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RedsArmy presents Fan Friday #42 : “CelticNation St. Cloud”

Adna is a 20-year old Boston Celtics fan from St. Cloud, Minnesota. I’ve been interacting with her on Twitter for roughly a year, and she is all Celtics, all the time. I asked her a few questions, including just what got her into following the Celtics:

I became a Celtics fan in 2001 when I was 9 years old. My aunt lived in Boston and she came to visit my family in Minnesota. When she came, she brought me some gifts. One of them was a Paul Pierce jersey. I would wear that jersey all the time. After she brought me the jersey, I became obsessed with Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics. I would watch the games that I could any game that I could on tv. I also read books and watched movies on the Celtics history. I was fascinated.

Who is your favorite Celtic?

My favorite Celtics player is Paul Pierce. Ever since I got that jersey from my aunt, Paul has been an idol to me. Once I heard that he had been stabbed 11 times and was still ready for the next season, my love for him only grew. All those hard times he had in Boston for all those years, yet he was patient. He continuously inspires me to push through every battle that comes my way in life.

Adna’s favorite Celtic moment ever is one that’s also very near to my heart. The ring ceremony on opening night of the 2008-09 season:

My all-time Celtics memory would have to be the day the Celtics got their rings. It was such an emotional day for me. Seeing that group of guys getting that ring they deserved made me so happy. Seeing Paul and Kevin finally getting that championship they had waited so long for was amazing.  My favorite Celtics game was game 7 in the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Cavaliers in 2008. That was such an exciting series to watch.

And finally, Adna explained to me just what it is that makes the Celtics so important to her:

The Boston Celtics are important to me because I grew up watching them. Although it is just a sports team, I feel like they are my family. When you grow up with something, you get attached, and that’s how I am with the Celtics. Watching guys like Kevin and Paul grow and accomplish so many things has been an honor. Even though I live in Minnesota, I feel like a part of me is in Boston and that’s how it’ll be forever.

I want to thank Adna for taking the time to participate in Fan Friday. Be sure to follow her on Twitter. Thank you all for reading, and hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about Adna. UBUNTU.

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  • Dam you Kwapt that video was great(43 mins later) love me some fan friday and good for Adna love great looking celtic fans keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!