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Introducing our new commenting system

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) March 11, 2013 Red's Army News 22 Comments on Introducing our new commenting system

Maybe the number one problem a blog has to deal with is idiots in the comments.  We’re trying to combat that here with a new commenting system that you’ve probably seen other sites use.

It’s called “Disqus”.  You’ll have to register, which I know is a pain in the ass and we apologize for that.  But you can use Twitter or Facebook as your identity and even tweet or share comments.  There’s also a ratings system where you can up or down vote comments.  It’s a pretty nice upgrade, we think, from the old system.

This is probably a good time to remind people of our commenting standards.

The short version:  don’t be a dick and we probably won’t have a problem.

To take that a step further, any sort of slur is grounds for immediate banning.  We want everyone on this site treated with some basic respect and the knowledge that gender, orientation, religion, or race have no bearing on the love for, and knowledge of, basketball and the Celtics.  Refrain from personal attacks.  And any sort of attempts to post as someone else won’t be tolerated.  That’s just stupid.

So we encourage everyone to sign up for the Disqus account.  Again, we apologize for the added step and, sadly, that means some of you probably won’t comment anymore.  But we’re not going to let the comments on the site be hijacked by assholes… so we hope you regular commenters will take this step and continue to participate.  We hope you see this not as an inconvenience, but as us hearing your complaints about how the comments have gone and doing something about it.

As always, we welcome the feedback and hope you continue to enjoy

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  • Seems like a great idea. On an unrelated note, a couple of my buddies and I are headed out to Boston this weekend for a couple C’s games. It is our first time making the trip, so any suggestions would be great!

    • The Fours is a good all around bar w/good food. Sullivan’s Tap is a dive bar but awesome and cheap. If you go to UBURGER at Faneuil Hall on a game day and mention us, they’ll give you free fries with your burger.

    • Meta Whirled Peas

      If you’re gonna be in town for the day check out the Mapparium at the Christian Science Center. It’s a giant stained glass globe with all of the countries lighted up in different colors that you walk through on a catwalk. And if you like rare/collectible sneakers there’s a joint called Bodega right around the corner you could check out.

  • That sounds like a great idea.

  • Brick James

    I’m Brick James, bitch.

    • Chulinho

      “What did the five fingers say to the face?”

      • TheVilleintheA


  • Screamin Jay

    Nice upgrade. Filter the noyds.

  • signing in is way less painful than reading troll comments. Kudos on the upgrade fellas

  • Fantastic! Great job guys!

  • Chief_00

    Cool would have preferred not to change my user name but a small price to pay.
    Keep up the good work

  • Roy Sanchez

    Well that was easy

  • NorthernGreen

    If that is all there is to it, anyone can do it. Quite simple!

  • kobe


  • kobe

    this is nice, now we can talk about basketball

  • G4L

    I Like it!

  • KChristainsen

    Sounds good!

  • Lick From French Hick

    Really like the upgrade guys

  • IanD

    I like the new system

  • Test

  • When are they getting rid of Ainge?