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LeBron James is tired of the rough play. Seriously.

LeBron James – one of the league’s most physical players – is upset with the “rough” treatment he’s received this season. He bitched whined sounded off following last night’s loss to the Bulls:

“Those are not basketball plays and it’s been happening all year,” James said after the game, in reference to the two hard fouls. “And I was able to keep my cool and try to spell [Spoelstra], ‘Let’s not worry about it too much.’ But it is getting to me.

It didn’t take long after Gibson’s hard foul for James to lose his cool. Hinrich brought the ball up the court on the very next possession, and James lowered a shoulder into Carlos Boozer–who had come to set a ball-screen for Hinrich–that the referees deemed a flagrant foul.

“Every time I try to defend myself I gotta face the consequences, whatever it may be,” James continued. “It’s tough, and I’m not sitting here crying about anything, because I play the game at a high level, I play with a lot of aggression and I understand that some of the plays are on the borderline of a basketball play or not.”

Happening all year? What the hell is he talking about?

Let’s look at the video…

LeBron runs directly into Kirk Hinrich

Taj Gibson fouls James. Initial ruling of Flagrant was rescinded.

James retaliates by lowering shoulder into Carlos Boozer

I’m sorry LeBron, but every play can’t be as easy as dunking over Jason Terry. Bigger players are going to resist. There’s nothing wrong with a hard foul (or two) to send a message.

The coddling James has received by NBA officials for most of his career has reached gross proportions the last two seasons. The man gets every call and he’s still pissed off?

Not only does he routinely get the benefit of doubt on offense, but he gets it on defense, too.

James is averaging 1.5 fouls per game the past two seasons. That’s an absurd number for a player of his physicality.

Jason Whitlock had a great retort to the whining – Watch the video of Michael Jordan playing the Pistons and then complain.

(h/t Pro Basketball Talk)

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  • give me the last game tape for the celtics… I need the 2nd quarter scrutinized for the refs awful calls. Then for the rest of the game I want u to show how many whistles were called on the celtics before the foul even happend (sometimes not even at all alla bass steal and mario chalmers flop) then after u show all these terrible reffing calls in favor of the heat i want u to show how many times the heat foul and dont get caled for it………LEBRON PLAYS 40 minutes a game hard nosed defense trying to block shots and steal balls AND IS NEEVR IN FOUL TROUBLE…. HOW DOES THE MEDIA LET THIS HAPPEN.

    • im talking about the last celtics vs heat game

    • dk

      Agreed–that second half totally changed the entire game–Cs were up like 16-17 at that point and 11 free-throws later it was a 6 pt game at the half. Its funny because it seems like every game is the same vs. Miami–if you have a lead, it slowly chips away due to all of the breaks and fouls called in Miami’s favor. Almost happened again last night, but luckily it didnt.

      • Mike C

        The absolute LAST person in the leage who should be crying about fouls, is this idiot! Lebron gets away with murder EVERY night. He should have been ejected from the game for lowering his head and drilling Hinrich in the first video. I cant even count how many times he drives the lane, and sticks his leg out in front to kick the defender in the stomach. Thats not a FOUL?? Sad thing is, its so bad, that I just automatically factor in an extra dozen trips to the line for Miami every night. It was 85-80 at one point in the Chicago/Miami game in the fourth, when I told my co-worker that the Bulls needed at least a 10 point lead to win, because the refs are
        going to make up that difference in the final minutes by sending Lebron and Wade to the line for everything they can dream up. Congratulations to the Bulls and there fans for ending a run that was only made possible by crooked officiating in the first place. 2nd longest win streak ***,yeah right!

        • LA Flake

          Kudos to Thibs!

      • Bleedgreen

        Props to chitown for not letting the refs lose the game for them. Alot of times teams will use bad officialating as an excuse to lose. Luckily the bulls diddnt

    • LA Flake

      someone sitting near court at miami games should hold up a BIG sign that reads, “LBJ NEVER FOULS” for the refs to see. or fans sick and tired of LBJ getting the royal treatment should just start a chant, “James Never Fouls! James Never Fouls!” maybe that’ll change some things.

      • Mike C

        I like it. The fans definitely need to put more pressure on these refs to call a fair game. Always thought boxing had the worst officiating, not any more. Sadly, the NBA has the #1 spot as the worst officials in professional sports. Give yourself a hand (NBA REFS) you EARNED it.

  • LA Flake

    Kirk Hinrich should be banned from the NBA. And the refs should’ve stopped the game right after that outrageously flagrant foul and given LBJ 5 opportunities to dunk on Nate Robinson to make it all fair and square. How dare Hinrich to try and draw a charge on LBJ?

    Remember when Pierce was in his prime and getting routinely hacked? He used to bitch and moan to the media about getting fouled hard like that, too…

    What? He never once complained about getting fouled hard? Even when he got his teeth knocked out? What the…Well, Pierce should’ve been banned from the league a long time ago.

    • Chulinho

      I couldn’t help but laugh at that first paragraph.

    • DoinTooMuch

      That’s not true I’ve seen Pierce whine and complain MANY times. Quit being biased.

      • Bleedgreen

        Yea but did he ever take it to the media? No and was he ever given the benefit of the doubt on every call? No. Nuf said

  • frickenWaaaltah

    I thought Big Baby played for the other Florida team.

  • I hate it when I am 6’8 250 and little white guys tackle me.

  • KGino

    how can anyone outside of Florida like this guy? I don’t understand how he’s grown on anyone over the last year.. I’ve hate him even more than the day he left Cleveland at this point. He’s single handedly ruining the NBA with all his buddy buddy crap and he’s too good to be SO baby’d by the refs its literally like playing 8 on 5 for every team

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    I hate when players who drive hard to the lane expect the defense to jump out of their way or collapse like match sticks. If you’re barreling through the lane that fast, expect the defense to come back at with you the same amount of force (body them up or foul them hard)

  • DoinTooMuch

    People need to calm down. The media asked Lebron what he thought about the hard fouls and he gave his opinion. Is that really a reason to hate someone? Wow smh You people need a life of your won and stop worrying about Lebron’s.

    • Ray

      You’re doing too much talking. Get it!

    • ShawnCVD

      Irony that you tell us to stop worrying about LeBron and get a life while there you go burning calories worrying about him…

  • omitasub

    Lebron is skilled but, he’s not tough. Body Check him and he is mentally out of the game.

    You know who’s tough?
    A guy getting stabbed 11 times, and playing a couple months after that.
    A guy getting a life threatening heart surgery and playing less than a year after that.
    A guy getting his elbow dislocated and playing within minutes after that.
    A guy who is physically not the most imposing player but worked his way to be in a the top 5 power forwards of all time.

    Thats all I’m saying.

    • Chief_00

      Someone posted this a while ago, you just reminded me of it

  • Mike C

    Where’s our usual smart remark from the TROLL king ‘Kobe’? I guess now that his team is only 1/2 game ahead of Utah for the ninth spot he doesn’t have anything clever to say. The only thing better than seeing the Bulls break Miami’s streak, is going to see the Lakers miss the playoffs completely. How GREAT will that be!

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