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VIDEO: Avery Bradley: Zero Tolerance

Copyright 2013 NBAE (Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

After playing five games in seven days, the NBA schedule makers followed that up with one game in seven days for the Celtics.  Since we’re all missing the C’s right now, I thought I’d toss up some of Avery Bradley’s best defensive moments recently.  The majority of them are AB simply taking the other PG’s money straight up.  There is also ample footage of his work against the red hot Stephen Curry.  Typically we all go crazy over incredible offensive plays (as we should) but to me, this defense is even more impressive especially at the professional level.

To borrow the nickname that KWAPT gave to AB, enjoy this “Zero Tolerance” compilation until the Celtics get back at it in Philly tomorrow.

Note: All video credit goes to CSNNE/NBCSports/NBA Entertainment

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    Fantastic compilation Jay. Really missed your vids-great stuff..

    • Chulinho

      Certainly agree on that last part, KWAPT.

    • Eddie Allen Powe

      What shoes was AB wearing against Golden State ?

      • Funny you ask..doing a post about that right now. Keep an eye out for it in about 20 minutes..

  • Chulinho

    Great job, Jay! Watching AB play defense is amazing. His offense is coming along as well. The C’s are lucky to have him!

  • illegalblues

    he’s an NBA 2K13 character

  • iamsaws

    I the GS blogger doesn’t understand what “destroyed” means?

    I could watch avery bradley defense all day long.

    He makes NBA’ers look like scrubs, crazy

  • chocolate thunder

    I coach a 5/6th grade boys team and require them to watch AB play defence…when RR is healthy the celtics have the most entertaining offensive (rondo) and defensive (ab) player in all of basketball, should be a fun backcourt to watch for years to come.

    • Booby

      Too bad Rondo will be traded when he’s healthy but wishful thinking.

      • Garnett’sGrl

        Is that right??????

  • Jed

    We’ve been calling him “Glue” because he sticks … you get it

  • nyceltic

    I watched the last play on the video 3 times and didn’t see anything that looked like a foul.

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  • Dutchgreen

    This is fantastic! Most of these guys just get flat out embarrassed by Bradley. And note how on a lot of these plays other guys get the stats (some Pierce steals, for example), with AB putting in the work to make it happen. So he might be even better than stats suggest…
    And yeah, I didn’t see the GS game, but it looks like at least two of Avery’s fouls are, let’s say, questionable…

  • freelance malcontent

    I’m still steamed about the no cal reporter who was impressed with Curry’s ability to play Bradley. What game were you watching? And people call Tommy a homer? If the refs had called it 50/50 Curry would have gotten maybe 14 points.