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Celtics sign Terrence Williams for remainder of season, maybe beyond

Doc Rivers is on record as saying he thinks TWill is a point guard… but he can also play some 3 in small line ups.  Kevin Garnett also paid Williams a hell of a compliment by saying he sees plays before they unfold.

The versatility, and some flashes of really good play were apparently enough to give Williams a locker for the rest of the season… and maybe beyond.  Not sure what the “conditionally” part really means… but I assume it’s some sort of guarantee if he’s not waived by a certain date.  I fully expect to see him on the Summer League roster now and to compete for time as Rondo’s back up.

And don’t discount the sense of relief it will give him knowing he’s not just on another 10-day deal.  That will certainly free him up to play a little looser and not worry about making any mistakes that could cost him money.  Being comfortable is a big deal.

This leaves DJ White and Shavlik Randolph as the remaining 10-day guys.  Both will suit up for the first time as Celtics tonight.

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  • illegalblues

    fan of this signing. hope he gets more run over crawford

  • ShawnCVD

    As well as playing 10+ minutes at point , hopefully he can get the Truth 3-6 minutes extra rest each game …

  • Michael

    a unique bench-role player that somehow can add depth and give starters rest for PG,SG&SF
    Like it
    Anyone saw his defensive rebound%? Oh it’s way higher than Bass, and anyone in the free market

  • Roy

    dude is a big guard.. something we also need. Good to see him signed throughout the year, hopefully he can crack some more minutes.

  • Cert

    Ba bye Rondo

    • coachaj

      Still trying to jettison Rondo huh? Question….who controls the ball when the two hall of famers are gone? Certainly not a backup pg that had to go to China to find his game…..smh…offense is working right now because teams have to respect what PP/KG can still do, is other guys get shots, not going to be the same when they are gone.

  • ShawnCVD

    Rondo for a top ten young big or Curry/Westbrook/Paul . Otherwise please stop with this non sense. Rondo should leave only on a even trade, not just for sake of moving him.

    Besides gunners and bigs alike will want to play with him. Yeah he has deficiencies but who doesn’t?

  • tim

    rondo for almost anything maybe even high drafts picks or a good center and then use that money to sign anoter solid center and this team is set