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Shavlik speaks, and wins our hearts all over again

Shavlik Randolph took a break from healing the blind and turning water into wine to join the NBA on NBC show with Hickman & Gilroy this morning.

The resulting 12 minutes was the type of “aw shucks, I’m just doing my job” kind of humbleness that just makes you want to introduce him to your daughter.

The best example is when he was asked about his personal journey.  We all know every player is going to give you the “do what’s best for the team” stuff.  But let’s face it… this is how these guys make money to live.  You and I go sit behind desks, drive trucks, take temperatures, or assign homework to make our money… Randolph plays basketball.  And he’s GOT to be thinking about sticking in the NBA because that’s where the most money is.

But when Randolph gave what might have seemed to start as a canned answer, he gave a legitimately good reason, in a very earnest manner, about why it’s in his own personal best interest to do what’s best for the team.

“… my point of view since I’ve come here is try to do whatever is best for the team to win because guys who are on winning teams, even the last guy on the bench is going to be fine.  If you’re on a winning team, everything else takes care of itself.”

Nailed it.

If you are on a winning team, and if you’re a good teammate, and a good foot soldier, you’ll get a contract.  Coaches like guys who bust their ass, do what they’re told, and support the rest of the team.  Of course, it helps when you can perform when you hit the floor, but Randolph’s mindset is really good, and he’s clearly not afraid of the moment.

Follow the link for more from Shiv, including him being on the other team while watching Paul Pierce bury a buzzer-beating 3 in the playoffs…. his health… and that first moment he saw the Celtics jersey with his name on it in his locker.

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  • He has great hands. Once he touches the ball in mid air he pulls it down fast before any one else gets a hand on it.

    China did good for his confidence. Hopefully, more minutes for our new bigs and less minutes for bass

  • i like randolph ! please ainge do not trade another agressive big man away for some kinda 2nd round picks….

    • Ainge has never done that.

    • JG

      I can’t think of who you’re referring to. Who else?