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Recap: Celtics steal one in Indy!

Playing a second night on a back-to-back on the road against one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference? Not a problem.

Jeff Green hits a lay-up with .5 seconds left on a beautiful play that was suggested by assistant coach Armond Hill and the Celtics steal one of their biggest wins of the year, 83-81.

The game happened exactly as you would’ve expected: a physical, ugly game with the Celtics struggling to do much offensively against the best defensive team in the NBA. All you could hope for was that the Celtics would be able to say in striking distance and put together a run in the fourth and sneak out with a victory.

Sure enough, the Pacers started the fourth ice cold and the Celtics were able to go on a 11-2 run to bring it down to 1.  After a Pacers time out, George Hill scores 8 straight points and puts a kibosh to the C’s chance for a victory. Game over right?

NOPE. The Celtics were able to go on an 11-0 run, sparked by pressuring the ball, causing a couple turnovers and got some easy layups. Then Pierce hits a HUGE 3, Avery Bradley gets another easy bucket after a beautiful pass by Kevin Garnett and then that incredible play set up with Pierce playing decoy, Green was able to get open running to the basket and take this one. Let’s get to the 4 G’s:

The Green: Kevin Garnett. Even in limited minutes, KG was looking solid offensively. He started with seven point in the first four minutes of action, including his first three pointer of the year. He was the only Celtic who had a good night offensively, finishing with 18 points  on 7-of-10 in 30 minutes. He also passed Wes Unseld of 10th all time in total rebounds.

The Gross: Points in the Paint. Sebastian mentioned it as a wild card in the game preview and  rightfully so. The Pacers just kept attacking the rim early. They had 30 points in the paint in the first half, including 10 of  Roy Hibbert’s 12 first quarter points on 5-for-9 shooting.

Doc was mixing in the zone trying to stifle it and admitted after the game it wasn’t effective. Thankfully the Pacers stopped feeding the big man (Hibbert did not score after the first) and continued to fall in love with the jumper (6-for-27 from downtown) which was huge in the Celtics coming back. Thanks Indy!

The Greenlights:


The Grid:

  • The Celtics put up a fight on the boards, only getting out-rebounded by 3 (50-47)
  • Celtics bench outscored the Pacers 29-16
  • The Celtics only shot 41%, but it was so much better than the Pacers 36%
  • Celtics held the Pacers scoreless for the last 4:35

The Celtics have now won four straight and one can only hope that they build on this victory and get the fourth seed and claim home-court for the first round.  They face the Hawks on Friday.

Box Score


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  • Certifiable

    Anyone see Bass get stuffed by the rim? He had another awful game, the only good he brings to this team is if he’s open at the elbow other than that he has no game what so ever. Can’t rebound, can’t post, can’t handle a basketball I cringe anytime the ball is in his hands. And shame on doc for letting him stay in the 3rd quarter as long as he did, should have pulled him when we were down by 8 but kept him in there until we were 14 down. I would love to know his +/-

    • Ben

      He was -18. He’s had an incredibly rough go at it. Hoping that it can change because we will need him come playoff time.

      • LAF

        Yup. No other option now. We need Bass to play well because we’re going to need him. Come on, BB! Stop making it so hard on yourself!

        • kg215

          Doesn’t seem like he’s going to change, we’ve already played 60 games. Bass could still have some good games once in awhile, but he doesn’t have a switch to flip. He is undersized and has lost his confidence. He is not playing lazy, he just sucks. We were hoping for a Brandon Bass that improved upon last year, we got one that is noticeably worse on both ends of the floor. He has no intangibles and like certifiable said his only asset (elbow jumper) is not going in.

        • Jon

          I know it’s a stretch but DJ White had 2 rebounds, 2 blocks (should have had 3 but KG committed a foul) in 3:43. I’d like to see Doc give him a few more minutes to see if he can gel with these guys.

    • netsjgkd

      The sad reality is we need bass. His trade value was too low to ship him off at the deadline. And for you guys who think he should play 15 min a night don’t realize we have no depth behind him. He is a good post defender but a terrible team defender. He gets stuffed at the rim way too much. I would love to see him go and have another solid starting calliber powerforward who is stronger than green and has more hops and iq than bass but signing him to that big contract dug us into a hole and now were stuck with him. Dj white and shavik rabdalph can’t help us ther for more than10 min a night each. Sadley we need bass a lot more than all y’all think

      • ShawnCVD

        Bass is serviceable. He got hurt big time by Rondo’s absence.

        • kg215

          Nope, he was awful with Rondo on the court too. Look at his numbers, they are all down noticeably especially his efficiency. And if you want to say well numbers aren’t the only thing that matters, Bass has zero intangibles, so he is not a player that we can ignore stats. Some people thought Rondo being out would help Bass, it has not at all. He is the same bad player this year.

          • Shawncvd

            My opinion is he put up more of his favorite shot (that jumper) instead of needing to drive for weak finishes when Rondo was dishing to him. I never said he was good. I said Rondo made him look better than he is.

          • Shawncvd

            To your last point Bass was the one guy I felt would have no chance for improving with Rondo’s absence.

    • Josh

      I saw it. The Pacers announcers from League Pass commented that it was the easiest block the Pacers have had all year. Ugh, Bass.

  • Miko

    The call by the Pacers play by play announcer on that clip is awesome

  • Noori

    Loved the win, I think we can really go for that 4th seed, especially since the teams ahead of us have either some tough matchups or are playing each other.

    In other news the choke job by the Pelicans made me throw up in my mouth tonight…

    • KY Celts fan

      Pissed me off too. How’d they blow a 24 point lead?

    • kg215

      You do realize it’s probably better to be the 6th seed or 7th seed than the 4th seed right? We would face Miami in the conference finals in that scenario. 4th seed=Miami in the 2nd round, home court is not worth that. If everything falls our way we want the 3rd seed. If we can’t get that, gotta get 6th or 7th.

  • Mannie

    “Jeff Green hits a lay-up with .5 seconds left on a beautiful play”
    I’m sorry but that’s a little misleading for those who didn’t watch the game. He made a layup, leaving .5 seconds on the clock. Not hating, just pointing something out.

    • KWAPT

      In my opinion, it was a “beautiful play”. You can see that in the video. From Bradley being a decoy, to Pierce’s screen to KG’s pass, and Green slipping away, then putting up a layup with Hibbert’s long arm in his face…that was a beautiful play drawn-up by the coaching staff & executed perfectly (albeit KG’s pass was a tad high) by Boston. That’s how I saw it, and I watched it live also..

      • LAF

        It was a gorgeous play and I initially thought, ‘That’s Doc!’ But it was Hill’s idea? Way to go, coach!

    • Ben

      It was a beautiful play though! The decoy worked like a charm! Everyone was expecting a Pierce elbow jumper but Green was able to go back door. How is that not beautiful to watch?

      • KWAPT

        Yep. I feel the same way. Maybe Mannie means it wasn’t “beautiful” in the sense that it wasn’t a long 3 that swished, or a spectacular reverse layup or something…but that was a sweet play.

        • KY Celts fan

          You’re misunderstanding Mannie. His comment has nothing to do with the play, but with the phrasing of the sentence.

          • Mannie

            I wasn’t talking about the play. I liked the play. I was pounding my chest when he made it! Haha

            It’s how you phrased it that was confusing.

        • Coobs

          I took it as him referring to Green making the lay-up to leave just 0.5 seconds on the clock, as opposed to him having 0.5 to make the lay-up.


    • KWAPT

      I see what you mean now. Forgive me- I’m old.

      • Brick James

        Wasn’t just you, I had to read this mini thread 10 times to figure out where the confusion was (as I saw the play happen live) – I get it now =]

        • Mannie

          Sorry for the confusion on my part.

      • RedsLoveChild

        OMG…Celtic fans can turn the words “good evening” into a full-blown argument!!!

        Definition of a “Beautiful Play” is as follows :

        ANYTIME your team scores the winning basket…in any manner whatsoever…with less than a second remaining on the game clock…in the other guy`s gym.

        • KGino

          No one was ever debating that it was a beautiful play if you payed attention. The problem was with the wording on when he hit the shot, it could have been construed as the celtics had .5 seconds to get a play off and JG got a layup at the buzzer.

          By the way, told you this game was winnable!! You keep doubtin, we keep grinding out Ws!

    • SamR

      Am I the only one that was amazed by Green’s catch on that play? Absolutely incredible to be able to catch it, come down with it in bounds and under control, and go up with it.

      If they can’t re-sign Welker the Patriots should ask Green if he has interest in being a wideout.

  • Nate

    God, those refs were HORRIBLE. But we got the win and I know for a fact the boys feel on top of the world after that one

    • NorthernGreen

      I thought the C’s stole one from the Pacers but they stole it in Indy from the refs! Atrociously called game. Ask Tommy.

  • Brick James

    Hell of a play.

  • La Franchiza

    The Celtics do NOT want the #4 seed. If they get either the 4th or 5th seed, they would most likely play Miami in the 2nd round. If they stay at #6 or #7, they would not meet Miami until the conference finals.

    • P Funk

      Yeah, but how sweet would a 3 seed be? Not putting it past the Knicks to trainwreck the rest of their season…just sayin…ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE!!!!

    • Pogmohone

      If celtics are going to get out of the east they have to beat Miami. Second round or finals doesn’t matter. That said I’d love to meet Knicks at some stage.

  • celticsforever

    check out the recap on youtube

  • KGino

    Gutsy win… Celtics are gonna need all the practice they can get winning against Eastern Conf. Heavyweights + the refs

  • LAF

    You gotta love this team. You GOT TO love this TEAM!


  • Brandon

    The look on Pierce’s face going into that last play was priceless.

  • Larry Legend

    Are you people nuts?!! Great win and the debate is about the last play being a great play or not? My god what is happening to this board?! Got some dude yesterday write in his how we see it goin down piece they “he can’t see anyway the Celtics can win” and now this. Can’t you people appreciate the undying heart of these Celtics?! Doc, PP, KG have a collective heart beat and spirit that simply will not let the Celtics die. Wake up people and appreciate what you got here. Unbelievable competitive spirit and a true winner. I’m still burning over that quote in yesterday’s how we see it going down…f***ing ridiculous.

    • KGino

      Agreed man we were the only ones on here saying it was very winnable… But don’t worry, the Celtics strive on motivation from doubters, even if some of the ppl counting them out are their own fans/bloggers.

      Those of us who recognize their heart and know how important heart is know that this team is VERY capable of a deep run in the playoffs!

  • OlSkool1972

    Would love to see these teams in a Playoff series. Indiana is a tough physical team and they now have a player I can really hate on in Lance Stephenson. That guy has the brain the size of a peanut and the maturity level of a 6 year old kid. I expect any grown man with a mohawk to be a clown but this guy is on a JR Smith level of talent combined with stupidity.

  • art

    It took Armond Hill to come up with the play. Why can’t Doc ever draw up nice plays?

    • Shawncvd

      SARCASM??? Doc is well respected in this league with the X’s and O’s department.

    • Shak

      Doc did draw up the play, Hill just told him to use it again (from when we tried it earlier)!

    • Larry Legend

      Art ur an idiot.

  • Noori

    Call me a Heat hater but I wanted Celts to get 4th seed so we can see Miami in the second round. I figure The knicks and the Pacers would be 2nd or 3rd seed each and either of those would have the best chance in beating Miami in the scenario we can’t beat them.

    • Shawncvd

      Knicks have no chance.
      Pacers maybe.
      Boston still has best shot against the Heat.

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