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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s hope to have a green Easter Egg in Shavlik Randolph

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

But the idea that ShavlikRandolph would have such an impact seemed far-fetched last month when the 6-foot-10-inch forward joined the team after playing in China. After all, Randolph only became a Celtic to help fill in for other players who were injured.

And yet his production in limited playing time — Randolph has grabbed 36 rebounds in 81 minutes — has made the Celtics, who play the the Knicks Sunday at Madison Square Garden, look as if they snagged quite a find.

In fact, Randolph is averaging 21.3 rebounds per 48 minutes, which is the best average among active players this season going into Saturday. New Jersey’sReggie Evans ranks behind Randolph, averaging 21.0. Among other Celtics,Kevin Garnett has the best rebounds-per-48-minute average (12.5).

Granted, it’s a small sample size, and that figure doesn’t mean Randolph would grab 21 rebounds in 48 minutes, but that figure does show how Randolph is rebounding at a rapid pace.

Boston GlobeShavlik Randolph making his presence felt

Before the On Demand digital content on our TV’s became the norm, you know, scrolling through a list of movies or shows and picking one you wanted to, whenever you wanted to, there were these things called DVD’s.  It’s crazy that they seem so outdated now, but when older movies would be migrated to that medium, a lot of them would come with “bonus features” and even better, some would be programmed with these hidden “Easter Eggs.”  They were little nuggets that you had to dig deep to find.

For the C’s, Shavlik Randolph would be a fantastic Easter Egg to have.  Now, let’s not get too crazy since were clearly dealing with a small sample size.  Even during the CSNNE broadcast, Mike Gorman asked at one point if the Celtics had found the center they needed.  Now, he meant mainly in terms of rebounding, playing big, hustling and filling in some banging minutes for Kevin Garnett.

While he’s not going to threaten a spot on the all-star team, his qualities as a player can translate into any game.  Hard work, hustle, fighting for rebounds, making the most of scoring opportunities and learning the defensive schemes will keep him on the court.  Avery Bradley said he’s surprised at how fast he’s picked up the system as Shav seems to be quickly doing the things that Doc Rivers has been pleading Chris Wilcox to do.  If Shav can stay healthy and do what Wilcox couldn’t (play consistent), then Danny Ainge may have found his green Easter Egg.

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  • Bleedgreen!

    Weird title but overall good post for Easter sunday

  • Nathan

    I never hear people mentioning how Wilcox is also coming off heart surgery and his was after Jeff green. That being said if shav can grab boards consistently and get us some second chance opportunities that would help a lot vs. Miami.

  • justsaying

    why is it that when a non-black player does well in the nba it is such a big deal ? not being racist just wondering..

    • No one brought race into this. It’s not about him being white, it’s about him coming in from a Chinese team and having an impact. If it was DJ White, we’d be saying the same stuff… so check yourself

      • justsaying

        i was speaking in general not only about this particular situation, i deff would love to see him play well for the rest of the season but thats just how i feel, so u need to check yourself..

    • ShawnCVD

      Pathetic dood. Did you even watch the game? Randolph had 7 offensive boards and kept the game outta reach. That’s worthy of some praise. I hope he does it several more times this year. Boston could sure use him.

      • justsaying

        no doubt i definatly agree but i feel that there is somewhat bias when its a non-black player, just like the scale situation !

        • Bleedgreen!

          What about when we basically were saying the same thing about sully and perk. Moore so sully

          • frickenWaaaltah

            It wasn’t like people went nuts over those guys after just one game. People are in full man-crush mode after just one game and it’s weird. It’s such a Knicks fan sort of thing to do.

          • ShawnCVD

            IMHO the man crush is due to the Cs not having a dependable , gritty rebounder in YEARS. As a fan base we are starving for this type of production.

          • frickenWaaaltah

            A theory I myself proposed below ten minutes prior…

            …tl;dr again, I suppose [sigh]

          • ShawnCVD

            Gotcha I thoughtI was replying to justsaying

          • Bleedgreen!

            He has played great in every game he was in even with limited minutes. People diddnt go crazy over shviv after one game he had a few good games in a row. And yet this is the same thing that happened with sully almost to the letter

        • zippittyay

          Only because it’s kind of unusual which in itself makes it noteworthy which doesn’t in itself make it evil. I root for that black guy on the Flyers even though I don’t even know his name. White guys in the NBA are portrayed as slow and unathletic and there are plenty of examples of that to keep the stereotype going. We root for players to overcome their limitations. I root for Royce White to overcome his mental illness and become the great talent I believe he can be. I rooted for BBD to shed some fat and become a great celtic player. I am happy to see Nate Robinson overcome his shortness and excel against guys a foot taller than him. I root for Paul Pierce because he STILL excels and by NBA standards, he too is slow and unathletic. Basketball is a wonderful blend of athleticism and intelligence. You can’t play at all in the NBA unless you are somewhat athletic, nor can you play unless you play as part of an intelligent team unit. There are some who have been blessed with great athleticism but struggle to be part of a team (see Gerald Green). There are also some who are borderline athletes but succeed only because they are better able to perform as part of or as a unit. (See Harvard Men’s Team). Like it or not for whatever reason, black guys in america are on the whole just more athletic than white guys are. Are there less than athletic black guys who make up for it by playing smart basketball? Of course. There are also a few who wouldn’t be in the league if they didn’t have a 46 inch vertical. Are there any less than athletic white or black guys in the league who don’t play well as a unit? Nope. We all want the best players we can get on our team regardless of color.

  • Greenday

    He might not be the most talented, by I like his aggressiveness and hard work. When was the last time we saw a Celtic try to grab offensive and defensive rebounds? Right now I don’t know what Wilcox or Bass is doing, they look lost.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Sully, Leon Powe…the list of guys who have played for the C’s at all recently and who put “rebounder” on their business card is pretty short, so I guess that’s probably just what all this weirdness is about.

      On the other hand, Shav is anything but untalented. If you go back to high school and his early college career, he was considered a top talent, and apparently some guy at ESPN even tagged him with the label ‘biggest college recruiting bust’ of the 2000’s. Ouch.

      It looks like injuries derailed his early career. He made it through some tough years and stuck with it instead of giving it all up to sell insurance or whatever so I don’t think it’s at all out of the realm of a somewhat realistic possibility for him to have at least a few nice years now that he’s at the age where he should be in his prime.

      If his per-48 is still over KG’s a few games into the playoffs, I’m going to start calling him “the Natural.”