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Your Morning Dump…. Where Felger thinks the C’s planned to lose

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Mike Felger thinks the Celtics planned to lose to the Bobcats.Why? Well, the C’s benched Paul Pierce, and then gave Kevin Garnett just 21 minutes of playing time. The reason for that, according to Felger, is simple: Being the 6th or 7th seed means they don’t have to play the Heat until the Conference Finals, whereas a 4th or 5th seed means they have to play the Heat one series sooner.

CSNNE: Felger: ‘Seed management’ loss for Celtics

Call it playing down to your opponent, not caring about a game, taking a night off, or even just getting in the Easter spirit by laying an egg but the Celtics were flat out awful last night. The Celtics had no lack of motive to beat the Bobcats tonight, given they already fell victim to the trap game once this season. But one “respected” member of the Boston media seems to think that the Celtics intentionally lost this one, all to avoid Miami in earlier rounds.

Once you’ve stopped choking on your cereal, lets consider…he was serious. CSNNE’s Michael Felger seriously thinks the Celtics tanked this game to avoid the Miami Heat in the early rounds. I am one of the card carrying members of the “Can’t stand Felger” club. He is a useless antagonist that offers no insight into any given sport. His claim to fame is just saying the things that annoy the fans of that specific team. His breakdown of games are abysmal and his knowledge of the technical aspects of games are even worse. But the all-knowing Felger truly believes that the Celtics intentionally lost to the Bobcats tonight.

The theory is that by staying as a 5 or 6 seed the Celtics avoid the Heat until at least the Eastern Conference Finals, whereas at the 7 or 8 seed they would see Miami sooner. I find this theory and method of thinking insulting at the very least. Any team that has to play its cards to “get” a specific team in the playoffs tells me that the team really isn’t good enough. Do you really feel like a champion if you manipulated your way there? And to a larger point, why would anyone pin the Celtics as having an attitude like this especially given the presence of Kevin Garnett on this team.

This “Felger” theory is one you would expect to see coming from the lowly Raptors, Bucks, or Pistons who are a bubble team but may want to get some exposure by winning a round or even a few games, but the 17 time Champion, veteran laced Boston Celtics with a losing mentality like this?   All the more reason to tune out Michael Felger until he is on the street. Zero credibility

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  • dan

    The 4/5/8 seed would give us Miami in the 1st/2nd round should the Celtics win the 4/5 matchup. (referring to the second to last paragraph)

  • Tim

    The pistons are a bubble team?

  • Nathan

    I don like felger but I find that it makes for good radio, maybe it’s because I like beetle so much. But, although it was just a total lack of effort from the entire team, I think last night was just another example of how under appreciated and valuable to the celtics Paul pierce is. It’s crazy to say but he’s underrated.

    Also for anyone who hasn’t wanted to take the time it took me maybe 45 seconds to register to comment on my phone

  • Ron

    Not sure I buy what Felger is saying, but the Celtics do have a habit of taking nights off. And last night the Celtics took the night off. Personally, I don’t like it. I don’t like it when they play down to lesser opponents, because that sends a bad message. Is it hard to play with 100% effort nightly.

    • Mike C

      Well said Ron. These are professional athletes that get paid millions to play a game. Is it really that difficult to give your best effort each night. Larry Bird would have rather died on the court than to lay down against a team like the Bobcats. So disappointed with the Celtics today, I dont really care if they beat Toronto tonight or not.

  • Raoul

    I think it’s silly to be offended by this theory. Positioning yourself to have an advantage is not the same as the theory that a team needs to cheat, per say, to win. Teams that are great in the post, shouldn’t try to position themselves to play a teams with minimal post presence, in the playoffs? They instead should be hard asses and say “NO, we’re going to take the most difficult route possible and not even try to take a more easy route if possible, because we have PRIDE.” Hasn’t the Celtics mentality for the last few years been “Let’s just make the playoffs.” It’s all about being in a position to compete. It’s like taken offense to someone saying “You rested Paul Pierce tonight because he’s old.” That’s exactly why we rest him… it’s to put him/us in a better position to compete when it DOES matter. No offense taken, whether there’s truth to the sand-bagging or not.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Seriously doubt this was anything more than the Celts trying to give PP/KG some rest. They thought they could slip past the Bobcats while doing so, but it backfired.

    Like any team in the EC, they desperately want to avoid Miami at any cost. One has to be “certifiably insane” to actually believe this Celtic team {w/o Rondo & Sullinger} can win a 7-game series against a healthy Heat team.

  • P Funk

    The truth is, a potential playoff path of nyk/indy is much easier for us than chi/miami…even if it means having a first round series on the road. Strange things happen, and much like d.rose, lebron or wade could go down before the ecf. I think sandbagging for the 6th seed would help us get to the ecf…

    That said, i hate that strategy. Firstly, to be the best, you must beat the best. There’s no sense in hiding if you are good enough to win. Secondly, we are in a period of transition, and the young guys should not be exposed to this way of thinking. They are going to be the leaders someday soon, and if they are going to be good, they must have a sense of pride instilled from day 1.

    I don’t mind resting the old guys, but for everyone else to put that effort forth is embarassing and can’t continue. Lets hope they go balls to the wall and let the chips fall where they may come playoff time.

  • zippittyay

    I have said that getting rest for old guys and getting experience playing together for the newer, younger guys is more important than the playoff seeding. That being said, I don’t particularly care what round we beat the heat.

  • Antmat0385

    Felger is a self admitted basketball hater. I wonder why he even talks about a sport he openly hates. Secondly to completely defeat his point… The celtics playing the 5th or 6th seed on purpose would imply the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are afraid of the heat. There are 4 people in the eastern conference not afraid of Lebron James and 3 of them are Celtics. Rondo, PP, KG & Carmelo Anthony are the only people who I believe would love the heat ASAP! It’s something that anyone who’s watched eastern conference basketball over the last few years would
    know! Stick to hockey FELGA!


    hell yeah. i think facing the heat in the semis would be the worst, but in the first round not soo much since the celtics would be fresh.
    the ideal situation is to play them in the ecf or get lucky with them maybe being eliminated or having an injury.