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LeBron trash talks because he hates Jason Terry’s trash talk

Unlike Chuck, I don’t give a damn about people ooh’ing and ahh’ing over a dunk like LeBron’s or DeAndre Jordan’s.  Getting your balls busted for getting posterized in basketball is nothing new… and in today’s internet age, that means Photoshops, tweets, tumblrs, wikipedia edits and whatever else.  As far as I’m concerned, fans will spend a day or two getting their jollies about it and they’ll move on when Blake Griffin catches someone else.  

But that doesn’t apply to LeBron’s comments about the dunk, which elicit a Liz Lemon eye roll 

“It was one of my better ones,” James told reporters in Miami. “And the fact that it happened to J.T. made it even that much sweeter. Because I think we all know what J.T. talks, and he talks too much sometimes and I’m glad it happened to him.”

The only thing that could have made that quote palatable would have been a Sideshow Bob-type follow up “I’m well aware of the irony of trash talking in order to decry it, so don’t bother pointing that out.” 

Look, Bron Bron… while I don’t give two shits about people having a little fun at JET’s expense, you shouldn’t get all proud of yourself for dunking on a little guard, especially when your little chest puffing routine got a tech that really made that a 1-point play.  You’re lucky Pierce’s 3 didn’t go in, thus rendering your histrionics as part of the reason for the historic streak ending.

Just smile, move on, and hope you don’t meet Boston in the playoffs.

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  • Marc


  • tvor03

    A 30 Rock and Simpsons reference in the same article? John, I think me and you would be BFF if we ever met. But I have extreme reservations about going above the Mason-Dixon line, so sadly it will probably never happen.

  • I give it up to JET for even trying to defend that dunk. Most guys nowadays just step by because they don’t want their egos bruised. It’s like going to battle and letting the enemy just walk in your home without a fight.

  • LA Flake

    Wouldn’t it be nice if this lights a fire under JET’s ass and he decides to finally play up to his potential when we meet the Heat in the playoffs?

    • forever_green

      Yes…yes it would.

  • The fact that Bron hardly talks trash publicly, but chose to against Jet shows that he gets under his skin. The Heat may be more athletically gifted than the C’s, but when they come to the Garden they KNOW they have to be mentally fortified. Lebron’s normal calm disposition changes some when he plays in Boston because our guys physically and mentally push them.

    The C’s are professional mind-fu*kers lead by Kg and reinforced with the likes of Jet…lol..Luv it!

    • eddysamson

      Actually right before Lebron single-handedly got them back in the game he was looking REALLY pissed and wasn’t he shown yelling at either Ray Allen or an assistant coach standing next to Ray?

      • He was yelling at the bench and Juwan Howard.

  • Frank Aziza

    Great post. F him and his buddy d wade. He couldn’t build a team on his own and win, he had to join forces with probably the second best player in the east. He’s a whimp. Cleveland won 66 games his last season and he said they didn’t have talent.

  • Lmao, RIP JT, you will be forgotten. Oh by the way, many flights in the Boston area have been cancelled, it seems a JET has crashed into the garden…may takes weeks if not months to recover. HAHAHA!

    • Excuse Neil .He`s 6and mom doesn`t know he`s on the computer.

  • forever_green

    Well said…I have never hated players as much as I do Wade and LBJ.

  • Quinn George

    “You’re lucky Pierce’s 3 didn’t go in, thus rendering your histrionics as part of the reason for the historic streak ending”. I couldn’t agree more, but Terry and James do have some bad history between the two. So I don’t mind a little trash talk. People keep forgetting the Celtics and Heat don’t like each other.

  • Thats how it goes, JT earned the ring but his cockiness and smack talk earned him a place within the WITNESS protection plan. He’s hiding and refusing to talk about being dunked on.. Embarrassment while on national TV, against the guy he claimed he figured out, in a game he thought he would win and end the streak. Priceless.
    In the end, the mavs created the Lebron you are watching today. It’s rather scary. Ask JT, he felt it first hand.

    • Step

      What is there for him to talk about? He got dunked on by someone bigger than him. At the end of the day, that moment is not going to be the thing he remembers most against Lebron. Jet talks too much, but that’s always been him. They’re both champions (with the same amount of rings for now.)

  • Jamie

    And if JT decided to emphatically get in the way of James dunk it would have created a collision sending both hard to the ground. Then JT would have been hit with a flagrant 2 because someone dared to touch the King…

  • Brick James

    Jump with knees and elbows forward. Lewimp would probably start crying

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  • It happens, who cares about posterization as long as you played defense

  • Mannie

    Jet and lbj go way back. Jet called him out in the finals saying he cant stay with him for a whole game. He was right, and they won the whole thing. Lebron must’ve still been a lil salty haha

  • Steve

    The “jet” KNEW HOW BIG LEBRON WAS WHEN HE RAN HIS MOUTH. HE GOT PUT IN HIS PLACE. WELL DONE LEBRON. it’s ok when player say disrespectful stuff, but want to cry when it’s handled on the court. Only LEBRON haters have a problem….kick rocks. Crybabies. Celtics love dishing, but hate the return…LAME!

  • Mike C

    I have a question for the two idiots Neil and Steve. How badly does your team/s suck that you have to come to a Celtic blog and troll for responses. I guess I’m doing you a favor right now with a response. I actually kind of feel sorry for you that your sad little life is that pathetic. I would never spend one second of my life on a Laker or Heat blog, my times way more valuable than that. But than again you two idiots are probably why Honey Boo Boo is still on the air.

  • Reggie35RIP

    LeKnob. The more he talks about it the more of a fool he looks.

  • ShawnCVD

    Yo G4L good to see your posts again! And with a Perk shout out.:)