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People need to stop freaking me out about KG’s foot

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 26, 2013 Injuries 9 Comments on People need to stop freaking me out about KG’s foot

I feel like a lot of people are with me when I say this… but whenever it comes to a Kevin Garnett injury, I always assume the world is ending and I dial it back from there.  I’ve recently gone from “MY GOD HE NEEDS HIS FOOT AMPUTATED” to “I hope he’s back for the playoffs” thanks to reassuring comments from the Celtics that this is not a long-term injury (which, on doctor’s orders, I’ve simply accepted).

But then along comes Mike Gorman on Toucher & Rich this morning (h/tMassLive)… making me reach for my nitroglycerin pills.

“He had a boot on on the plane the other night and it was bothering him at the end of the game in Dallas. I wish it was an ankle sprain, I’d feel better,” said Gorman. “The fact it’s inflammation, it’s something that requires rest — and a lot of rest. Hopefully it won’t be something that as soon as he’s active again the inflammation becomes active again.” 

“I’m concerned. I was concerned the other night on the air when everyone on the Celtics staff kept referring to it as a foot injury as opposed to a sprained ankle. A sprained ankle I could live with; a foot injury is scary.”

So Cedric Maxwell is concerned… and now Mike Gorman is concerned.  And now I feel like Danny Ainge is Kevin Bacon in Animal House

Yeah, remain calm.  Easy for you to say.

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  • eddysamson

    “People need to stop freaking out about kg’s foot” is the article title and yet when I read it you just give me information that is scarier than anything I’d heard yet. I’m still hoping this turns out to be a good thing and means a well-rested KG for the end of season/post-season.

    • The title is “People need to stop freaking ME out about KG’s foot”…. as in… stop saying things that are freaking me out.

      • eddysamson

        oh woops my bad. My brain is fried from working too much

      • eddysamson

        oh also, does inflammation mean tendonitis? I’ve had that in a few fingers over the last 2 years its the most annoying, lingering, injury around. Hope its not because its incredibly easy to aggravate/re-injure tendonitis and keep pushing your recovery time back.

  • As long as the celtics make the playoffs, there’s hope. Shavlik and DJ will get more playing time while KG gets rested. Maybe this is all just fakery so that David Stern doesn’t fine the Celtics for not playing the Big Ticket.

    • Mike


  • Mike

    We need a post about how the 8th seed is the best position for the Celtics to try and slide into. Here is why:

    -You get Miami when your not as tired as going through 7 game series’ with 1 or 2 teams

    – you get Miami maybe right when they have already peaked with this long streak there on

    – Win the miami series and you know you can handle any other team

    – lose the miami series and you get more summer rest and dont waste time and minutes on lesser teams just to get to miami

    – lose or win against miami, you still were the 8th seed which gives you the 16th or 17th pick in the draft

    Its an overall win win situation. We learned last year that once we got to miami we wasted all the energy and time and games against 2 other series. Why not face them right away when healthy and get it over with. Win and we are coasting to the finals. Lose and you got over with the inevitable right away.

    • LA Flake

      yeah i want miami in the first round, too. the problem with this team is, however, even if they beat the heat, they’ll go on to lose to the nets/hawks/knicks because that’s what they do.

  • JB

    Given past smoke and mirrors re: Kevin knee injuries who truly believes Doc and Ainge now? Doc says foot and Ainge says ankle so which is it?? There is just so much drama surrounding this team these days.