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Your Morning Dump..Where Green Wins ‘Em Over

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

On an icy, cold morning here in Boston, not much will be of much solace to C’s fans. But if there’s one thing to be happy about after last night, it was Jeff Green’s breakout performance. Starting in place of an injured Kevin Garnett, Green put up 43 points in Boston’s 105-103 loss to Miami. Chris Forsberg writes:

The Georgetown student section used to serenade his mother with adoring chants of “Jeff Green’s mom!” but the Boston Celtics forward cannot remember a single time in his basketball career when the crowd actually chanted for him. That changed on Monday night when a not particularly creative, but nonetheless affectionate cry of Green’s name reverberated inside TD Garden. Starting in place of an ailing Kevin Garnett (flu, adductor strain), Green erupted for a career-high 43 points on 14-of-21 shooting in a 105-103 loss to the streaking Miami Heat. Multiple times when Green stepped to the free-throw line in the second half, the 26-year-old heard his name bellowed in a spot typically reserved for an MVP chant. “Yeah, I heard it,” Green admitted of the fans’ unexpected affection. “It was a good feeling, but you have to try to stay in the game, stay focused and think about the next play.”

So does Green feel any better about the loss, seeing that he dropped impressive numbers on arguably one of the best defensive teams in the league? No. And you can’t blame him. He, his teammates and fans wanted that one last night. Badly:

So asked how he felt, personally, after Boston’s biggest individual offensive output of the Kevin Garnett era — matching the 43 points posted by Paul Pierce against the Knicks in April 2012 — Green glumly offered, “I’m mad we lost. It sucks.” Did his individual play provide any solace? “No, we still lost,” Green said. Despite the fact that the Celtics, who led by as many as 17 points and owned a 13-point cushion with 8:27 to go, couldn’t find a way to end Miami’s winning streak — at 23, the second longest single-season stretch in league history — Green will see his public approval rating skyrocket in the aftermath.

I would hope his “public approval” would skyrocket. How can you not root for this guy? After all he’s been through, with his heart surgery and fans calling for his head earlier in the year after a slow start, you can’t help but be thrilled for Jeff:

That’s no small feat for a player that — fair or not — has struggled to be fully embraced here because he was traded for one of Boston’s most beloved ring-wearing, straight-shooting hoopsters (Kendrick Perkins) in a deal that some contend defused the team’s chemistry and derailed the 2010-11 season (and beyond?). As well, Green hasn’t consistently produced to either his perceived potential or the $36 million contract he inked this summer after sitting out all of last season with a heart ailment. But with one monster effort, Green broke down some of those lingering barriers. A city that needs little to embrace its own, opened up its arms by simply repeating his name over and over in support of his effort Monday. Oh, those fans will want to see that sort of aggressiveness consistently, and Green himself suggested that you’re only as good as your last game. For at least one night, Green was spectacular, putting on a show the likes of which has rarely been seen in these parts since the turn of the century.

Jeff was the talk of both locker rooms Monday night. Celtics and Heat players alike showed him respect:

“It’s fun,” Pierce said. “When you have a guy that has it going like he did today, you wonder what he ate that morning or whatever he did that day. He needs to keep doing it because it worked, obviously. It’s fun to watch, to be a part of that.”

“He’s capable of whatever when he puts his mind to it,” Pierce added. “He’s shown flashes of what he can do throughout the course of a season when he’s focused, when he’s locked in, and that was an example of it today. We wanted him to stay aggressive, he had the matchup most of the night at the [power forward] position versus whoever guarded him, and he was aggressive the whole night. And that’s what we need from him.”

Green erupted for 26 first-half points, making nine of his first 12 shots in what at times seemed like a layup line against a Miami defense that offered little resistance to him getting to the rim.

“[Green] was locked in,” Miami’s Dwyane Wadeadmitted. “I think he’s a very good player. … He was on fire. He just came out very aggressive.” 

“He had a tremendous game,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra added. “He played great, he was aggressive, he was making tough plays, and he was putting a lot of pressure on our defense.

“Give him credit, the guy [has] been through a lot. Even as competitors you don’t want to see anybody out like that through some of the ailments he’s been through. I know it had been a tough year for him last year. I’m just glad he had a big night on one of our wins.”

While Green has been steadily emerging in recent weeks, Rivers admitted he sees a different player when Green plays with the confidence he exuded on Monday.

“[Early on he] missed a free throw, missed a couple of shots and you know the old Jeff may have gone away,” Rivers said. “He actually just kept going and kept going, and that’s all we talked about. Once he realized he had an advantage, he took advantage. That was great.

“That’s why the one play we drew up [at the end of the game] gave him a quick [isolation] and he got all the way to the basket. Shane Battier made a hell of a play. You’ve got to give him credit there, but we liked where he was at.”

 Here’s Jeff’s shot chart from last night via


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  • tvor03

    I’ve always liked Jeff Green. I understand why some were down on him at the beginning of the season, but I always believed and the patience for him has certainly paid off. I hope he stays in green for a long time.

    • Mike C

      I owe Jeff Green a big fat apology. I’m sure I was one of his critics at the beginning of the season. I WAS WRONG. This kid is going to be a superstar. Last nights performance was unbelievable. So glad he’s wearing Boston green. One thing though, why is there always discussion about trading Rondo. Why would you want to decrease the number of scoring weapons you could put on the floor? Green plus Rondo would be sick. Add Kevin, Paul, and Avery to that mix and we could beat anyone in the league. IF we’re Healthy.

  • eddysamson

    Out of JG’s 3 starts, his 2 best performances (starter or bench) came when he started along side Pierce. I think its clear he should be starting over Bass. And should be spending more time WITH Pierce and not backing him up. Its just too bad we dont have a Pierce backup. Perhaps Williams should play more of a point-forward role behind Pierce mixed in with some 3 guard sets with JET/JCraw and the pitbulls?

    • Nate

      You are exactly right. Pierce and Green starting is a matchup nightmare for the opposing team, one way or another.

      • eddysamson

        At this point in JG’s career he is used to sharing the floor with Harden, Durant, and Westbrook who attract heavy D. He’s used to being an option behind big names that people collapse on. Now on the C’s, when PP isn’t on the floor JG is finding himself suddenly as the #1 option. The problem in these cases is that the D now collapses on him. He’s gotta get used to being that #1 and dealing with the defensive pressure. I think he will, but it will take some time. Maybe next year, maybe 2 years. It will help playing alongside Pierce who is still attracting 2 on D, but will slowly start fading away in the next 2 years, deferring, instead, to JG.

        • kg215

          He’s not good as the #1 option and he never will be. He is definitely not used to it and his game doesn’t fit with that. In order to be that guy, he has to be a much better shooter or much better finisher and do those things much more consistently. He can shoot and finish sure, but to be used to being the #1 means being comfortable with constant double teams. He can make some plays too, but again that is as a 3rd or 4th guy not #1.

    • kg215

      The problem is Green was supposed to be Pierce’s backup and then only play next to Paul at the end of games as the 4. I agree though Bass has been awful this year and Jeff Green is a much better player, lol I never thought I would say that. Bass might end up playing better as a backup but we do lose one of our primary bench scorers (the other being terry). Even with all those things going on I would rather see Jeff start too, if anything it means less minutes for Bass total because we know Jeff is going to be the 4 next to KG at the end of games.

      • ShawnCVD

        Bass has randomly started caring and playing better past ten days. Hopefully he thinks It’s a contract year again…

  • Jeff Green does not suck

    • P Funk

      You are a man of honor Jester. I’ll drink to that

      • thank you

        You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline; It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.

    • eddysamson

      Hahaha I think you were a little too tough on him early season

    • RedsLoveChild

      Jeff Green {before & after Rondo went down}

      Before : 9.5 PPG {42% FG}
      After : 15.6 PPG {48% FG}

      Trade RR for a center/power forward who does “windows”…those rebounds will allow Green, Bradley, Lee get out into the open floor and run.

      • CoachBo

        Absolutely. Green is a cornerstone of the franchise, although the morons who cling to Kendrick Perkins’ rotting, fetid corpse like Radar O’Reilly clung to his teddy bear will never admit it. Bring me Al Horford for Rondo and we’re set for transition.

        • RedsLoveChild

          Once he recovers, RR`s real value to Boston is as a “trade chip”.

          If he were a 6`9″ point guard {like Magic Johnson was} RR would be able to “impact” the game. No NBA player at 6`1″ is capable of having a major impact on the outcome of games, seasons, championships.

          • tvor03

            Jerry West, John Stockton, Isiah Thomas, and Chris Paul would like to have a word with you.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Let them!

            How many rings does Stockton & Paul have?

            West won his only ring four years after Chamberlain arrived…Thomas played with rebounders {Rodman, Laimbeer, Edwards, Salley}, not to mention a superb guard {Dumars}.

          • tvor03

            Your lack of basketball knowledge never fails to astound. It shouldn’t though. After all, those who know the least say the most.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Your lame responses never fail to surprised or disappoint.

            Of course, this is coming from the “expert” who liked the drafting of JuJuan Johnson!

          • Chief_00

            Don’t forget tiny archibald and Cousy both 6’1 both “impact players”

          • RedsLoveChild

            Cousy didn`t win until Russell arrived…and Russell kept winning long after Cousy was gone.

            Archibald led the NBA in scoring & assists in the same year…and his team sucked.

            They were talented players…just had no real impact on outcomes…that will happen when you`re 6`1″.

          • Chief_00

            First you wanted examples of 6’1 player who were impact player ( which I’m assuming means one who wins a chip as you weren’t clear on that) then you say that they only won with a big so that logic means we should keep rondo and sign or draft a big, point guards like rondo don’t grow on trees

          • RedsLoveChild

            Ainge has had no luck in signing/drafting a big with talent. Trading Rondo for one should lead to something decent.

            Besides, a Bradley/Rondo backcourt is a little too small. Trade Rondo for a rebounder, then match Bradley with a bigger guard in the backcourt.

          • Chief_00

            Yeah so that 40 point game against Miami in the playoffs sure shows that rondo can’t have a major impact on a game.

          • RedsLoveChild

            My point exactly…Celtics lost that game!

            Rondo has talent….Boston should not “give” him away…he`s just more valuable to us as trade-bait for a player with size, and these last 23 games show that he really is not missed by the Celts.

          • Chief_00

            Without rondo we wouldn’t have even been in the game, and look I’m not the biggest fan of rondo but you won’t get value in return for him

          • ShawnCVD

            I told love child two weeks ago that Greens recovery from heart surgery and related improvement is coincidental to Rondos absence.

          • Reggie35RIP

            Flip. Flop.

            You change your mind on who you think we should trade every month. Who’s gonna be flavour of the month come April?

            You never celebrate our wins, or praise any of the players, you only comment when we lose and don’t have any faith in the team. You follow the C’s because…?

          • Reggie35RIP

            Also you’re basing your argument on a 23 game sample size and not taking into account AB not playing for most of the start of the season and all our new guys/guys coming back from surgery sucking at the start of the season. Rondo just happened to go down when the new guys were starting to pick up their games and the team was starting to gel. It was unfortunate timing.

            There’s a good reason why Rondo will be here – and be a core part of the team next season. Thankfully Danny and his staff don’t make snap judgements.

        • It did torpedo that season. The Celtics didn’t recover and went into freefall. But, it may be worth it in the long term as Jeff played out of his mind, league MVP level last night.

      • I hate this nonsense. Green had heart surgery. His doctor said he wouldn’t really have his wind back until about January or so. Right about when he started playing better(best of his career btw). Rondo is not going to get traded. Very unlikely. Danny was willing to trade an injured Rondo after major knee problem for Dwight Howard or in a Carmelo, like trade where Celtics get multiple young assets. Get used to Rondo.

      • Chief_00

        So now it’s RR you want gone, before the trade deadline it was PP and KG…. Might as well become a fan of the bobcats cause if Danny listened to you that’s what we’d have on the floor, thank god he doesn’t.

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    I’m not left with a bitter taste in my mouth, its more like a violent rage

    • Chulinho

      I hope you don’t see any Heat fans today. Lol

  • LA Flake

    and he will continue to come off the bench. just because. that aside, in order for us to go anywhere, jeff has to emerge as our legitimate number 2 option behind pierce (and no 1 option when the subs are in). i like terry and crawford but they all must give the ball to jeff first and see what he can do with it.

    • Agreed. Green is a willing passer, so Crawford and Terry will still get theirs.