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Your Morning Dump…where without KG, chances are slim

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After watching the New York Knicks mow down the Boston Celtics 100-85 at TD Garden on Tuesday night, it was painfully obvious what transpired for the beleaguered home team: No KG, no fun.

No chance, either.

We’ve been told Kevin Garnett will be gone for the next two weeks because of an injury to his ankle — or his foot. If it sounds murky, that’s because it is.

ESPN Boston: Boston Celtics can’t compete without Kevin Garnett’s fire

Lets face it,  lets all get out of our imaginary land and back into reality land. This is not 2009 where the Celtics can still have a legitimate chance at making a run despite losing Kevin Garnett for the season due to knee injury. This isn’t 2010 where despite losing Kendrick Perkins in Game 5, they still had a chance.  This is 2013 now, Kevin Garnett is hurt, and without him the Celtics don’t have a chance.  It is really that simple.

All season long we have been stressing the statistics that when Kevin Garnett leaves the floor, the Celtics struggle, mightily. He has been their backbone, their messiah, and their Achilles heel all in one mainly for the fact that he has covered up some of the major flaws in this team by playing as well as he has. But now without him, its painfully clear that this team just has too many open wounds to avoid serious implications. They don’t have a Center, they don’t have a true power forward except for the few games that Wilcox decides to show up for (yes I know I’m specifically ignoring Bass, what a waste he’s been) and overall their depth is scary. Without Garnett, these flaws rise to the surface, as they did last night against the Knicks.

When Kevin Garnett’s career is all said and done, I truly hope that fans appreciate just how great he was in his time here. I don’t toss the word “great” around as freely as some people may, but Garnett is truly deserving of the title. He has carried this entire franchise on his back for a significant amount of time, but never has it been more evident than this year. The injury news coming from the Celtics, as the quote above mentions, is murky at best. It sounds eerily familiar to the lies thrown at us during his knee saga. Remember the “He’ll be back first round” “He’ll be back if there is a Game 7”  “He’ll be back by Game 5”  and then after the season we get “He was never going to be ready to come back”.  That is what this feels like all over again….

The Celtics need Kevin Garnett, plain and simple. He is their vocal leader, their lead by example leader, their “hop on my back” leader  or whatever else you want to call it. Lebron James may win the MVP just because of this whole winning streak crap, he’s putting up gaudy numbers (mostly at the free throw line hmm) but I think that the MVP award should be reconsidered and not just handed to the best player on the best team.  Take James away from the Heat and you have a playoff team. But take Garnett away from the Celtics and look at the fiasco we have here. Does that not define most VALUABLE player to his team? A playoff team goes to a lottery team without their star ?  Ask yourselves this as you go into war within your cubicles today…what team has a more significant dropoff without their star at the helm  the Heat without James or the Celtics without Garnett.  Once you find your answer, please make sure to write your local senator.

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  • Bleedgreen

    Man this really sounds like we are tanking for something . The question is what are we tanking for

    • Mike

      the 8th seed and to get the miami series done with. Win or lose, its better to find out early than late. And with the 8th seed they lock in the 15h or 16th draft pick

  • Roy Boy

    Nick Sannicandro, don’t hear u on CLNS anymore? I agree with this piece as well as the ESPN. I see a team that’s beaten and battered. They have no or simply lost their identity during this 5 game losing skid. I notice the slump after the Miami Heat loss. Something about that loss suck the engery and life out of the team. Now u can see it on the court and through players body language.

    You can see KG absense is more obvious than most can see. Even opposing teams players have taken notice of the Celtics huge void when Garnett is out. Right now this team is just depleted with depth. The loss of Rondo, Sully, Barbosa, Collins, Darko, Lee and now KG, is starting to show and it’s not looking good. Right now they’re playing with no urgency or care. Last nights game was telling, because I saw a Knicks team that played with urgency where as the Celtics lacked urgency.

    I’m a bit concerned this losing streak will continue tonight and beyond. I can see this team being an 8th seed. We don’t know when or how long KG will be out which is more alarming. Also it would be nice to see Pierce or Terry take a leadership role.

  • disqus_mjP1eNT2Nf

    We are getting a glimpse of the future when Kevin has retired ,and to me it looks scary.Even with a ton of money from freed up contracts, how are we going to replace him.I can’t see a viable replacement within Boston’s reach. All the blow it up merchants are going to get their wishes fulfilled in the next few years and I hope they enjoy them.

  • Yep without kg this team is gonna be bad for some seasons, if he’s out for the year, we have no chance in the play off.