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Recap: Entire Celtics roster takes the night off in Charlotte

The joke was on us tonight. Doc Rivers didn’t just give Paul Pierce the night off, he rested the entire team.

That’s the only reasonable explanation for the effort the Celtics gave tonight in Charlotte. The C’s were annihilated by the lowly Bobcats, 100-74. It wasn’t even that close.

Gerald Henderson torched the Celtics for a career high 35 points. I was half-joking when I tabbed him the “Gotta stop” guy in the game preview. 

Green: Jordan Crawford had a decent scoring night (14 points, 4-6 FG), but his -21 was more indicative of his impact on the game.

Gross: Kevin Garnett had 5 points on 2-10 shooting. On the bright side, he played just 21 minutes.


The Grid:

On this day in 1985, Larry Bird scored 60 points. Watch these highlights and cleanse your soul.

Box score


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  • celticsfan34

    This was the crappiest game I’ve ever seen

  • Step

    Haven’t seen that picture in awhile

  • Roy Sanchez

    Good thing I didn’t watch it. Let’s just pretend we didn’t have a game today

    • NorthernGreen

      I thoroughly thought that this game was on Wednesday and decided to spend some quality time with the wife. At around midnight I looked to see scores and found out about this mess. I’m glad I missed it.

  • Wow that was terrible. On to the next

  • Mike C

    When we lose to Indiana or New York during the 1st round of the playoffs; because we pissed away home court advantage by losing to teams like the Bobcats during regular season, dont be surprised. Evertime I get excited about this team, they find a way to crush my hopes. Sorry guys, I just can’t show blind loyalty for our team anymore. Hammer my comments if you want, but we’re going no where in the playoffs.

  • JB

    Ray Allen saying thank god I got out….getting that 2nd ring before retiring

  • TheBoz

    About the flashback, I appreciate the trip down memory lane. I live in south Louisiana and have been a fan all my life. I was at the UNO Lakefront Arena that night and left with a memory I’ll never forget. I remember Bird saying post game that he really appreciated such great fan support on the road. Regrettably, I lost the ticket stub.

  • JB

    deja vu from last year… having home court may have been the difference in winning the EC last year…

  • celtics33

    Just how bad are the Bobcats? —- They are an astonishing 7-43 in their last 50 games with TWO of those wins coming against the Celtics in only 3 attempts.

    KG needed the night off not Pierce as he is now 7-29 over the last 2 games.

    Pretty shocking to see the Celtics just roll over after halftime. Charlotte started the 2nd half hot and Boston didn’t even compete for the rest of the game.

    If the best Boston can do without Paul Pierce is to not even be competitive against the NBA’s worst team then the Celtics are in deep trouble…

  • kobe

    With that game, I don’t think Celtics will get pass the first round.

  • Rod Shaftwell

    I wasn’t worried about the loss to the Thunder but this loss just sucks. This team is so streaky, we can only hope they pick up the pieces and get back on the winning side of their steaks.

  • P Funk

    Man, that gume sucked…but damn, that larry bird video was awesome. Boz, that must have been awesome! Larry bird is my hero

  • Since I live in Europe, soccer is something you can’t easily avoid, unfortunately. And this game reminds me so much of games when huge favorite (i.e. a club with an extraordinary and success tradition) loses to a 3rd league joke of a club. Now, that can happen once in a while, and usually at the start of a knock-out competition, but… If it was to happen during regular season aNd with a result such as 5:0, well then… I would be cheking Asian betting market, cause maybe someone just took a load of ca$h… I’m disgusted with Cs last night “performance”… Ban me for the insinuation… 🙁

  • Nate Bishop

    Very discouraging – but if they win tonight and get revenge against Bobcats later in the week last night won’t seem as bad.

  • I thought Doc should have rested KG Sunday after the OT game against the Hawks and the clocks moving up an hour. Agree with celtics33, if this is the best we can do without Paul, we’re in deep trouble. Let’s just forget about this one and hope we can get a divisional game tonight against a better Toronto team.

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