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Scout: Rondo is the Celtics leading a-hole

ESPN’s Marc Stein spoke with some NBA scouts about the upcoming playoffs. Here’s what one Eastern Conference scout had to say about the Celtics chances:

I’ll buy your [contention] that they’re playing happier without him, but when it comes down to the big games, you need a couple a-holes. And Rondo is the leading a-hole Boston has. He affects the game like nobody else.

“During the regular season, I agree, he plays for stats too much, but when it comes to the playoffs, he’s playing to win the game. He’s definitely a diva and he definitely has his issues, but who does Miami have to game-plan for if Rondo isn’t there? Paul Pierce is a warrior, but he’s only going to be able to play 15 top-level minutes out of 30. [Kevin Garnett] is a defensive specialist at this point in time. The totality of the Heat overtakes the totality of the Celtics when Rondo’s not there, but I still think he’s in Miami’s heads and the Celtics are in the Heat’s heads when the teams are at full strength.

“Without Rondo, Miami wins that series in five.”

This is one man’s opinion so I’ll take it with a grain of salt.  But I highly doubt this scout would have predicted a 14-4 record for the Celtics after the Rondo injury. He also probably predicted the Lakers to win in 2008, the Celtics to fall in the 1st round in 2010, and a Miami sweep in the Eastern Conference  Finals last season.

I’m not delirious. I realize it will take a perfect series from the Celtics or a significant injury to LeBron James or Dwyane Wade for the Celtics to beat Miami. But the Celtics won’t fold in five. No way.

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  • eddysamson

    Honestly we probably could beat any other team out there in a 7 game series (except maybe the Spurs) without Rondo…but the Heat…man I dont know. Its going to all come down to how tired their old guys are (they have a lot, actually) because they have more old dudes than we do. And I’m going to call Dwade old just because hes a bit injury prone these days.

    • eddysamson

      Then again beating the Heat did start our run without Rondo….

      • LAF

        We are more than capable of beating Miami. But it will be difficult when the refs can’t contain their excitement to get LBJ’s autograph after each game.

        My prediction: 7 games. 2 fouls for LBJ for the whole series.

  • david
    • KY Celts fan

      perfect response video.

  • The Truth

    Love the confidence. I also agree that we would be a hard out for the Heat. We would put up a tough 6 game series at worst and optimistically we can beat them in 6 or 7.

  • JG

    Agreed. I honestly don’t see this team losing in 5 games. I just don’t. Miami is pretty damn good though.

  • JG

    The other point that guy is missing is that this is a completely different team than last year. Only 3 players are the same as when they played Miami. So it’s not like it’s just the same team minus Rondo, so you can’t even compare really.

    • ShawnCVD

      Truth, KG, Green, Jet, Lee, Bradley, J Crawford, Bass , Wilcox. On paper it doesn’t seem like enough . Except that what the Celtics have is a team that will not panic and are resourceful.

      • JG

        yeah I wasn’t saying they have more talent than the Heat. I’d be a complete joke if I were saying that. But you’re absolutely right, a team with Garnett and Pierce always tends to find a way to surprise people.

        • Dont forget that Doc’s a resourcefully resilient competitor too! 🙂 we’re good. We’ll can beat anybody in a 7 game series.

  • TNceltic

    Didn’t they all say Heat in four last year? The fact is they don’t know. We don’t know. I guarantee you this, though. If it had been LeBron who tore his ACL, you wouldn’t be seeing this kind of heart and hustle out of the Heat. No matter how far they go, they make me proud.

    • tboy

      D A M N R I G H T!!!!!!!

    • Chief

      Well said, how can you not love this team.

  • screaming jay

    Unless you follow the Celtics regularly, then you just don’t know what is up with this team. I have to watch most Celtic games on the computer, and frequently have to listen to the opposing teams announcers. Most of their analysis is for the Celtics team of a few months ago or even older than that. Most are not aware of how this team is playing since the gel began.

  • Reggie35RIP

    Me too. I get annoyed whenever Mike and Tommy aren’t commentating. It amazes me how uninformed/terrible most of the commentators are.

    • I actually watched to the Pacers/Celts game and was quite amazed of the quality of the Pacers commentators. Pretty fair judgements and sharp technical analysis. Well, just until the end when they said that the Captain commited a foul while pushing Paul George away from the basket. But that’s quite fair. So yeah, you guys can listen to the Pacers. And about Pacers, everytime i see D. West play, i remember we didnt want to take the gamble on him and his knee.. bad luck, the guy is STRONG.

  • Sheets

    What you fools aren’t getting is that it’s not about the talent on paper that determines a win or loss it’s how we match up with the other team, yes of course Miami has more talent than the C’s but if you put Bradley on Wade and double team Labron then we just took their 2 best players out of the game. If a wide open Shane Battier or Mike Miller can win a 7 game series for them against us then so be it. Everyone was saying last year that if we had Bradley and Wilcox we would have beaten the heat. Well we do have them with the addition of Green and a deeper bench, yeah Rondo is absent from this equation but look at their record since he went down. We are better than last year because we match up better against them.

    • JG

      You fools? Dude, you are agreeing with all of us. We all said that they COULD beat anyone. Do you just blindly insult people without reading what they have to say?

  • Josh Bird


  • sev

    i felt like Rondo was the 2nd best player in the playoffs last year so it’s going to be tough. We have talented players coming off the bench this year unlike last year(plus bradley), but you can’t overlook how much Rondo dominated playoff games last year. I agree with part of this guy’s assessment that Rondo plays to win in the playoffs and plays the type of basketball that everybody wishes he would play year round (giving the game what it needs as opposed to padding his assist numbers). I just hope that bradley continues to get stronger and that Jeff Green steps up his game even more than he has recently(might be too much to ask).

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    A lot of the “experts” still say the C’s can’t beat Indiana in a series. Even after the win in Indy, Jon Barry said that with a straight face Friday working for ESPN against the Hawks. Dude was completely serious, like there wasn’t a doubt in his mind.

    Yeah it’s Jon Barry and everybody knows he hates the Celtics, but come on, never mind the C’s have won 4 straight now against Indy. It’s like people haven’t noticed that the C’s have been beating Indy since AB broke out.

    And remember, it’s only with the recent win streak that people switched their expert opinions back to saying that Miami is unstoppable.

    NBA commentators tend to forget the past quickly, and project the present out into the future as if nothing will change.

    Is Miami really going to keep this up from now all the way to a title? Or are they peaking too early this year?

  • Hooshang Adib

    James is playing a full time game and running the show single handed. Who is going to guaranty that he is going to stay healthy throughout the season. The way he is being used he is going to be worn out by the play off time and things won’t be the same without him for sure.

  • Hooshang Adib

    We are relying on KG and Paul to finish games in the fourth especially when the game is on line. If we use them a lot throughout the game they will be tired at the end of the game when they are most needed. It would be safer to let them start the game and rest through the second and third so that they will be fresh to finish the game. The bench will be able to pick up the slack in their absence.