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Your Morning Dump… Where the basketball gods messed with the Celtics

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We absolutely deserved to lose the game, whether we won it or not,” said Celtics coach Doc Rivers. “We deserved to lose the game.”

“We just can’t play down to anybody,” said Avery Bradley. “We have to play consistent; that’s what we have to do every single game and we didn’t do that tonight.”

It was a night in which the dreaded “Cool Celtics” that Rivers hates to see, were on the floor for long stretches in the second half after Boston built a double-digit lead at the half.

All that the C’s did well in the first half to gain control, soon became a distant memory.

“We went from being a solid, just a good looking basketball team, to showtime,” Rivers said. “I believe in the basketball gods. When you mess with the game, the game messes you up.”

“We don’t learn,” said a visibly disappointed Rivers. “We’ve done this three or four times this year; we just don’t learn.”


I’m not sure why Doc Rivers is so pissed off about last night’s loss to New Orleans. It’s nothing new. The Celtics have been messing with the basketball gods for years now. They f-around with mediocre and bad teams. Sometimes they win, and sometimes they don’t.

It’s not fair to single out one player for this debacle but I’m going to. Kevin Garnett’s lack of effort on that final play is inexcusable.

Yes, he drifted off Anthony Davis to help on Eric Gordon. But he reacted horribly to the rebound. There was no effort to find Davis on the shot release, and little effort to secure the rebound. He watched the ball.

Maybe KG was still weak from his illness. Maybe the sore adductor muscle prevented any lift out of those 37 year old legs.

Sorry, KG. I love you but I expect more from a man who is 10th on the league’s all-time rebounding list.

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In other news, Jeff Green faded away, like usual:

Green got off to a blazing start, hitting his first four shots, including a 3-pointer. Yet, he attempted just two shots in the second half and was held scoreless, hardly an impressive response to his career night.

The Hornets made Green play defense in the second half as he was assigned to 6-foot-10-inch Ryan Anderson, a matchup that proved a struggle. In the fourth quarter, when the Celtics needed an offensive boost, Green did not attempt a shot in his five minutes.

Jeff Green being Jeff Green.


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  • Reggie35RIP

    We choked and all. But really it’s kind of on KG on that last play. He had to come over and help a bit on Gordon, but he got caught ball watching instead of putting a body on Davis. And what should have been a routine rebound for him turned into a Davis tip in. Not too phased at the loss, but I’m surprised KG made a fundamental error like that.

    • JG

      What you’re saying isn’t wrong, but in a rotating defense it’s never on one guy to get a rebound. Never. Technically, as KG went to help, whoever was guarding the top guard on the weakside is supposed to rotate down and get INSIDE of KG’s mantle protect that. That being said, it was KG’s man. Point is, I don’t think it’s worth even mentioning a single name here. It’s on the team. It does no good singling one guy out in a rotating defense. But I agree he was one of the guys at fault for ball watching. I also think it was partially due to his presence that Gordon missed in the first place, so you can also argue he did a great job helping and no one rotated like I said. Either way, can’t happen.

      • JG

        Just watched it again. Courtney Lee is technically responsible in most help defense cases. He’s guarding 2 passes away. Hes gotta sink down to the depth of the penetration which would have allowed Jeff Green to slide over and box KGs man. Point being that it was the fault of most guys on the court. Not just KG.

  • KGino

    Doc is to blame too. His rotations were awful all night, like he was trying to rest people or something. What really pissed me off was how he managed the clock with 35 seconds to go up one. Why have Pierce dribble down the clock to 6 seconds before starting the offense? When you’re up 1 with 35 seconds, you go for a two for one. Shoot quick, that way if you miss you still have the last shot of the game. Instead, they dribble down the clock for NO GOOD REASON and let the Hornets have a shot to beat us. Terrible decision by Doc.

    • P Funk

      I was thinking the same exact thing as i watched the game. Better now than in the playoffs…

  • Brick James

    The whole game was crap but a mental lapse in not boxing out with 1 second left is pretty brutal, and that’s on KG.

    • Quinn G

      True, but how many times are their going to be mental lapses? It’s been like this all season. It happended against Miami and now New Orleans. The Celtics build big leads, then get too happy which leads to big leads disappearing. But Doc has to take share of the blame too. Doc’s rotations and play calling have been suspect all season. And too often the Celtics have played down to lesser opponents and it’s why they’ve been so bad on the road this season.

      Sometimes I wonder if they care about seeding or winning.

  • Ben Williams

    Why wasn’t the last “tip-in” called offensive Basket Interference? The above basket angle shows, beyond any level of doubt, that the ball was above the cylinder when Davis touched it. This isn’t subjective at all, it’s reviewable fact. As soon as Ref Crawford went to the scorers table I thought “Sweet, they’re going to overturn the basket.” Is this home crowd favoritism? Crawford hating the Celtics? Refs swallowing whistles on the last play?