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Enemy Chatter: The Knicks are terrified of the Celtics

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from New York.

There are Knicks fans by the thousands, maybe by the millions, who looked at the standings yesterday morning and saw the following facts: the Knicks resting in second place by percentage points in the Eastern Conference; the Celtics solidly in seventh.

And that’s terrifying. The Celtics aren’t whole, won’t be whole, aren’t what they have been in past years, aren’t what they will be in the next few years. But they wear those jerseys. They have those banners. Even wounded, they lurk in the memories and the stomachs of Knicks fans who have no trouble admitting they would prefer to have no part of the Cs when the playoffs begin.

NY Post – Knicks and their fans want no part of Celtics in playoffs

This might be the most accurate article in the history of the New York Post.

I can’t blame Knicks fans for feeling this way. The Celtics have bulldozed them for 5 years. Paul Pierce has tormented them like a schoolyard bully.

The numbers are brutal:

Since forming its new Big Three in 2007, the Celtics have beaten the Knicks 21 times in 26 games, including a four-game sweep in the 2011 playoffs. In his two years as a Knick, Anthony has beaten the Celtics three times in 12 tries (counting that first-round sweep).

In that time, the Celtics have mercilessly lorded over the Atlantic Division, winning five straight titles, by an average of 14.6 games (and by an average of 22.2 games over the Knicks).

A 1st round playoff loss this year would cut extra deep because the Knicks have led the division all season long. This season was supposed to be different.

And they can’t play the injury card because Boston has them beat there too.

Take solace, New York. Pacers fans have no desire to see green come playoff time, either.

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  • LA Flake

    well, that’s why they play the game, isn’t it? this is kinda bad post, a frontrunning post. the c’s are in no position to take anyone lightly. let’s just play hard and to win at all cost.

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  • the celtics have won over the new york knicks in the regular seasons much more in every playoff games. however as times fly many good celtics players has left or traded for reasons unknown to us except the chief of basketball operation mr ainge. great players like ray allen,tony allen,glen davis ,nate robinson.james posey,and the great kendrick perkins . mr ainge is aware of the availability of j.r.smith.kenyon martin,chris andersen. lo and behold he got shavlik randolf, dj.white. wilcox, williams, what an idiot ainge is reallyi is. wyc grousebeck should have kick him in the ass as the great u.s.gen. g.patton said. so the celtics is a laughing stock among nba teams. may be its time to blow the whole celtic team and start from scratch.