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Recap: Healthy Heat squeak by KG-less Celtics

Jeff Green was freakin’ magnificent tonight, but his 43 points were not good enough to beat the Heat. Kevin Garnett missed the game because of the flu.

Fueled by a raucous home crowd, the Celtics came out fast and furious and led by 17 in the 2nd quarter. Kevin Garnett didn’t play. It was a rollercoaster of a game from that point on. Kevin Garnett didn’t play. The Heat would whittle down the lead, and the Celtics would stretch it out. Kevin Garnett didn’t play. In the end, LeBron James (37 points, 12 assists) made some huge plays and no one on the Celtics could counter. Kevin Garnett didn’t play. With the Celtics leading 99-92, the Heat closed the game on a 13-4 run. Kevin Garnett didn’t play. So Miami extends their winning streak to 23 games by squeaking out a 105-103 win in Boston. Big dealKevin Garnett didn’t play.

The (Jeff) Green: Number 8 was brilliant. 43 points on 12-21 FG, 5-7 3 FG. The man got to the rim at will. He chipped in 7 rebounds and 4 blocks.

Paul Pierce had a solid all-around game; 17 points, 6-11 FG, 8 rebounds and 8 assists. But he managed just two points in the 4th quarter. The 7 TOs didn’t help.

The Gross: The Celtics had 20 turnovers. You just can’t beat a team like Miami with that many giveaways.

The officiating was mediocre. While the free throw advantage went to Boston (24-21), the Celtics were whistled for 8 more fouls. The referees put the clamps on this game midway through the 2nd quarter and the slower pace clearly benefited Miami.

Greenlights: Jeff Green highlight reel

Avery Bradley chase down block and Paul Pierce three:

The Grid:

  • Ray Allen had 6 points on 2-6 FG
  • Fast break points: Bos 22 Mia 6
  • The Celtics shot 62% from FT (15-24)

Box score

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  • svc359

    I wonder how different the game would’ve been if we had KG. No way Green would’ve had as big a game, but there were some defensive miscommunications down the stretch that never would’ve happened with KG

  • 24 Miami points off of 21 Celtic team turnovers. End of story. If we take better care of the damn ball, we beat the Heat without KG. Frustrating-turnovers KILL KILL KILL this squad. I’d love to say something like “Oh we almost beat them w/out KG, I’m ok w/this loss”, but I’m just too disappointed right now.. Kudos to Green. Kid was a monster tonight.

    • wayne

      Moral victories mean nothing to champions…we should have finished strong and got the “W” . Most of this game we straight-up outplayed Miami; no reason we couldn’t beat them. JG gets a stupendous high-five. Wish we could have finished out the game to give us the win in which his performance deserved. Hopefully, this bad taste will spur us to more wins against them in the playoffs. We can beat this team, and should have tonite.

      • +100,000,000

        • LA Flake

          i put this loss squarely on doc’s shoulders. there was no reason to go with terry and crawford for such long stretches and he absolutely gave the game away when he took green out in the fourth. some of doc’s rotation decisions absolutely suck.

          • Reggie35RIP

            I don’t completely agree with it been solely Doc’s fault. But I do think he played Crawford too much. I thought Terry actually had a good game. He hit some big shots, came up with some key steals and made some clutch plays. I actually think Doc should’ve just played Terry more than Crawford. Crawford’s deficiencies on defense were definitely highlighted in this game.

            I agree he took Green out for too long, I also think he took him out a bit too early when he was completely on fire. I reckon he could have ridden him a while longer. Also think he sat Bradley for too long at the end of the third/start of the forth(?).

            Green was just crazy tonight, helluva game, but very disappointing loss. So close I could taste this one.

          • LA Flake

            for a coach who stresses defense first snd foremost, he sure likes playing guys that are liabilities on D a lot.

          • Frank Aziza

            Green asked to come out. He needed a blow

  • eddysamson

    eh I’ll take it…I had a lot of fun watching the game

    • svc359

      Dunno why someone downvoted. We lost a very winnable game, but it was exciting. Everyone in the prediction thought we were gonna get killed

  • JB

    Super disappointment ! Celtics kept giving the game away with TOs . Doc needs to adjust that final play he seems to always go to. Did we need a corner 3 out of the last timeout? And then Terry??

  • jon

    Memo to doc..start Green now.

    • MikeABQ

      I was actually thinking if this game would make him consider, but heat go so small compared to everyone else with Bosh playing center. Although he did have 7 rebounds tonight, more traditional lineups will have field days on the glass with green at PF all night. But it is good to know that he has these kinds of games in him. Maybe a KG JG frontcourt starting if we meet them again in the playoffs though?

      • LA Flake

        and bass is a better rebounder than green?

    • I have been saying this for over a month now, Jeff needs this confidence going into the playoffs, I suggest letting paul come off the bench to get rest for the playoffs and let Jeff start for the rest of the season

  • Lee in Oregon

    Shame to waste Green’s monster game. Turnovers killed em in the end. The good thing that should come out of this is that Jeff Green can carry this over to the rest of the season. I don’t expect him to put up huge points every night, but damn, he can certainly take over a game on either end of the court. Go C’s!

    • everytime the heat beat the c’s i alwasy come here to see thier fans comments. cant wait until we win the title AGAIN im gonna stay up all night to read all your comments! GO HEAT

  • Mike C

    First Quarter… Miami goes to the line once.
    Second Quarter… Miami goes fourteen times. Surprise, Surprise. Thanks refs, Lebron will send you your check in the mail next week.

    • svc359

      (un)Fun fact: Ray Allen, an old shooting guard who barely plays defense and comes off the bench, has MORE fouls this year than Lebron

  • Turn over hurts, why do they always make it hard on themselves? Could have won this game by at least 6 points. And can we trade Brandon Bass next season? Athletic looking guy that isn’t athletic, butter fingers, bad on defense, no good on offense

    • wayne

      true that. “VERY” butter fingers.
      Big, strong guy with butter fingers makes NO sense.

      • Well he “looks” big and strong, he can’t drunk as he catch, got to go down then back up, that’s how he gets block, all he has is the jumper and that sometimes is inconsistent. I don’t know why he’s still getting the minutes

  • Chulinho

    I’m probably in the minority, but…this loss didn’t bother me that much. I didn’t expect the game to be that close without KG. I’d rather end Miami’s title defense in a couple of months than their regular season streak.

    Green’s outburst was a pleasant surprise, though. We knew he was capable; now he just needs to sustain that level of play down the stretch and well-beyond.

  • Mannie

    Crawford played in his first real big game as a pro, you could see he played a little shaky. Jeff green put in work tonight. The future looks good once Truth and KG are done. I really thought we could’ve won tonight, even without Kg. I dont think the heat want to play us in the playoffs.

    • kdb

      Thee things killed them. Turnovers, of course, settling for outside shots for a stretch in the 4th, and missed free throws. If they hit just 3 of the FT missed, they win.

  • kobe

    Paul Pierce was horrible, he saw Jeff Green controlling the game then he thought of doing it by himself with his old slow body that resulted to 7 TO, Pierce loss this game for the Celtics. Bass was horrible too how can you miss a layup? in that close game

    • ShawnCVD

      PP had a great game. Sorry you can only recognize greatness of volume scorers. Truth was efficient and did an awesome job filling in the gaps.
      Boston drove multiple times in closing minutes and lay ups were blown. Wilcox left the paint far to many times allowinghis man to uncontested finishes at the rim. Free throws hurt the Cs too. o

  • kobe

    Despite of JG performance I’ll bet my car Doc Rivers will still start his love of his life Brandon Bass.

  • Stayed up late for this one. Loved it. 3 bad defense by Bass down the stretch, but that was just faire in regard of the 3 insane possessions by the birdman, 3 straight offensive fouls if I remember well.

    Jef green was amazing because spoelstra doesnt know how to coach. I am glad he had that type of night, but green is not clutch, he has not mental toughness to be clutch player. But bravo for the 40+ points, the constant slashing to the basket, and 1on1 defense on LBJ once again.

    terry played great on-man defense again. Lee was very good also. They kept running the floor. but that costed us silly TOs. Damn. Silly silly ones.

    Loved that game though.

    Let’s go Celtics!
    French Green

    • ShawnCVD

      I think Green is underrated as a player. He’s a handful to most defenders bc he’s a tweener. He can exploit smaller defenders by posting them and he’s got a bigger advantage facing up larger guysI can see this guy averaging 21-7-4 with a block steal and thunderous dunk each game. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Howcome we did not see replays of that situation involving Lee and Bosh’s ankles?

    • and witnessed countless plays of ‘bron layups

  • zippittyay

    It absolutely sickens me the degree to which Mario Chalmers STILL fools the refs.

  • I must say, i was very surprised about the way our team played. I was so happy to see how they took the fight to Miami, how Jeff is showing why Boston waited on him to get well and offered him the money that they did, they saw what I have seen, Jeff has the potential to be a supestar. And even though we lost Kudos to our pitbulls Courtney Lee and Avery Bradley, OMG, these guys are something else, I love their hounding, I love their fast breaks, Boston’s future looks very bright, Rondo,Bradley,Lee,Sully,Green. Its nice to see someone other then Rondo on a fast break, I use to feel so sorry for Rondo on those one man fast break but he did his thing too. Im proud of ours guys, they sent a message to Miami, “They still have to worry about Boston”!

  • Forget about JG for one second, what a game from Courtney Lee. I was completely impressed, I think this was just as much a breakout game for him as Green. He was crossin everybody up and put Bosh on his ass. Lee is the best off season pickup by FAR. Also props to AB. Imagine if we were full strength…

    • Chulinho

      Agreed. I really hope AB is okay. He’s been struggling on offense.

  • cassld

    I’m beginning to think Lebron James is the single worst thing to ever happen to the NBA. I can’t even enjoy watching him play anymore. The officiating overall was mediocre but the second quarter was ridiculous. All those gifted free throws completely changed the pace and gave the Heat an easy way to get back into the game.

    Yes, turnovers also killed them. And Jason Terry was awful in the 4th. And why was Crawford out for so long? But this whole winning streak has a huge asterisk next it and I’m sure it’s not just because of this game.

    • Quinn George

      I kind of agree with u about Lebron, but he’s a great player in the end. As far as the officiating it was medicore and thought the refs kind of helped Miami tighten up the game in the second. But there’s no such thing as good officiating in my opinion at least not in the NBA. But officiating didn’t make the C’s lose. The C’s killed themselves with missed free-throws, turnovers and poor execution.

      • Anyone who has free reign with the officials is going to look great. Yes Lebron is very good but the officials make him look alot better then he is. If he had to play by at the very least every other star calls he would not look that great. He just bulldozs through players without a care in the world because he gets away with it. Must be nice not to have to play by the rules.

        • cassld

          I feel like half of the moves in his highlight reel are offensive fouls, travels, or carries. It’s maddening.

    • face it dude THE C’S JUST CANT BEAT THE HEAT!!!

  • Quinn George

    The Celtics have to do a better job ending games. You can’t blow double-digit 4th quarter leads. You just can’t and that has been an issue all season. The Celtics have continously blown big leads in the closing minutes of games. Also I thought some of their shot selections were a bit odd during the last minutes of the game. It would of been nice to get the win and end Miami’s win streak, but time to move on now.

    Great game though!

  • zippittyay


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