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Your Morning Dump…where draft talk is alive again

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

One teeny, tiny silver lining for Celtic fans as they watch their team limp to the finish line of the 2012-13 regular season: Boston is aiding its draft status without sacrificing its playoff seeding (at least for the moment while keeping eighth-seeded Milwaukee at arm’s length).

ESPN Boston: One upside to losing 

As is the case whenever things look bleak, many are resorting to looking ahead to the draft again; figuring this season is already over with, why not look ahead? Chris Forsburg accurately points out in his brief post that the NBA bases its draft selection on your regular season finish as opposed to your finish in the playoffs like other leagues do. This helped the Celtics a few years back if you remember, where a team that lost in the NBA Finals still drafted high enough to land Avery Bradley in the middle of the first round.

Forsburg details that since spots 15-30 are determined by overall regular season records, the Celtics would have the 16th pick in the draft right now. That is all well and good but everything I’ve heard on this draft class is that it is among the worst in recent memory. Usually I take that information with a grain of salt because really those predictions are only educated guesses at best with no accurate way to forecast a players growth in the NBA. But I personally don’t like the “build through the draft” attitude that many buy into.

The NBA Draft is likely the worst draft in the four major sports in America in the sense that it is used as a building tool for the future. Think about it, unless you fall in the top ten, you are using your 1st round pick  nine times out of ten on a bench player. Even if you fall in the top ten you have to hope that it is a year that the right talent is coming out (Bargnani as 1st overall pick anyone?) There are WAY too factors that all need to align in order to have a successful draft pick. To add to the frustration, building through free agency isn’t much better or easier with the complicated and convoluted cap rules in the NBA.  I don’t like the attitude that the Celtics are going to rebuild through the draft for these reasons. Yes this pick can be used to barter, yes it can land us a guy that would likely become trade bait, but to think that it would be another piece to the puzzle is nothing short of delusional.

The Links:

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  • Alright who do we like out there? In the draft

  • Sullinger and Bradley were very good picks in the late teens, early 20s.

    • Adam Stark

      Rondo was taken at 21, Bradley at 19 and Sullinger at 21. Danny has drafted very well in getting Bradley and sully. And built probably one of the best teams in NBA history in 2007. It’s all in what other teams want too, we might get left another great player to take at 16.

  • Nash

    Actually there’s a couple of decent wing players we could use around the 16th pick. James Mcadoo anyone?

    • Go C’s

      McAdoo is not much different than many of the bigs already on the C’s roster. Undersized at 6’8″ or 6’9″. He is more of a post player than a wing player and a terrible free throw shooter. Someone like Cody Zeller or Mitch McGary would suit the celtics needs much better as a rebounder/shot blocker

      • Nash

        That’s what were working on sully and melo for. Don’t get me wrong having too many bigs is probably one of the best problems to have but if Jeff Green is the future for us at the 3 spot we have to get his backup ASAP. A decent backup for Rondo wouldn’t be a bad idea either considering there are a bunch of options in this year’s draft.

        • Bleedgreen!

          Just sign peitrius to back him up

  • arthur.great

    This is idiotic. You do realize that every player gets drafted, right? That they’re not born into the league? That our All Star point guard was the 21st pick in one of the weakest drafts ever?

    • The swing and miss ratio on the draft is far higher than trading for an established player. There is no denying that

      • Fitzy

        depends who your scouts are

      • LA Flake

        well, in order to trade for an established player, you need to have assets. you know, like draft picks and young talents.

  • tvor03

    There is nothing different about the NBA draft as opposed to other sports draft. It’s still choosing the best player available when it’s your turn to pick. That’s how all sports do it. The difference is that basketball is much more about individual talent rather than playing as a team. It’s just the nature of the game.

  • KGino

    Tell OKC that you can’t build thru the draft. Tell Danny Ainge you can’t build a championship team thru free agency/trades after your team finishes with its worst record in its history. Sometimes the chips just fall into place, you just have to be in the right place at the right time Nick.

    • fair points, though you have to consider that OKC built their team through the draft with three top 5 picks (harden, westbrook and Durant. Celtics aren’t getting a top 5 pick out of this deal which is the point of what I wrote

  • Eric

    Steven Adams. We need Bigs. They need to grab a 7 footer and let him develop with the team. I can see Steven Adams playing with Rondo, Green, and Sully If he heals right and can come back. GET A BIG!

    • Eric

      Bradley too. My bad

  • zippittyay

    Not being completely sold on Fab, I think it’s obvious we need another big or two. Fortunately, there are some intriguing prospects that should be available to us. There’s Fabio from Gonzaga, maybe Mason Plumlee, that defensive monster Plumlee was playing against at Louisville, or Isaiah Austin from Baylor

    • zippittyay

      Another guy I like is Ken Kadji from Miami. We can surely get him in the second round. One of the best all around big men in the draft. I believe if he was 20 and not 25 years old on draft day, he would drafted 8-15. We need help sooner rather than later so why not?

    • Bleedgreen!

      Just sign and trade bass for gortot the offseason

      • LA Flake

        A couple of problems.
        1. Bass is already signed through…I don’t know. Too long.
        2. Bass sucks. And GMs around the league probably know this already.

  • CoachAJ

    We have guards locked up to relatively good deals, that will need to be re-upped in a couple of years, but we sorely need some length on the team moving forward.Before we draft we might want to think about bring Randolph back. We have Fab, progressing slowly and Sully coming back fully healed. But more length is needed. I say look at KellyO out of Gonzaga, StevenA out of Pitt, JeffW out of Kansas. Gotta go big.

    • I like Jeff Withy. Seems like someone who could give 110% and hang around in the league for a while.