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How we see it goin’ down: Celtics vs Thunder

Tip: 1PM     Court: Chesapeake Energy Arena    Watch it: ABC    Hear it: WEEI

Referees:  Monty McCutchen, Jason Phillips and Scott Wall

Spread: OKC -10.5

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The Matchup

Record: 34-27 Record: 46-16
On road: 12-18 At home: 27-4
Streak: Won 5 Streak: Won 4
Leaders Leaders
Buckets: Pierce (18.6 ppg) Buckets: Kevin Durant (28.5 ppg)
Boards: Garnett (7.8 rpg) Boards: Durant (7.8 rpg)
Dimes: Pierce (4.6 apg) Dimes: Russell Westbrook (7.7 apg)
For the Stat Geeks: For the Stat Geeks:
Offensive Rating: 102.5 (24th NBA) Offensive Rating: 113.3 (1st NBA)
Defensive Rating: 102.1 (5th NBA) Defensive Rating: 103.2 (8th NBA)
Pace: 91.4 (18th NBA) Pace: 93.6 (8th NBA)

Last time

The Celtics beat OKC, 108-100, back in November. I may have been a bit premature claiming the win salvaged the season.

This time

Get it to:  Paul Pierce

The Truth is having one helluva month – 21.5 ppg, 51% FG, 8.5 rpg, 5.5 apg. We’re going to need every bit of that stat line and more to beat OKC. Kevin Durant may be the league most electrifying scorer, but he’s still average on defense.

Gotta stop:  Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant is virtually unstoppable, so I’m targeting Westbrook. He will be playing against the Celtics strength – Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee. How the referees officiate Bradley’s physical defense will be a key factor.

The Wild Card: Jeff Green

Green is playing his first game in OKC since the trade to Boston. Will he play with an extra chip on his shoulder? Possibly, but Jeff generally plays with an even keel.

How we see it goin’ down

The Thunder are good. They are the league’s top offense and top 10 in defense. Oh, they’re also 27-4 at home.

It’s going to take a major effort to stop the Thunder in their building. The Celtics do hold an edge in bench production. The second unit needs to replicate the 46 points scored vs Atlanta for Boston to have a chance.

I just don’t see the Celtics sweeping the season series with OKC.

Thunder  106

Celtics  94

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  • piecz

    Jeff Green is the only Celtic who can match Durant’s athleticism. We’ll see him a lot tonight.

  • Arqt

    Celtics 102
    Thunder 101

  • KGino

    Can’t wait to watch Avery D up Westbrook

  • $tephanie95

    Be realistic people.

    Celtics 86
    Thunder 112

    • The mayor

      Go watch the WNBA

    • GreenbirdCro

      Go make me a sandwich

      • GreenbirdCro

        Listen jerk! I don’t care what you think or write. As long as you use your own freakin nick. And f u & your chauvinistic bs comments!
        Don’t listen to this @sshole $tephanie
        Moderators? Is there a permanent solution for this or we gonna repeat this time and again???

        • $tephanie95

          Relax Cro, the mayor is a friend of mine he’s just kidding, jeez

          • GreenbirdCro

            Glad to hear that. So, if his a friend of yours, maybe you could teach him some manners. Including not to use other people’s nicks, don’t you think?!

          • GreenbirdCro

            I was only referring to the guy with a sandwich comment

        • KWAPT

          We’re actually working on a solution to that. I know it’s annoying, but there’s an old saying “don’t feed the trolls”. Try not to let it get to you-that’s exactly what they want & it only fuels them to continue. Thanks for your patience.

          • GreenbirdCro

            Thanks KWAPT. I’ll do my best with patience. Good luck with this solution, glad to hear you’re working on it.
            Best from Croatia
            Go Cs!

    • thekid

      Hey good prediction moron

  • Larry Legend

    112-86….106-94…fairly disrespectful. Not surprising tho. Obviously it will take a huge effort to win, but the Celts inspire more faith in me than the rest of this board apparently.

  • kobe

    OKC 91 Oldston 79

  • TheKG

    12 point lead prediction. That’s real close. Good job!

  • eddysamson

    No recap probably so I’ll say it here- at least we held them to 91! I mean Westbrook didn’t do shit, our D was pretty spot on most of the game. It was just another one of those rim shot nights…showed to me that we can compete with and beat them in a 7 game series.

    • p funk

      I agree eddy. Nights like tonight will happen…but until the end, we were right in it. We’ve got to clean up the turnovers, and the shots will come…but the takeaway for me was that our defense can keep us in games against anybody. Go c’s!

      • eddysamson

        Actually Durant really didnt do shit either, he had 21 and 11 of those were free throws!

  • LAF

    This was a great game…if you’re into watching the refs. Clearly people paid to see them blow their whistles today.

    F U David Stern!