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KG & Pierce make history… here are your favorite moments

With Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett both advancing to 20th and 15th respectively on the NBA scoring list, we thought it would be cool to get your favorite Pierce and KG moments.  So we asked on Twitter and got a few great responses.

Oh, you mean this?  Classic.

I love this play, for sure.

A 2-for-1, from the same game

This was nasty

So was this… “I’m cold blooded”

Hmmmm… that Pierce 3 over LeBron looks familiar… where have I seen that before???

@redsarmy_john there’s so many so i’ll be tweeting. To start, PP trash talking Al Harrington and sticking that shot in his face #RedsArmy

— Mèmè (@truthtrey4) March 14, 2013

Ah yes…. here it is….


And of course there was this…. submitted by many of you


Thanks for the responses guys.  Sorry if your tweet isn’t on here.  There were a few that were duplicates so I just picked a tweet representative of the play.  If you have other favorite moments from KG or Pierce, share them in the comments.

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  • lacey0314

    The bar fight post game…I know it’s not a scoring moment but I think that post game defined last season pretty well 🙂

  • island boy

    Pierce game winner over hawks in boston…………09 I think

    • island boy

      20+ point defecit comeback in LA in the finals………….how could u not add that

  • Bar fight game, Grit and Balls game, any game with knuckle pushups, any game in which KG is hitting someone else in the chest, most games with Craig Sager and KG.
    Then there is the entire season last year. They showed us that anything is possible. Everyone knows they beat the Heat 5 times (game 2 was stolen) and qualified for the NBA freaking finals with 7 injured players. Avery Bradley, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett…what a team. What a ride KG and PP have taken us on.
    I know these guys get paid well, but I don’t think there’s any way we can show the proper appreciation to these warriors.

  • eddysamson

    hahahah the Nate Robinson fall…sometimes I look it up randomly just for laughs. I have no idea what he was thinking when he went for that…especially the second jump LOL!

  • KGino

    Paul Pierce injured game 1 of 2008 NBA Finals… Goes out on a wheel chair. The fans in the Garden all seem like they were just punched in the stomach.. Including me. Talking with the fans around me… “Can we still win this without Pierce???” Moments later, Pierce returns to the game to a massive ovation and proceeds to BURY two 3s back to back possessions.. Garden goes NUTS…loudest I’ve personally ever heard it (and I was at all 4 home games of the finals in 08). It may have only been Game 1 of the series, but those 3 pointers were DAGGERS. I knew we had it in the bag from that moment.

    • KGino

      3 home games * of the finals in 08

  • KGino

    For a few of KGs I remember a game winner in MSG in which he saluted the crowd after… And he had a sick game against Houston one time (08 I think at home) in which he scored like all of our 4th q points with under 5 min.

  • KGino

    Also, the Paul P vs. LBJ Showdown in Eastern Conf. Semis of 2008… specifically the jump ball when pierce dove on the ground for the ball and celts called timeout.. I remember Pierce on his back pounding his chest and screaming.. gives me chills every time.

    • Don’t forget the smile on his face when that free throw went in towards the end of that same game. One of the happiest smiles ever seen.

  • tvor03

    man, it’s hard to think these guys could be gone in a few months.

  • JJy

    “I’m COLD-blooded!” I rewatch that shot all the time even though the c’s went on to lose that series. It’s just too sweet.

  • RedsLoveChild

    No doubt KG/PP have led the way during this era….but, it was Posey & House who starred in the absolute sweetest 1:30 sequence in the 2008 Finals.

    Game 6…second quarter…Celts up, 32-29…6:59 on the clock

    Posey hit a 3-pointer {6:59}
    Posey stole a pass from Vujacic
    House hit a 3-pointer {6:32}
    Jackson called a “panic time-out”, crowd going nuts
    House hits 2 FT`s
    Posey steals a pass from Kobe
    Posey hits another 3-pointer {5:29}

    Suddenly, the 32-29 lead jumps to 43-29…Game, Set, Match…Series Over!