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Enemy Chatter: Stephen Curry destroyed Avery Bradley

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from northern California.

The second reason Curry impressed me is what he did to Avery Bradley. It can’t be overstated how great an on-ball defender Bradley is. He has achieved near-legendary status in Beantown already, in parts of 2 injury-riddled seasons. And since Rondo went down, he has stepped into the breach and helped this Celtics team go on an amazing run.

Curry destroyed him. I’m not joking. His shot clearly wasn’t available, as tightly as Bradley was covering him, but Curry took the challenge and got the better of Bradley. How? By making him pay for his overplays with clever lean-ins, on dribble drives, on three point shots, and simply bringing the ball up the court. Curry put 5 fouls on Bradley by early in the third quarter, and went to the free throw line 10 times as a result. On other nights, with a team coming along for the ride, Curry’s effort might have been enough to steal the game.

Feltbot’s Warriors Blog

Interesting perspective. One that could also be labeled as wrong and hilarious.

I’ll lay out the head-to-head numbers and you be the judge:

1st quarter

  • Curry and Bradley were on the floor together for 7:06.
  • Curry had 1 point, 0-1 FG, 1-1 FT (technical), 2 TOs and 0 fouls drawn on Bradley

2nd quarter

  • Curry and Bradley were on the floor together for 6:17
  • Curry had 7 points, 1-4 FG, 5-5 FTs, 1 TOs and 2 fouls drawn on Bradley

3rd quarter

  • Curry and Bradley were on the floor together for an even 4 minutes.
  • Curry had 2 points, 0-2 FG, 2-2 FTs and 2 drawn fouls on Bradley

4th quarter

  • Curry and Bradley were on the floor together for 32 seconds.
  • Curry had 0 points, 0-1 FG


  • Curry and Bradley were on the floor together for 17:55.
  • Curry finished with 10 points, 1-7 FG, 8-8 FTs, 3 TOs and 4 fouls drawn on Bradley.

Upon further review, I think Mr. Feltbot might want to edit his blog post and replace “destroyed.”

Editor’s Note: My data is calculated with ESPN’s play-by-play game breakdown. It’s quite possible my math is a bit off, but the teachers at Wyman Elementary school in Warwick, RI were pretty damn good in the late 70s and early 80s.

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    More evidence of the shockingly low basketball IQ of Warriors fans.

    • SSJ6Celts

      What game was this idiot watching!!?? Curry couldn’t breath unless AB said it was okay! And given what Curry has done the last couple of games… “Destroyed”?! HA! I’d laugh if this guy wasn’t serious. SMH

  • thekid

    how could he possibly come away from that game with that conclusion? sounds delusional.

  • illegalblues

    imagine if bradley didn’t get the shaft from the officials too.

  • Collin

    Interesting, because if u read the comments on the blog, even Warriors fans disagree with the writer of that post. LOL

  • Sam

    We saw what we want to see, apparently.

    Though one could argue that Curry “forced” Bradley to foul him and then he collected easy points at the line. 10 points in 17 minutes is not a bad scoring pace (over 20 points per 36).

    Still, that point of view would ignore the possibility that the refs were bailing Curry out.

  • Sheets

    Mr. Feltbot moans

  • classless

    What an odd article. I guess the writer is desperate to elevate Curry to elite status. He’s not.

  • Ray

    Maybe Dell Curry wrote the blog

    • boni

      That’s a good one:-)

  • tim

    bradley got lit up agaisnt steve nash and the lakers I didnt get to watch the game but i understand this guys terminology for bradelsy defense. I udnerstand he plays good defense and i love avery bradley all im saying is that sometimes he forces his on ball as close as possible defense and he gets beat by players who know what to do

  • PJ

    Wow this is amazing. In my experience, sports bloggers usually rely on stats to tell stories. This guy had to ignore them to tell his

  • Josh Bird

    ONE WORD…..IDIOT!!!!!……..Had this argument with someone day before the game…..after Curry’s 54…..I said the Knicks don’t play D….and the AB…..would shut him down! !!!……Now tonight…Curry is ripping the sixers …..I guess the Celtic D is still pretty Todd….

  • KGino

    Author of that post is dreaming. AB may have got into foul trouble, but he took Curry wayyyy out of his game. Every shot he took on AB looked awkward and forced. I also remember when AB was off the floor and curry got a WIDE OPEN (no one within 7 feet of him) look from the corner, and AIR BALLED IT. Yea, the person they’re trying to annoint as the BEST shooter in the league, air balls a wide open corner 3. If that doesn’t tell you how out of rythym curry was, idk what will.

    And anytime a player shoots under 30% for the WHOLE GAME (Curry 6-21), he didn’t destroy anything but the rim

  • JR99

    Let’s not forget that two of those foul calls were COMPLETELY BOGUS. So Avery actually had only 3… in a world where fouls are only called legitimately. (And btw, another 2 points came to Curry from illegal defense techs, which he shot. Not exactly part of his “destruction.”)

    Problem is: Bradley is so far above where NBA refs are, they just don’t understand what they’re looking at. They can’t believe he can guard somebody THAT tightly and not foul him in the backcourt, where he’s not allowed to so much as lay a hand on the guy. But that’s exactly what he does.

    Eventually, one hopes that enough video replays to enough refs will finally educate most of them about what is going on with this kid. Until then, they will continue to embarrass themselves and diminish the game by regularly making bad calls on AB. Truth is, not a game goes by in which at least one ref doesn’t get at least one call wrong on Bradley.

    This article is so bad, I kinda think it must be parody, or sarcasm. Who the hell knows…. I just know it’s completely wrong.

  • Sarah

    What’s hilarious to me, is that Feltbot assumes all the detractors of his article are Celts fans, when in reality, everyone (Warriors fans included) can agree that the statement about Bradley and Curry was clearly the delusional ramblings of someone waking up from a long, drug-induced dream..