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Paul Pierce dismisses talk that Kobe was victim of dirty play

During practice today, Paul Pierce was asked for his take on the Kobe Bryant/Dahntay Jones saga: (courtesy WEEI’s Mike Petraglia)

I think it got blown out of proportion. He put his hands up, got into his defender but because of the fact it’s Kobe Bryant, it’s an issue. If it was somebody else, we probably wouldn’t be talking about it.

Well said, Paul. I couldn’t agree more.

For those who haven’t been paying attention. Bryant severely sprained his ankle during the final seconds of Wednesday night’s game vs the Hawks. Kobe came down on Jones’ foot and later claimed it was a dirty play. The two players took to Twitter to state their cases.

A day later, the league issued a statement claiming a foul should have been called on Jones because he didn’t give Bryant enough space to land.

You be the judge. Is this a dirty play?

I don’t see how this is a dirty play. It happens countless times on any given night.

Bryant called the injury the worst ankle sprain in his 17 years. Miraculously, he went for being out indefinitely to a game-time decision tonight.

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  • KChristainsen

    Agreed. Its pathetic that the league had to make a statement on it as well just because its Kobe Bryant. It happens all the time.

  • zippittyay

    I’d be mad if that happened to me. That’s why I never give anyone that much time to get between me and the floor.

  • Carpediem13

    This coming from a guy who had to be wheel-chaired off the court only to return a short while later with extra hop it his step.

    • Mike

      Yup, a star who’s injury was blown out of proportion also. So he has all the reason to understand the situation.

  • EricKrasnauskas

    Kobe’s a bitch, there’s no foul there, and the league is just covering for one of their “brand” players.

    Dig the new comments system.

  • Mike

    If you look at the play, Jones jumps a little bit after Bryant to try and block his shot or vision and get close to him to throw off his concentration. Not dirty.

  • LA Flake

    And Kobe CHOKED on that play, too. Had nothing to do with the way he was defended. Took his shot and missed. Badly. LOLOL

    Oh yeah, and the Flakes LOST. Good game!

  • LA Flake

    OK, I have a question for EVERYBODY.

    Princess Kobe and Queen Lebron are generally considered the two best players in the league. It’s like they’re the Michael Jordans of this era. Head and shoulders above the rest. Two of the greatest players EVER. Top ten all time. No, no. TOP FIVE! Right? Right??????????

    Okay, then. Who has OWNED both players throughout his career? Which ONE player in the NBA has ABUSED Kobe & Lebron on his way to winning the Finals MVP trophy? Which player has routinely stuck a game winning jumper over Kobe AND Lebron during his career? Which ONE NBA player has routinely sent “the best in the league” like Iverson and TMac in their prime? This player has also routinely outplayed Kobe and Lebron in a head to head matchup throughout his career even as Kobe and Lebron are hailed as two of the greatest of all time.

    Want the Truth?

  • Screamin Jay

    what happened to my previous comment…that never showed up? After typing/posting it said that the comment was waiting review or something like that.

    • various comments will need moderation…. some trigger words will toss it into a pending queue. Sorry for the inconvenience, there are some minor things that need to be worked out in the new system

  • zippittyay

    Tape your ankles.

  • CoachAJ

    Kobe gets so many phantom calls, and gets away with barking at refs, I can see where a ref would say to himself, “this guy better make this shot because I ain’t calling anything.”

  • I just thought it was fair play!! Man up Kobe!!!