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Terrence Williams: “When it comes to shoes, I’m the king”

Terrence Williams is a bona fide sneaker head (take a quick cruise through his Instagram account if you need proof).  He takes the court rocking a zipped-up Jordan XX8 (not my favorite look, I prefer them unzipped), and he is a self-professed “Jordan guy.”

In a new interview with Sole Collector, TWill gets into his Jordan obsession:

ZD: So, would you say Jordans are your main thing?

TW: Yeah. I’ve got some in my bag – Cool Grey 9s, that I haven’t worn. I was gonna wear ’em today, but I didn’t wanna wear ’em outside. But if I do wear ’em, I have to have like three pairs of that shoe. I can’t wear ’em if I only got one pair in case something happens to ’em. But Jordans are my main thing. My other shoes, like Louis Vuittons, or my red bottoms – stuff like that – I don’t count those when I’m counting shoes. I just count Jordans..

And he’s not shy when it comes to bragging about his collection.  When his was compared to Nate Robinson’s collection….

Nate got some shoes. But when it comes to shoes, I’m the king. I never had a lot of shoes growing up, so I told myself whenever I was able to get shoes, that I was gonna buy a lot. I don’t want to say how much, but the first thing I bought when I got to the NBA was every Jordan. I got two pairs of every Jordan. Now I’ve got more. But at the time, I bought two pairs of every Jordan. I’m fortunate enough to buy ’em. But if I wasn’t fortunate enough to buy ’em like I am now, I would try to find a way to get all of the shoes.

Check out the interview to find out what his favorite pair of Jordans is, his favorite non-Jordan kicks to ball in, and how he’s given his kicks their own bedroom.

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  • LA Flake

    Not a sneaker guy but I think his shoes are rather ridiculous.

    • He says they’re the best shoes he’s worn… and that’s saying a lot as a player. I don’t like the look at ALL. Unzipped they’re ok… but I just don’t like the full boot version.