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Paul Pierce speaks at UMass Boston

Celtics captain Paul Pierce visited UMass Boston to discuss his Truth on Health foundation, highlighting the importance of nutrition and community service.

The UMass Boston youtube page uploaded the entire visit by Pierce, in which he was a member of a panel of speakers.  Bob Ryan was the moderator and Pierce fielded several questions from Ryan as well as the kids in the crowd.

Below is the entire clip, along with a few points of the more notable things Pierce discussed, including his pre-game meal, thoughts on Ray Allen and the interesting items that were in Big Baby’s locker.

  • 18 minute mark – Pierce discusses what his meals were like as a rookie, revealing that he used to eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast followed by Burger King for lunch and dinner… and that was on a good day!
  • Bob Ryan said to Paul that there was no way he could have been the worst on the team, but Pierce didn’t talk about anyone from those teams
  • 19:30 mark – But Pierce did talk about former teammate Glen Davis, who used to keep cookies and chips at his locker when most guys just have things like toothpaste, Big Baby was the only one with cookies.  He said he and KG helped set him straight.
  • 20:30 – Talks a little bit about KG, saying he’s a genetic freak “one of those guys that can eat whatever he wants and get away with it.”
  • 25 min – He said the discipline he’s learned from changing his lifestyle has helped him in all areas of his life, that it’s influenced his kids, but more importantly he was mainly motivated by his kids to eat healthier and change his life.
  • 26 min – Take this for what you will, but he said he would continue to play “as long as I can stay away from injury.”
  • 30 min – Goes over the many fantastic things his foundation has done throughout the years as well as the future goals for it.
  • 35 min – Said he is “still glad to be a Boston Celtic, most importantly.”
  • 40 min – His pregame meal is: salmon, broccoli and a baked potato that he eats around 12, 12:30 for a 7:30 game day (has a “snack” at around 5, 5:30).
  • 42 min – Said that KG started the peanut butter & jelly thing on the team
  • 43 min – Said it was very difficult to lose Ray Allen… it hurt more that he went to the Heat, not so much that he left.  Said he hopes Ray doesn’t win another championship with Miami.
  • 44 min – Names several vegetables that he likes, noting brussels sprouts as his favorite

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  • Great work as usual Jay-thank you.

  • Nate Bishop

    Mine and many thousands of other Cs fans’ favorite player ever – we’ve been lucky to have him on our team all these years!