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Kevin Durant reverse layup defies the laws of motion

Chuck - Red's Army March 2, 2013 Around the NBA 8 Comments

That move is only possible with a 7-5 wingspan.

I don’t know anything about the laws of motion. The phrase sounded appropriate for my headline.

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  • Curt

    Filthy. Complete filth. Wow.

  • Red’s Cigar

    Watch javale McGee. Guy has no idea what happened

  • Raoul

    What? I did that in every other game in high school.

    • http://Google.com Game

      This isn’t your girls jv basketball scrimmage, so doing it there, and doing it in the nba? Two completely different things.

      • Raoul

        I had d1 schools salivating over me, sounds like you didn’t make your team huh pal?

        • KY Celts fan

          and which of those division 1 schools won out?

    • zippittyay

      Yeah, I just pulled that off last night playing for the Olympic Team….

  • boston2343

    it’s just a lucky shot, he’s looking for a foul