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KG thinks Jeff Green will be an all-time great

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) April 5, 2013 Jeff Green 8 Comments on KG thinks Jeff Green will be an all-time great

“I’ve always said J. Green is going to be one of the best players to ever play this game,” Garnett said to Greg Dickerson on CSNNE. “People look at me kind of weird when I say that, but then when you watch him play, you see the glimpses, you see what I’m talking about. As he betters, this team will be better, this organization will be better.”


I love Kevin Garnett, but count me as one of the people who look at him kind of weird when he says that.  And I love Jeff Green and what he can do for this team, but for him to be “one of the best players to ever play this game,” he’s going to have to make some big strides with his consistency.

I see the flashes too.  I see the moments when people drop James Worthy’s name.  I also see the other side… the side that makes Doc bench him for a 4th quarter.

I personally think the best case scenario for Green is pretty high.  I think he’s capable of being an All Star a few times in his career.  But to be one of the best ever, you have to be a perennial All Star…. you have to find your way into MVP conversations… you have to carry teams to levels they are not supposed to reach.

Can Jeff Green do that?  Can the Jeff Green that dropped 43 on the Heat show up on a regular basis?  Of course, I’m not expecting him average 43.  But can that guy, with that level of aggression on the court, be who Jeff Green is night in and night out?

I personally don’t think so.  I think he’ll be very good over his career, but not one of the best ever.  But maybe KG sees something we don’t.  I’d love to link back to this piece in five years and say “man, I was wrong about this one.”

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  • Mike

    I can see what KG is talking about. We have to remember and relate what Jeff is going through to our own lives. He is in a new city with already established hall of famers. It’s hard to get chances or the confidence to do what your capable of when the focus is on the Hall of Famers. We’ve seen what he does just by playing more than 30 minutes a game. We’ll see him be an All Star as early as next year.

  • Bleedgreen!

    Well also kg thought we would win the championship every year and that rondo would be MVP and that age doesn’t matter

  • Chulinho

    I agree John. But I believe he’s got a chance to begin taking those strides in the postseason. For the C’s to make it deep a lot of things to need to go right. And one of those things is the play of Green.

  • Rod Shaftwell

    Jeff absolutely has what it takes to be an amazing player. When you consider his recent heart surgery, and IMO the fact that he has only just begun feeling comfortable being an aggressive Celtic scorer, he’s right on pace. Next year will tell us a lot.

  • Hahahaha all right man. This is getting a liiiiiiiittle out of hand now. I was wrong about Jeff Green before, and I guess I COULD be wrong again, but I just cannot see this guy being an ALL-TIME great. That is taking it a little far. If he’s doing that to pump up Jeff Green’s self-esteem in the playoffs so that he can be a big part of their run this year, then that’s great. To say all-time great just isn’t even fair to Green. The guy has played well for about 20 games and now he’s a potential all-time great. Let’s at least wait a season before we even have someone say that! please! Paul Pierce earned his “all-time great” status, and so did KG!

  • Nate

    Even half of 43, 21.5ppg is more than I expected for him. I hope he brings his aggression into the playoffs

  • Nathan

    At least there’s an argument to made he could be an all star. First we questioned if it’d be worth giving up perk for him, then if he’s worth 9 mil a year. I think he’s showing us a player who would be worth both those things. It’s just coming 2 years later

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