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Where’s all the hype for Avery Bradley’s vicious dunk?

Last week I voiced my displeasure with the (over) reaction from fans, media and players to big guys (DeAndre Jordan, LeBron James) dunking over guards (Brandon Knight, Jason Terry).

If you are 6-10 inches taller and 50-80 pounds heavier than a man, you should be able to dunk on, over and through him.

Avery Bradley threw a hefty counter punch for all the guards when he drove the lane and crammed a dunk in the face of the 6-10 Ed Davis on Saturday night.

According to the ESPN scouting report, Davis is a “long, slim lefty who can leap. Excellent finisher, shot-blocker and rebounder.” Ouch.

I grabbed some popcorn and hit the web. Surely, I would find a plethora of memes, photoshops and poorly spliced videos announcing the death of Ed Davis.


There’s nothing out there.

No buzz.

No hype.

But why?

Maybe it’s the apathetic call by the Grizzlies’ play-by-play guy.

Or could it be that Celtics fans are more cerebral than most and don’t get worked into a lather for two points, no matter how impressive?

One thing is for sure (courtesy commenter on YouTube page):

if it was lebron they would consider dunk of the century.

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  • eddysamson

    If it was Lebron it also would be a shooting foul and he’d get an extra point off it.

    • LA Flake

      Ed Davis would’ve been tossed out of the game, too, for a flagrant 2. As for AB’s dunk, it’s just not as impressive when 1) a small dunks over a big, 2) a small dunks over a big in traffic and 3) AB didn’t have a 2-1 advantage.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Spectacular dunks vs. Simple lay-ups…both are worth the exact same 2 points.

    No more, no less.

    • CelticsFansRFunny

      Really? So you think Brandon Knight will get in Deandre Jordan way again? It’s call intimidation

      • ShawnCVD

        B Knight is a hero if not a martyr. Don’t forget as small of a chance there may be a dunk CAN be missed. It may not be the smartest idea but challenging a shot is better then playing lousy D by giving up on the play

      • RedsLoveChild

        Clippers were up by 19 before the dunk.
        Clippers were up by 21 after the dunk.

        Hmm…the math indicates the dunk was worth exactly 2 points.

        • Brick James

          Your powers of basic arithmetic serve you well.

          However not all two points are created equal.

      • P Funk

        I bet you he does. It’s called heart, some have it, some don’t. It’s about doing what you can, even when you might get smoked.

        • Chief_00

          Exactly Shaun and p funk, at least knight challenged the shot, it’s called defense for a reason.

  • maybe theres no big hype because boston got real fans, not only bandwagoners like la or miami. we care about the whole game not just some dunks or an ankle breaker