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It’s quite possible the Celtics’ post-Rajon Rondo team won’t get completely healthy before the playoffs.

After Courtney Lee said he would miss at least Saturday night’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies because of a sprained left ankle, Kevin Garnett also was declared out, also with a sprained left ankle. Garnett will be examined further when the team returns to Boston on Sunday.

Coach Doc Rivers was unsure when Garnett sustained the injury. Garnett missed two games because of a strained left adductor muscle and the flu, but returned for two games, combining for 36 points and 18 rebounds, playing 29 minutes in both.

“The first I heard of it was [Friday] night,” Rivers said. “I don’t know if he hurt it in the game [Friday] night or a couple of games [ago]. I have no idea.

“Whenever somebody does anything with an ankle, they do an MRI. So I’m sure him and Courtney, they’ll probably do one [on him], too.”

Boston Globe – Courtney Lee, Kevin Garnett out with ankle injuries

The news broke last night just prior to the game against the Grizzlies that Courtney Lee would miss the game due to a sprained ankle he suffered in the final minute against Dallas.  Seems logical, we all saw what happened and it clearly looked painful.  Along with that news came the report that Kevin Garnett would also be out.  Hmm, already another rest day since it’s the second of a back-to-back late in the season?  Nope.  Wait, he has a foot/ankle injury??!? AND HE NEEDS AN MRI!?!?!  Yikes, that was fast.

The collective reaction from C’s fans was loud.  It was also very confusing as to when and where this injury happened.  He looked just fine against the Mavs, playing up through the final buzzer and was moving well.  In the quote above by Doc, even he was unsure.  We can be sure that if KG’s injury is serious (which is a possibility, since it’s not routine that we hear of players getting an MRI for a routine ankle sprain) then we can be sure that this season is just not meant to be.

For now, the Celtics screamed for this brutal week to mercifully come to an end, and the Grizzlies slowly roasted them last night.  The C’s bench players made a valiant and inspiring comeback, but it ended in another loss to finish the road trip 0-3 and cap off an 0-4 week that began with the gut-punching loss to Miami.  Another huge week lies ahead for the Celtics with two games against the Knicks and one against Atlanta.  It’s a great chance to salvage whatever shot they have at home court in round one, but at this point they may be better off nabbing the sixth seed and seeing New York in round one, and thus avoiding Miami until the ECF.  But at this rate, they just need to remain upright until the season ends.

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  • Adam Stark

    Dose anyone else feel that this is KG’s last season?

    • No.

      • Adam Stark

        Don’t get me wrong I love KG, I never want to see him go. But you have to face facts, he’s nearly 37 and he will get even more injury prone. He said he only wants to play if he can play at a high level, I just can’t see him doing this for another 2 and a half years.

        • RedsLoveChild

          Nobody walks away, and leaves $24M sitting on the table.

          • Yeah but KG is a unique personality and has made more money playing basketball than ANYONE EVER.

          • Adam Stark

            He is more interested in his amazing legacy then the money. I don’t think he wants to damage his name by not playing up to his standard.

          • Mike

            He still gets paid even if he retires

          • RedsLoveChild

            On what planet?

  • zippittyay

    Whatever the timeframe, I see PP and KG retiring together.

  • Nate Bishop

    Two games against the Knicks? I thought they played the Knicks, Cavs and then the Hawks; when is the second Knicks game? Time to bring expectations down to grabbing the 7th seed and hopin they are healthy enough to steal one playoffs series. That’s the ceiling for this season.

    • Adam Stark

      That play the knicks then cavs then hawks then knicks again.

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