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Recap: Celtics choke, lose to Hornets again

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 20, 2013 Recaps 11 Comments on Recap: Celtics choke, lose to Hornets again

We’ve got ourselves a new candidate for worst loss of the season, folks.

After a pretty comfortable first and sloppy, but still positive second, the Celtics came out in the third quarter and absolutely sucked.  They got down as much as 9 in the 4th before coming back to take a 5 point lead with 1:32 left.  But they never scored again, New Orleans went on a 6-0 run over the last minute-and-a-half, and they stole an 87-86 win to sweep the season series against the Celtics.

The Green

Jeff Green’s first quarter:  He was basically an extension of the Heat game.  11 points on a perfect 4 of 4 shooting and a couple of free throws.  He dunked, he swooped in for lay ups, he nailed a 3.  I thought for a second he was going to have another 40 point night.

Avery Bradley’s D:  The kid had 5 steals on the night and they were mostly the legit, I’m picking your pocket kind of steals.  He’s a menace out there.

Kevin Garnett’s second quarter: 4-5 shooting, 2-2 free throws, 10 points and 4 rebounds

The Gross

Jeff Green’s second-fourth quarters:  He was 0-4 with 2 points on free throws after the first quarter explosion.  Doc blasted him during a time out and benched for most of the 4th quarter

Avery Bradley’s O:  2-10 shooting, 0-5 from 3.  5 points.  #Ouch

Pretty much the entire 3rd quarter:   The Celtics shot 5-18 (27.8%) and 5 turnovers (6 NO points), en route to 12 points in the quarter.

Jordan Crawford:  I’ve decided he’s the Tasmanian Devil in a basketball uniform.  Just nothing but arms and legs that often work independent of one another and, occasionally, they all find a rhythm and work.  Tonight, they did not.

Jason Terry:  0-5 shooting and he didn’t take a shot until 2:27 in the 3rd quarter.

The final tip-in:  You could sense this loss coming a mile away.  Avery Bradley forced the Eric Gordon miss, but KG didn’t box Anthony Davis out.  Ball game.

The Greenlights


The Grid

  • Paul Pierce scored 11 of Boston’s 19 points in the 4th quarter.  He finished with 28 points on 9-17 shooting.
  • Garnett:  20 points (9-16 fg) 6 reb, 3 ast, 3 stl.
  • Bench scoring:  New Orleans 37 – Boston 17 .  It was 13-7 Boston after the 1st quarter.  So the Celtics bench was outscored 30-4 over the next three quarters.
  •  The Celtics shot 60% in the first half,  32.4% in the second half.
  • Free throws:  Celtics: 16-17, Hornets 20-26

This was a disgusting loss.  Doc hung with weird line ups for long stretches… which was either an attempt to rest guys or send a message to others.  Regardless, the guys on the floor showed no pride in that second half.  The third quarter was an abomination that set the game back for years.  It was so bad, that the “we shoulda blown it up” people came storming out of the woodwork.

The Celtics needed this win to keep pace with the rest of the East.  Now they sit alone in the 7th seed and closer to the 8th seeded Bucks (2 games) than the 5th seeded Hawks (2.5 games).   They now head to Dallas for the front-end of a back-to-back that finishes with Memphis.  Their chances of a winning road trip just took a major hit tonight.

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  • celtics33

    Inexplicable loss to another bad team.

    Plenty of culprits tonight – the Hornets starting backcourt of Vasquez and Gordon outscored the ENTIRE 4 man guard rotation of the Celtics (Bradley, Lee, Terry, Crawford) by an astonishing 31-14 margin.

    Celtics choked away a 4th quarter lead against Miami which can be explained but to immediately do it again against the awful Hornets is inexcusable.

    Paul Pierce and KG had great games but both were terrible down the stretch.

    Pierce missed two jumpers offensively and inexplicably fouled Ryan Anderson as he attempted a 3 pt shot which is a rookie mistake.

    Then KG somehow doesn’t even try and box out Anthony Davis and watched him tip in the game winning basket. It’s simple basketball to box out especially in last second situations where the opponent goes for the tip but KG just stood there and watched.

    Saved the worst for last – Doc Rivers. Doc decides to bench Green so everyone can watch Jordan Crawford dribble the ball and force up awful shots.

    Then on the games most important possession what does Doc do — does he go to a set play involving multiple players and work for something going to the basket which is exactly what worked for a layup against Indiana???

    OF COURSE NOT — Doc goes right back to the Paul Pierce ISO and of course it doesn’t work. Doc would much rather let Pierce stand there, dribble the clock down and put up a contested jumper that run a set play. The entire Hornet team knew what play was coming and set their defense up perfectly. Doc just keeps going back to the same dreaded Paul Pierce ISO even when it continues to fail…

    • andy

      “The Celtics were down nine and their offense was ice-cold with under six minutes to play. That’s when Pierce took over, spearheading a 10-0 run over a two-minute span as Boston surged ahead. Pierce scored 11 points over a 3½-minute span and a 3-pointer from the captain had the Celtics out front, 84-81, with 2:34 remaining. “

  • kobe

    Amundson and Davis raped KG

  • celtics33

    “It doesn’t matter at the point in the season. It really doesn’t,” Rivers said. “But it does get old and you can just see it. And once you do it, you can’t turn it back on. But I thought once we activated them, you could see the difference in the speed, the way they were playing and the way we were playing in the fourth quarter. We were trying to, ‘Come on … ’ no, you can’t do it now, you turned it off. And you turned them on. So I thought they ran a great play at the end, but we were asleep and we deserved it. I thought we absolutely deserved to lose the game. Whether we won it or not, we deserved to lose the game.”

    We don’t learn, because we’ve done this three or four times this year and we just don’t learn. It’s disappointing.”

    • LA Flake

      that’s funny. because as much as the players sucked, i thought doc sucked the most. jordan crawford and brandon bass in crunch time? really, doc???

  • i dont get why doc would put in crawford at a critical moment of the game where he mostly sucked. Shouldve just put in TWill and Shavlik too. Rebounding woes are not gonna go away :/ bad game for the whole celtics


  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Disgusting loss. I fear we’ll see a lot of crappy effort like this til the end of RS. What a joke.

  • JB

    We have what 11 new players and the Celtics are still in the same patterns of playing down and losing to lesser teams. This has been a problem for how many seasons now. So time to look at Doc and his staff as being part of the problem.
    Getting tired of Doc’s “excuses” already. Losing down this stretch does matter Doc no matter what you try to sell. Enough already what is the problem ?!

  • KGino

    Doc shouldn’t be the one complaining, this one was on him as much as anyone. 35 seconds to play up 1 and he lets New Orleans get the ball back with under 24 seconds. If you have the ball up one with 35 seconds, you MAKE DAMN SURE YOU HAVE THE LAST SHOT OF THE GAME.. It’s only common sense.

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