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Your Morning Dump… Where Avery Bradley wore down Stephen Curry

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Avery Bradley had played a little more than half Curry’s 42 minutes, but it seemed like he was still guarding the Golden State shootist after the clubs left the parquet floor.

“He’s tough,” said Curry, a marked man after scoring 38 in Indiana on Tuesday and 54 the next night in New York. “That’s how he helps his team, just being able to pick up 94 feet. You prepare for it, but in the game when you’re trying to stay fresh and get the ball down the floor, he does try to take you out of your rhythm a little bit.”

Curry pointed to Bradley’s defensive consistency as different from others.

“That’s the thing,” he said. “He knows how he can help his team. Obviously he has an offensive game, but how many point guards will pick up that much and try to stay in you the whole game?”

Herald – Avery Bradley at his best

The answer to Curry’s question is none. No one hounds players like Avery Bradley. Just ask Jameer Nelson who once begged Bradley to ease up on the full court pressure.

Players around the league and the media have recognized Bradley’s greatness on defense, but when will the officials? They made two horrendous calls on Bradley in the 3rd quarter last night that forced Doc Rivers to sit his pit bull defender. Bradley does get grabby at times, but more often than not, he’s in the right position. Officials make a lot of calls based on player reputation. It’s time they come around on Avery and respect his reputation.

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Another big story line from the game is Doc’s zone defense:

“[The zone] was a different look. Good shooting teams, you’ve got to be very, very talkative in the zone,” said Garnett. “I was kind of leery of it, but it was a different look. I thought it was a great call on Doc’s part. He and [assistant coach] Mike [Longabardi] made a great call and I thought it slowed them down and I thought they went to a more individual game. I thought that played into our favor. More importantly, we got stops when we had to get stops. We rebounded together and just came out with a win.”

Don’t you love how KG is skeptical of zone? The dude is a ridiculous creature of habit.

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  • I remember the night we drafted Avery Doc was asked what we saw in him and all he said was “we like his defense.” Whichever scout put the bug in Danny’s ear about him (or was it Danny himself) deserves a huge raise.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Seriously, how is it humanly possible for any guard to be better defensively than Bradley?

    I`ll give Ainge credit for finding Rondo in the NBA scrap-heap, and for having Sullinger fall into his lap…but, for the time being, Bradley is DA`s best ever draft “find”.

    • Brick James

      He was the #1 ranked high school player in the country his junior year, being supplanted by John Wall in the senior year. It’s not like he was a nobody…

      • kg215

        But because of his injury he pretty much fell off the map. I’m sure he still would have been drafted, but much later. I am glad Danny didn’t take James Anderson who was lauded as another steal by the Spurs at the time (the Spurs drafted right after we did).

      • RedsLoveChild

        18 teams “passed” on Bradley in the 2010 Draft

        • Brick James

          And 20 passed on Rondo, how is Avery a better “find”?

          • RedsLoveChild

            If you would rather have Rondo over Bradley….well, you`re entitled to your opinion. I`ll leave it at that.

  • Brick James

    OK, and I’ll interpret your reply as not having an answer to the question.

    Look at Rondo’s resume and look at Bradley’s. They were both highly lauded coming out of high school. Bradley was actually ranked higher in his class. Bradley got drafted before Rondo.

    This isn’t even about who’s the better player (which is laughable to begin with), it’s about your statement that Bradley was the better draft find. Presented with facts, you leave the conversation. Just sayin’.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Just sayin` what?

      If you believe Rondo is a better player than Bradley {I do not}…then feel free to believe that Rondo was the better “find” than Bradley.

    • JR99

      It’s very difficult to compare RR to AB. Rondo will never be the defensive savant Bradley is. Never ever. Also, Bradley will be the better shooter when he hits his stride (based on his past record).

      On the other hand, Bradley will never have Rondo’s handles, or court vision, or passing abilities. Never, ever.

      So it’s pretty hard to compare. Even harder to say one is “better than” the other. What does that mean? Better at what? It’s really meaningless.

      We could, I suppose, argue about who’s more VALUABLE to the team. That at least makes sense. I think the answer depends on (a) who the opponents are, and (b) who else is on the team. If you have a couple of guys like CLee, Bradley’s importance wanes. If you’ve got a couple of guys like TWill or DWest and/or some other competent PGs…. then Rondo’s importance wanes.

      This is all assuming that Rondo comes back chastened and changed…. that he’s able to carry on with this team’s new style of play and does not degrade back to his old ways. If RR does NOT change…. well, then there’s no discussion worth having about his value to the team. It will be close to nil. Maybe even negative.

  • GreenbirdCro

    Both guys left their health on the floor for Cs.
    I love & respect them for that.
    They’re both monsters at what they do.
    All this hate & dis… smh
    Please, re-direct outside of Boston