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Recap: Truth, Ticketless Celtics can’t defend home turf

Cavs come into Boston and end their 10-game losing streak tonight at the expense of the C’s. I’ll cut Boston the obvious slack, as they’re missing KG & Truth, but this was just more of the same: gave up huge numbers to a slightly above-average player (TristanThompson 29 pts & 17 rebs) got clobbered in the paint (52 points by the Cavs) and on the boards, missed free-throws, and made a too little too late run in the 4th. Cavs beat Boston 97-91. Avery Bradley left the game with Eddie Lacerte in the 4th, but said afterwards the injury is not related to his shoulder surgery-he bruised his collarbone. Still, nothing C’s fans want to hear right now. I’m sick with a pretty nasty cold, so this will be a short recap tonight folks. Let’s hope P and Ticket both come back Sunday, and the C’s can start to build some type of momentum for the playoffs.

The Green:

  • Shavlik Randolph scored a career-high 16 points on 6 of 9 shooting to go with 7 boards in a foul plagued performance
  • Jeff Green had a lot of pressure on him tonight with both Pierce & KG out and delivered with 23 points, 9 rebounds & 4 asts.
  • Celtics defense held Kyrie Irving to just 11 points on 4 of 20 shooting

The Gross:

  • The Jet stays grounded. Despite hitting a big trey to pull Boston within 4 late in the 4th Q, Terry was nowhere to be found the rest of the night. 3 of 10 for 8 points in 27 minutes.
  • Starting backcourt of Lee & Bradley combined for just 12 pts on 4 of 17 in 47 minutes. Not cutting it.

The Greenlights:

Crawford dime
Shavlik follow
Bradley block

The Grid (quick stats):

  • Celtics went 13 of 22 from the line
  • Herky-Jerky Crawford’s odd stat line: a +7 with 3 of 14 shooting for 7 points, 4 rebs & 5 asts.
  • Cavs got to the free-throw line 26 times and converted on 22 of them
  • Second chance points: Cavs 19 C’s 12

Boxscore|Playoff Picture

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  • Christopher Jones

    We’re playing for the eighth seed. So we can be at full strength when we take on the Heat. At least I’ll keep telling myself that. Otherwise I’ll want to die.

    I hate the Cavaliers so very much it pains me. I still cannot stand their now upstart and earnest, but previously arrogant little fanbase from when they had LBJ and were doing petty little things like breaking records for the most people in Snuggies during a game in a season that came crashing down upon them when Boston schooled them in 2010. I just hate the Cavs. I hate their fans, I hate their city and I hate their organization.

    Sorry, a little strong. Apologies.

    • P Funk

      U mad bro?

      • Christopher Jones

        Nah. Dogs get mad.

  • Mike C

    Who else here thinks ‘Shavalanche’ should get more than 13 minutes of playing time. I didn’t see the game, so maybe he fouled out? This kid wants to earn more playing time. Cant say the same for Bass, Terry, Wilcox, Crawford, etc. With KG & Pierce sitting out, we only have two guys that can score points on a regular basis. Green and Bradley. Might as well give Shav more minutes. @KWAPT- thanks for posting when your sick, hope you get better soon.

    • forever_green

      SR did foul out in only 13 min. Hard to believe huh.

      • Mike C

        Thats unbelievable, thanks for the info. Couldn’t agree more about Terry & Crawford. Having ONE decent game every fourth or fifth time you step on the court does zero for me. We need consistent players who show up to play every game.

  • forever_green

    I miss Ray Ray, I still hate what he did though (love/hate relationship), Crawford and Terry just don’t do it for me.