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Celtics look to end another 22-game win streak

Five years ago to the day the Celtics were facing a Houston Rockets team that put together an unlikely 22-game win streak, good for second best in NBA history.  The night before, they had come back from being down 20-plus points against the Spurs in San Antonio.  In one of his first games as a Celtic, Sam Cassell hit a clutch jumper late in the game to seal the win.

A tired Celtics team went in to Houston the next night and did what that 2008 team did best: Blasted the doors open, kicked ass, took names, blew up the building and ended the streak.  Ok so it wasn’t that dramatic, but the Celtics did destroy the Rockets in the second half, cruising to a victory and two nights later defeating the Dallas Mavericks to complete the sweep of the Texas triangle.

Tomorrow night, they face a much more powerful Miami Heat team that is blowing by the competition.  It will be especially difficult if Kevin Garnett can’t play.  but the C’s seem to thrive on this masochistic type of adversity.  So how exactly did that 2008 team beat the Rockets?  Watch the video below and find out:

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  • who’s that punk wearing #9? 😉

  • michael

    We were insanely good, especially defense. Comparing to RR in 09, his defense this season is totally trash. And KG&PP were younger. The KG dunk is great····

    • zippittyay

      Honestly to me, only Doc looks like he aged much since then…..

  • zippittyay

    With this team I get the feeling we could start Ed Lacerte and Tyronne Lue and still have a decent chance of beating Miami…

  • IT’S THE SAME FREAKING DAY!! 18th of March 5 years ago. Just around paddys (note the green and gold jerseys) and against a team with 22 game streak which has Shane Battier on the roster. Smallish detail but still.. It’s gonna be swell.

  • NorthernGreen

    Look at the age difference five years made in those guys. The age really shows where experience has increased. Let the results be the same this time as well. Go C’s!!!

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    “if they keep playing defense like this, then the league is in trouble” – Tracy McGrady

  • Nate Bishop

    Going to be a tough one with KG, and hard to see them winning without him; the team that gets the Heat after the Cs is lucky.