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Enemy Chatter: The Celtics found success running the same little sequence

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from Indiana.

If Kevin Garnett wasn’t one of the older players in the league and played 40-45 minutes tonight, I have no doubt in my mind that this game would not have been close. All night long, Garnett was finding opportunities in the 15-20 foot range off of pick and rolls and screens of all sorts. More times than one would have liked, Hibbert and West were caught in the paint off of a high pick and roll which left a wide open Kevin Garnett, who ended up shooting 7-10. As a team, Boston shot 50% from the midrange/elbow area.

The biggest concern, to me, was how many times the Celtics were able to find success running that same little sequence. You can understand them being able to do it once or twice, then you’d be looking for Hibbert and West to make adjustments. When someone sets a screen on you while you’re defending Kevin Garnett, stay on him. Don’t relax back into the paint looking for him to drive to the hoop. Garnett scored off of that sequence four times in the first quarter, before he sat on the bench for the majority of the second quarter.

Indy Cornrows

Let’s try a boxing analogy. The Celtics midrange game last night was equal to an effective jab. They kept snapping it off in the face of the Pacers, who didn’t seemed overly concerned with stopping it.

In the final round, the Celtics feigned the jab, Indiana overreacted and got caught with a left hook to the jaw.

The guys at Hoop Chalk took an in-depth look at the how the Celtics used the midrange jab to beat up Indy. It’s a good read.

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  • eddysamson

    I missed it last night, but it looks like we killed it from the corners as well. Nice!

  • b_elk33

    Very efficient with the corner three.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Very good boxing analogy by Chuck.

    Anyone know why Danny Granger chose not to “answer the bell” for last night`s big bout?

    • IanD

      He isn’t fully healthy.

  • Ray

    Well when u have a team with veterans, 2 core superstar veterans in Pierce and Garnett, along with Doc Rivers, you find ways to win. That is what seperates the Pacers from other elite teams in the NBA. You need a superstar on your team to make clutch plays offensively and defensively. Garnett made a clutch play that involved Green, because he’s an high IQ basketball player.

  • Roy Boy

    Not buying the Pacers as force in the east to contend with the likes of Miami or any other elite team. Granted, the Pacers have improved drastically over the past 3 seasons, but they still have flaws. They have no true superstar and they’re one of the least effective offensive teams in the league. In order to compete with teams like Miami or San Antonio you need to generate buckets, and the Pacers lack offense.

    I’m sorry, but you can’t beat or compete with teams like the Heat if u can’t score against them.

    • kg215

      +1 Some Celtics fans on here and other forums kept saying beating the Pacers would be the true test. Well we passed it while playing poorly for most of the game. The Pacers struggle to score and lack the go to superstar like you say. They have Granger kind of back but he might not even help the team. Just takes away minutes or touches from Paul George. Also Granger is a terrible shooter who has shot worse every year. The Pacers are young and deep, but even with their great d they just can’t score. They also don’t have a post up presence on offense, Hibbert who was supposed to be that guy can’t make shots and has lost confidence.