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Your Morning Dump… Where Crawford had to be reminded to shoot

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Kevin (Garnett), everyone got on him at halftime because he missed a couple of shots and you could see that he didn’t want to shoot it anymore,” Rivers said. “Our guys beat me to it. They said, ‘This is what you do — shoot the ball. They go in and they go out, but you have to keep doing it.’ When he came back out he was looking for his shot.

“(But) they’re not used to playing with Garnett, and Paul Pierce, andJason Terry, and they want to fit in,” Rivers added. “We want them to fit in and do the right thing. The other thing he’s doing is making great passes. But what we tell everyone is if you’re missing your shot, keep shooting. We have no problem with it.”

Herald: Jordan Crawford has a good shot to fit in

I pretty much said the same thing on last night’s half time show

Guys come into Boston, they’re surrounded by Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Doc Rivers, and they try very hard to fit into the entire dynamic.  And while 99% of that is great, there’s that 1% that spills over onto the floor and manifests itself in a player taking himself out of his own game.

There’s a fine line between “fitting in” and “forgetting the team traded for you for a reason.”  The Celtics traded for Crawford so he could score like sailor during Fleet Week.  They lost a scorer-with-no-conscience in Leandro Barbosa… they want Crawford to be that guy now.

And in the second half last night, he was.  In fact, he was perfect in the second half, leading the Celtics with 10 points on perfect shooting (3-3 fg, 2-2 3pt, 2-2 FT).  Toss in a few rebounds and an assist, and Crawford went from “frustrating to watch” to “key reason they won the game.”

I love what Doc said at the end of that quote:  “if you’re missing your shot, keep shooting. We have no problem with it”. 

Play your game, don’t force anything, and let’s roll the dice with our guys doing their things.  It’s almost like Bill Belichick’s “do your job” philosophy.  If you just go out there and do your job as best you can, then we’ll be OK.

Crawford’s job is to shoot first, pass later.  He did that in the second half last night, and it paid off.

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  • $tephanie95

    I think that was the problem w/ a lot of the new guys (and Jeff) early on. They didn’t want to step on toes and would defer to Kg or PP.

    I like that they’re getting comfortable enough to be aggressive and get theirs. A key example is Jeff, when he would play with PP I think he would defer to him a lot, but now that he’s comfortable you can see PP passing to Jeff even more.

  • eddysamson

    Looks like Crawford is going to be playing well off of Williams! I like it.

  • Chris

    Looks like they’ve learned from Jeff to trust Crawf. Clearly Rondo and Pierce did not trust Green earlier in the season. KG stepped up for him and commended his asshole play – but Pierce and Rondo ignored himGreen. Seems like Garnett has stepped up this time and made more of an effort to ensure that Jordan Crawford doesn’t go in to hiding like Jeff Green did.

  • Jay Parker

    Agree with everyone else…the biggest piece in all of this is that Rondo isn’t around…I think that’s why these guys will have a chance. It’s taken Green this long to come out of his shell and didn’t happen until Rondo was out of the picture.

    Rondo is a great ball player, but his personality (or lack thereof) makes it difficult to be his TEAMate and still play YOUR game.

    • Shawncvd

      Sigh…J Green missed a WHOLE season of professional basketball due to friggin heart surgery. Linking his success EXCLUSIVELY to Rondo’s presence is weak.

  • Denver Dave

    People seem to forgot that Jeff was re-learning how to walk within the same year that he returned to the court. I think the earlier part of the season had Green getting his rhythm back. I don’t think his lack of awesome early was due to Rondo and Pierce. It’s all about chemistry and timing. Rondo’s ACL incident was BAD! But I thinks it’s unfair to look back at indovidual and team play before the injury and blame it all on one or two guys. Lots of factors to consider, that’s all.

    • Shawncvd


      Bagging on Rondo with Green’s situation is stupid.

  • Celtic Geezer

    OMG. Did you watch the game last night? It was so un-Rondo, I loved it. Sure, sloppy here and there but everyone was running and distibuting and shooting. No pound, pound, pound for 15 seconds while Rondo stands at the top of the key and everyone makes curlicues away from the basket. Celtics movement, getting the ball up the court quickly, attacking the basket. I loved it.

  • art

    This is why Doc really bothers me. As coach, he should really be emphasizing the hot hand. This is why we never see Doc altering his substitution patterns. One of his players could be having a horrible game, or maybe just an off night, but we’ll still see the same player on the floor for the same minutes or taking the same shots. Why should he not adjust as the coach? Why should he not make adjustments according to how his players are performing? That’s his job. An elite coach he is not.