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Recap: Shavlik says “Get on my back boys”

If I told you during the first part of the season that there would be a game which the Celtics were lead to victory by Jeff Green and Shavlik Randolph, you may have just punched me in the teeth. I would have lost all credibility as a writer, and I’d have been blacklisted by the writing community to authoring only preschool level picture books. But that is exactly what happened tonight…yes, Celtics fans it is true; Shavlik Randolph and Jeff Green are your leaders of the night in a Celtics victory….. cue the “resign Shavlik” talk in  5…4….3….2….1….

The Green

Shavlik Randolph-  Give the dude some props. He’s been awful in some games but he’s really found his niche on this team. He is their rebounder and enforcer in the paint. Tommy loves the kid because he never gives up an easy layup and that is mostly true. A few nice blocks , double digit rebounds with 7 of them coming on the offensive glass (something the Celtics have sorely lacked in recent years).  Fantastic night for a guy whose name I still cannot pronounce

Paul Pierce–  Triple double for Pierce with 20-10-10  but the big number? Only one turnover as the primary ball handler….he looked old at times but this was a nice game for him when you look back at it. One of those games that looks worse when your watching it.

Jeff Green-  While the Celtics miss the leadership from Kevin Garnett, it seems as if when Garnett is absent Green shines brightest. Greens best games this season have come when Garnett has been out. Coincidence? Probably not. Green may feel that he doesn’t deserve to take the shots over the Big Ticket, but its pretty clear that the Celtics made the right move keeping Green around and there is no doubt that Green is going to be an important piece to the future of this organization.

Jason Terry- Terry has been up and down all season. Tonight was an up night, 24 points on 7-10 shooting. What more can you ask for?


The Gross

Avery Bradley-  Tonight was a night that made us all realize that he was much better suited as a 2 rather than a point guard. He just looks out of control sometimes when driving, his shot was off. All around a lackluster game for the Longhorn.

Chris Wilcox- Quick fouls, little impact, and a few turnovers while earning the start tonight….not a good game for Wilcox. He is one of the only bigs on this team and he only saw 12 minutes of action for a reason tonight on a bigs-starving roster.


The Greenlights

T-Will slam

Shavlik Randolph Block


The Grid

Jeff Green-  37:44 Min  11-20 FG 3-5 3Pt  27 Pts
Paul Pierce 38:23 Min 8-18 FG 10 Reb 10 Ast 20 Pts
Shavlik Randolph 21:55 Min 7 Off. Reb 13 Reb 2 Blk 9 Pts

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  • Bleedgreen

    Where’s twills tomahawk dunk on the greenlights

    • It’s not up anywhere..once NBA or someone else uploads it to YouTube, we’ll add it. Thanks.

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    I saw a picture of Rondo on the bench tonight. I think this is a great sign, he’s the mad scientist type and he definitely reads or hears from ALL his critics.

  • Nathan

    Sooo at this point in the season what does everyone think of Jeff greens contract? Is he playing up to it? If not has he gown enough to think that he will??

    • ShawnCVD

      Green will be an All Star at least once during this contract. 9 mil per for an All Star stretch PF is not too shabby.

      • JG

        I was one of the doubters of Jeff green at the beginning of the year. The guy has really showed me something. He is much, much better than he was playing before. However, there’s a reason for it. He is no longer asked to be a spot up shooter playing alongside a point guard who has the ball in his hands for 23 seconds. Green immediately emerged as soon as Rondo went down, and that’s because his game changed. So, while I will 100% admit to being wrong about Jeff Green, I think that it should be realized that his emergence has in large part been influenced by the absence of Rondo.

        • +1

        • Mannie

          The reason he didn’t play as well earlier is because of his heart surgery. Even he said it will take time for him to be himself. You just never had patience and want to blame it on Rondo. If terry starts playing well from here on, are you also going to say its Rondos fault?

          • JG

            Wait, are we being serious right now? Come on man. I’m willing to admit I was wrong about Jeff Green. Are you seriously not willing to admit to the possibility that the fact that Jeff Green began to play better and recovery from heart surgery essentially the game after rondo got injured had nothing to do with rondos injury? I think you’re better and smarter than that man. I really do. I’ll sit down with you and pick apart game tape to show you exactly what the difference is if you’d like.

          • JG

            And yes, Terry has played better since Rondo got injured, that is true.

          • Mannie

            All I’m saying is you can’t put it all on Rondo and make him the scapegoat. Doc was also nog set on his rotations. Are you forgetting they also had a 6 game win streak before he got injured? That was wen Bradely came back and we had our “bench mob” set. I will be the first to also admit Rondo has to adapt his game to the roster when he comes back. And that also means Doc not making rondo bring the ball up every time. When Derrick rose was injured other players on that team stepped up. Boozer has stepped up a lot. He never really played up to his contract until Rose got hurt. Would you blame Rose for his poor play since he got to Chicago? He just stepped up.

          • JG

            I guess that’s where our opinions differ then. Right there. And to each his own I guess. Because I would blame Rose for Boozer not playing up to his contract. It depends what you call “blame”. By “blame” I mean “was a major contributor to” or “had some causal effect on”. I am not suggesting that Derrick Rose intentionally stopped Boozer from being good, or that Rondo intentionally prevented the rest of his team from playing the way that they need to in order to be effective.

            However, I do see your point in that Rose did prevent a player on his team from being as good as he can be. Here’s where I see a difference though. Derrick Rose’s team was better with Rose even without Boozer playing well than they are without Rose and with Boozer playing well. I’m talking both record and eye-test.

            The celtics on the other hand, had a worse record with rondo and other guys not playing well than they do without him and with guys playing well. Again, eye test and record. Therefore I’ve said that it looks like they are better without him.

            If Jeff Green and other guys were playing better without Rondo, but Boston was still playing just as poorly or worse (as chicago is without Rose), then I would say the Celtics are better WITH rondo!

            I guess what my point is, is that my opinion I feel is more objective than some people who love rondo, because, if evidence pointed in the direction they were better with him, I would re-evaluate my stance. Thus, I am holding Rose and Rondo to the EXACT same standard. Shouldn’t we?

            I feel like for those of you on the other side of the argument, your stance is not capable of being changed, no matter what were to happen, which in my opinion, defines subjectivity and not objectivity.

          • JG

            Lastly, to reinforce. Jeff Green plays better without KG, but the team doesn’t win as much without KG playing. Therefore, I have once again used the very same logic in describing how the absence of a player (KG or Rose) can make a player play better (Green, Boozer), but not make the team better. This differs substantially from the rondo situation where his absence fueled the emergence of SEVERAL players AND the teams record improved.

            There. I have laid out every single step in the objective logic I’m using. Until a rondo supporter can lay it out that clearly and disprove each of those points along the way, we must be forced to keep the possibility open that this team is better without Rondo.

          • Mannie

            So you are going to ignore the fact that players stepped up their game BECAUSE Rondo went down? Pierce was coasting most of the time before Rondo got injured. Now, he comes to play every night. Bass if anything is the one who as really missed out on Rondos absence. And by the way, we’ll just agree to disagree. Their is no way to change your mind. When the good outweighs the bad, you still chose to be ignorant. Maybe you should also say the team plays better without JS, since guys have stepped up to fill in his role right?

          • JG

            Every point your making is inaccurate. Literally everything you just said didn’t make any point and I’ll show you why

            1. The celtics didnt have a previous history of playing badly without rondo and with Sullinger before Sullinger went down so I would not say that.

            2. You’ve got to be kidding me about there being no way for me to change my stance. I JUST told you that if the Celtics had a worse record without Rondo than they did with him I would change it. I will also change it if Rondo comes back next year and these guys continue to play as well as they are. YOU are the one who will not tailor your opinion to where the evidence suggests my friend, because YOU are too prideful in yourself to admit to being wrong about something. IF I do end up being wrong (and notice that I have PROVIDED CRITERIA THAT WOULD HAVE TO HAPPEN FOR THAT TO HAPPEN WHICH YOU HAVE NOT), then I will change my mind. So please, please, get it straight. YOU are the inflexible one until you name some sort of evidence that would suggest to you that you may in fact be wrong.

          • JG

            Lastly, I agree that we should agree to disagree. I have no problem with you thinking that the Celtics would be better with Rondo. The problem I have is with you saying it as though the evidence isn’t suggesting that that isn’t true. If you guys just admitted that even though evidence supports the celtics being better this year without him, you just have some subjective feeling that they would be better with him and there’s nothing that could convince you otherwise, I would be fine with that! I just don’t like the fact that people are choosing to IGNORE the evidence without just admitting that it is there and you just don’t think that it matters because you subjectively feel like they would be better with him. That is your right, and I can’t argue with that if you say that.

          • Mannie

            Haha so your evidence is from playing mostly horrible teams? Just wait for the playoffs then. According to you, they have a better chance of winning a championship without Rondo. Lol. I’m done

          • JG

            Aha! Doin what every rondo supporter does! Ending the debate on a subjective opinion because you don’t have actual points. It all comes back to your opinion that they aren’t better without him and ONCE AGAIN IGNORING EVIDENCE.

            They’ve beaten bad teams?

            1. They were LOSING to those bad teams when your boy rondo was playing.

            2. They have beaten Miami (and then lost by only 1 to them), Indiana in Indiana, New York, both LA teams, denver, Atlanta TWICE (who they lost to when rondo played), Chicago.

            Those are bad teams? Who is good then? They have to beat the Spurs or Thunder in the NBA finals for you to say they are better without Rondo when they lost to every one of those teams that I just listed when rondo was healthy. I know you’re probably not an idiot in real life, but you’ve got to realize that you still haven’t made a single good point regarding this issue. But, I guess you just admitted that your argument is solely based on your fascination with him, so, I am willing to leave it at that.

            They haven’t

          • JG

            Oh I forgot Golden State, too! They’re bad this year right? What are they? 5th in the west? That’s terrible.

          • kg215

            The whole team was playing crappy during that time, not just Green and not just Rondo. Your picking apart with game tape is useless and irrelevant. Green is better physically now and the team played harder after Rondo went down. In fact if Green was this healthy and had this confidence when Rondo was here Green could be even better right now. Rondo was part of the problem back then like the whole team was, but don’t act like just him going down made our team better.

          • JG

            Dude, this is an undeniable fact that they have a better record without him. You keep saying the same thing over and over again, that the whole team was playing badly when before he got injured. Then, after he got injured, they are playing much better. We both agree on that. The difference is that I can point to the basketball plays that the team was making while he played that made them a worse team, and you simply rely on your love for rondo as the reason why they were better with him and try to explain their resurgence by suggesting that about 500 variables all of a sudden happened to go the celtics way (while this is simply not the case–they lost 2 critical pieces since then) instead of considering the another possible reality. Believe me, I wish they were better with Rondo too! I have no reason to not wish that! They just simply haven’t been! Hopefully, as some people have said, he will learn from this and not think he has to make every play next year. The trouble is he is useless if he’s not making a play with the ball because he can’t shoot so he just congests the floor when he doesn’t have it in his hands, making green have less driving lanes, as well as KG having less room (amongst others).

          • JG

            12 guys don’t just miraculously start playing better right as another guy who had the ball 23/24 seconds of every offensive possession and played no D goes down without it having something to do with that factor. That’s called logic my friend. Not to mention, statistics AND the eye test of a good analyst can point this out and back it up.

    • kg215

      He is playing up to it, he is not OUTPLAYING it like some overexcited people here think (in other words he is not a bargain yet). He could be a bargain down the road if he can consistently score 20 points a game and get some rebounds along with it. His defense is already good enough, just needs more consistency on offense and better rebounding.

  • eddysamson

    Shavlik Randolph – 9 pts, 13 boards, 2 blocks, 4 Tommy pts hahahaha what a night for him

  • ShawnCVD

    A few more games like this will silence those KMart supporters. Randolph was awesome

    • JG

      I was also a Kenyon Martin supporter and still am. I think it was absolutely idiotic that they didn’t sign the guy for a 10 day. However, you’re absolutely right, if Randolph somehow plays like THAT every night then of course I will say they made a great move. The question is will he. I hope he does!

      • kg215

        In terms of talent yeah Kmart could have helped us, but he is a complete bozo and a bad addition to the locker room/chemistry. Also Kmart was passed on by almost all other teams to because he was/is washed up, I prefer a guy like Shavlik who is less talented but plays super hard and is a good guy in the locker room. Not like Kmart’s talent would put us over the top, might as well have someone good for chemistry.

        • JG

          Yeah like I said I don’t disagree with you if Randolph can really produce like he did the other night. I think I’d have to see it more than once to believe he can, though rebounding is one of those things that it shouldn’t really matter who he does it to, he should be able to repeat it. So hopefully he can.

  • Mannie

    I’m happy Randolph got some minutes tonight. He’s a hustler.
    Also nice to see Rondo tonight. Josh smith is probably the reason he showed up.

  • Where is your God now Jeff Green haters=most Celtics bloggers, John Hollinger, Matt Moore, and Zach Lowe. WHERE IS YOUR GOD? WHERE’S THE JEFF GREEN THAT WOULD NEVER BE A GOOD PLAYER. KENDRICK WHO KENDRICK WHO KENDRICK WHO

    Start Green over Bass when KG returns. It’s obvious he feels more comfortable as a starter than coming off the bench. We MUST start him with KG.

    • JG

      Yeah man, we were wrong. He is better now that rondo is playing. We were wrong. I also didn’t know rondo was affecting him so much but in hindsight it makes perfect sense. Nevertheless, the Perkins trade arguably cost us a title (again, arguably) so let’s not jump the gun here and say it was fantastic just yet. But yes, I appear to have rushed to say he was not that good.

      • uncle jeff? is that you??

    • kg215

      he is playing well now the past few games, but you might want to wait till he does it for a longer period of time. Even after the 43 point game against the Heat he had some quiet games where he was the mediocre Jeff Green. Everyone knows Green is much better than Bass, but that is also because Bass sucks hard. We still need Green off the bench right now, because our bench scoring is still inconsistent, but it’s fine Jeff is usually on the floor with the other 4 starters at the end of games where it matters.

  • Mike C

    So bummed I didn’t get to watch this game. Shavlik who? Please, Please, tell me this is the player I’ve been waiting for ALL season. Someone physical in the paint who CRASH’s the boards. 13 rebounds…7 of which were offensive? This team has had games in the past, where we didn’t get seven offensive boards from the entire team. “Way to go Shav”! Congrats to the whole team for a great win. I think everyone, players & fans, needed a little boost in morale. Thumbs up to ‘Ainge’ also for stirring up the hornets nest with Miami…I love it. I think the Celtic’s just play BETTER when someone starts a fire under them. Lets keep it GOING!

  • Mike C

    I was just curious if anyone had thoughts on who would be a better first round matchup for the Celtic’s in the playoffs? New York or Indiana? I’m leaning towards the Knicks.

    • Chief_00

      Knicks,PP loves playing against them plus their bench is weak,and old (Kidd,Thomas,camby and Rasheed make us look like young) and I’d love to take out Carmelo in the first round.

      • kg215

        +1 on the Knicks. We have a major mental edge on them (actually most of the good teams do) and they usually find a way to choke when it matters (against us and the Heat). Anthony scores a lot but not efficiently and he doesn’t care that he misses a bunch of shots. JR smith has been playing really well lately, that is the only drawback.

  • Frank Aziza

    When KG comes back would it be crazy to start Green at SF and Pierce at shooting Guard? This line up seems to work and good work much better with KG instead of Wilcox . It makes us bigger and Lee could come in off the bench. Pierce and Green on the floor together is nice. Green has to keep attacking when KG is on the floor. What I loved about Jeff last night was he started the game 0-4 or 0-5. Few months ago he would lost confidence and stopped shooting. Last year Rondo was the headache for teams in the playoffs. This year Green needs to be that guy if we have any chance. I wish Green had KGs personality on the court, he would be unstoppable

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  • Guest

    Doesnt JET get a mention lol