but when KG is around he pass it to KG.

      • Bleedgreen!

        Now that you mention it it makes sense. I diddnt realize he was that imtimidating to his own team. I know he really gets on the guys when they mess up but I guess it’s a mix of fear and respect. He is one of the greatest players ever and people respect thet and defer to him. Plus he can be scary with his intensity, also with kg back. There’s simply less shots. Bass took a lot and kg took a lot but green needs to stop worrying about making other people happy. Peirce is super unselfish this year with the ball and green Is assuming that garnett wants the ball on offense when I think he really wants to be the point guard and dish out the ball. Green needs to take the ball and attack. Also he got a couple charge calls I think that made him more tenetivr later in the game

        • Step

          Rondo even mentioned in his interview with SI, that KG can be very intimidating especially when he’s on the court and being very vocal and loud…So if Rondo can say that, imagine how Jeff and some others feel. Lets not forget he mad Big Baby!