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Your Morning Dump… Where Jason Terry thought the season would be easier

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“It’s been a process — one that, honestly, I thought would be a little smoother, a little easier,” said Terry. “But it hasn’t, and that just goes to show you that all things don’t necessarily mean because you think it’s going to be easy, that it turns out to be so. But, again, you’ve got to go through it, and that’s what’s special about the journey is making yourself comfortable, getting around your teammates, getting familiar with them, and then realizing your ultimate goal. And I believe this team, the way it is now, even with our injuries, has a tremendous chance to win a championship.”

Since that Heat matchup, the same day Rajon Rondo was diagnosed with the torn ACL that ended his season, Terry has averaged 11.2 points per game while shooting 45.7 percent overall and 40.4 percent beyond the 3-point arc. What’s more, he’s averaged 3.3 assists per game, serving as more of a facilitator with the second unit.

Good things are happening when Terry is on the court. For the season, Boston is plus-92 with Terry on the floor and minus-80 when he’s off. Those early-season struggles now appear in the rear-view mirror.

ESPN Boston – Heat fueld JET’s turnaround

Terry isn’t the only one who thought the regular season would be easier. I believe I predicted 58 wins and the #2 seed.

The stats on Terry’s turnaround are staggering. Forsberg adds that Terry is Boston’s most efficient offensive weapon, averaging 1.012 points per play. That’s good for 34th in the league.

His assists average is even better in March. A whopping 4.4 average this month.

And… he’s also performing on the defensive end. Last week, Doc Rivers praised his defense on Kyle Korver in the win over the Hawks.

Terry’s value will shine come playoff time, when defenses tightens up, especially in half court sets.

In other news, Doc Rivers took a jab at the recent milestones achieved by Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett:

“That’s only because they’re old as hell,” Rivers answered with hearty laugh. “The only way you can reach those milestones together is you have to hang around a lonnnnng time. It is cool. I was joking but it does seem like every night one of those two does pass some kind of record. I think now we create some sort of new record to pass but it is awesome. They have that picture together, it’s a neat picture when they were 15.”

Old as hell. I know the feeling.

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  • Brick James

    Can’t believe the team’s +/- stat with JET on the floor. He is such a defensive liability, the stat defies logic and the eye test, but it is what it is.

  • Lee in Oregon

    My only problem with Jet is DA overpaid for his services, other than that, he’s been pretty solid. I love his “team-first” attitude.